Ashley Darby & Robyn Dixon Put Candiace Dillard Bassett on Blast

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Candiace Dillard Bassett has tried to be friendly to Ashley Darby.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett thought she was building a friendship with Ashley Darby while filming the current season. Ashley appreciated it when Candiace defended her at last season’s reunion. Nicki Minaj called Ashley out for instigating drama between Wendy Osefo and the green-eyed bandits. However, Candiace told Nicki that Ashley still had to come to work despite giving birth to her second child. Ashley showed love to Candiace on social media. And they filmed a scene at Candiace’s house during an earlier episode. The good energy between them didn’t last due to accusations Ashley made about Chris Bassett.

Ashley told Candiace that Chris has allegedly been sending inappropriate DMs to other women. And to make matters worse, she also alleged that Chris was flirty with one of her friends. This allegedly happened at Karen Huger’s Spring Bling event.

To no surprise, Candiace felt like Ashley was being spiteful. And she said this is why Ashley didn’t bring any of this up to her while they were alone at her house.

Candiace clapped back with an accusation about Michael Darby. However, it seems as if Ashley will get even on the upcoming episode. Plus, Robyn Dixon ends up putting Candiace all the way on blast.

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    1. She’s never going to get over Candiace saying she faked a miscarriage and throwing that butter knife at her. I’ve just learned to accept this unfortunately.

        1. Candice did the most, I didn’t care for her at all. I don’t always agree with how she handles situations but I see some growth…I liked Ashley a lot, but she is to flip floppy for me now. Everytime I think I see growth we end up right back to where we started…

  1. Soo Candace was upset about the rumors of her husband but it’s okay to continue to spread rumors about Karen. Then is upset and reckless in mouth that Ashley told karen? It’s the hypocrisy and double standards that I can’t. Candace enjoys chaos as long as it’s not her. Miss me on the self righteous folks who are apparently blind to these issue and selective in their outrage. Make it make sense. Both Wendy and Candace are walking hypocrisy and lack any accountability nor acknowledge how this is a prime example how a toxic environment is thrived upon. Something is really off this season and there is a lack rational sense that takes out emotions. Ashley is messy but that glass house will break. I’m so glad Monique didn’t respond to Candace foolish antagonizing ( can’t make it up . Its even on social media and blogs) behavior with a disgusting mouth to match. Glad she gave her dust .

    1. Candace did say something. However that was just convo between 2 women. Not for 1 of the women to take it to the group for a moment. AT this time Candace you and Ashley can’t be friends.. Stop trying with her. Candace don’t need to make friends with non of them she stands her ground. She is great for TV and her stuff don’t come off as fake….

      1. I agree, and I didn’t care for Candice at all. I see her growing. I believe she shared information with Ashley in confidence. I do not believe that she had any malicious intent as it relates to Karen. Wasn’t that conversation really about all the things that Gizelle puts out there about others? I could be wrong, but Ashley was dead wrong and I’m over her.

  2. Ashley is ugly on the inside and the outside. I have never liked her. She needs some real sisters on that show. She used Michael and one day Karma will teach her a real good lesson!

    1. You have that backwards, she did not use him. Actually Michael used her as his beard. She continously defended him, even though we all saw the evidence that Bravo continued to show, that without a doubt showed otherwise.

  3. Robin is way too messy she need to be taken out the show she she wanted to do this to get back at Candice and Karen on Karen’s birthday she is way too much get rid of

  4. Candice is always running her mouth about everyone else but she can never handle the heat from what she says. She claims others aren’t loyal to her but what about her being loyal 🤔?
    Robyn’s really trying to prove that she isn’t boring. She really is showing that she is untrustworthy; secretly recording conversations , taping fights.

  5. Of course, it’ll all make sense once the episode airs, because it definitely is pieced together, this preview. Karen looked like she was cussing at Mia, who I’m sure threw in a dig. Lol. We will see.

  6. Facts! I agree, it doesn’t look good for her. People aren’t going to talk around you because you can’t be trusted. They are going to be worried if you are recording them.I guess you need a story line to stay relevant. Sad!

  7. Robin is being messy because Juan really do not want her boring a-s. He wants Micheal… Gizelle can not keep a man with her sloppy dressing messy a-s. She uses Robin. Mia is just dumb and ugly… big feet self. She’s lying about cancer. Candace ie right.. None of the b-tches no loyalty. Except for Karen Candace and Wendy

  8. Ashley bringing it up during burn session was messy but yalls support of Candiace is astounding. She has cut Ashley so many times it is time she some ‘smoke’ of her own..

  9. Fact is they are all messy to keep us watching…. And it’s working. 👍🏽 Keep bringing the drama and we’ll keep watching ….. 🍿 ☕️

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