LaTisha Scott Snaps After Marsau Scott Accuses Her of Being Jealous of Melody Shari

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Melody Shari didn’t enjoy seeing LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott in Florida.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couple Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott weren’t the two people Melody Shari wanted to see during her vacation. As we reported, Melody planned a trip with the kids to Destin, Florida. She also invited Martell Holt and their mothers. Melody was hoping that this would be a huge first step to a healthier co-parenting relationship. She also thought the trip would work out since she and Martell had been getting along much better at the time. So Melody was not happy when Martell told her he also invited LaTisha and Marsau to hang out in Destin. Turns out they were there also vacationing with their kids.

Melody’s relationships with Marsau and LaTisha are not the best. Martell was the first person to accuse Marsau of cheating. However, LaTisha and Melody fell out over this although the men were able to move on. Plus, Marsau and Melody have tension due to matters pertaining to his older brother Mark Scott.

It was alleged that Mark had a past romance with Miss Vanessa. She denied this. And she said that they had a friendship. Mark has been calling her out on social media since. Marsau escalated the drama by saying he heard that there was a “tape” of Mark and Vanessa. Vanessa has denied this as well as Mark.

Melody confronted Marsau about this on the show. They haven’t recovered from that. Regardless, Melody still attended the sitdown with the core 6 cast members. And she agreed that family members needed to be told not to be messy on social media. Despite this, Melody isn’t interested in fixing her friendships with LaTisha and Marsau.

Marsau Scott upsets LaTisha Scott by accusing her of being jealous of Melody Shari.

On the upcoming episode of LAMH, Marsau and LaTisha grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. The conversation goes left once Marsau seemingly tells LaTisha that he invited Melody for a sitdown.

Marsau says, “I invited Mel.”

LaTisha isn’t happy to hear this, “What? That’s very disrespectful and I don’t like that.” Marsau responds, “So your point is the jealous wife.”

This leads to LaTisha snapping, “You know I’m not ******* jealous about anything or anybody.”

In a later scene of the trailer, Marsau and Melody are having their sit-down. Marsau says, “Me and Maurice [Scott] had a conversation with Mark.

Melody needs clarity, “So this conversation that you had, was there anything said about me?”

Marsau answers, “Aspects of his relationship with your mom…”

And Melody shuts him down, “That has nothing to do with me. I want to talk about me, that I may want to respond to. That has nothing to do with me.”

Other highlights from the trailer for the upcoming episode include Kimmi Scott telling Melody and Martell that she has breast cancer. Marsau’s comments about his trip to Atlanta may come back to cause him some problems. And the group teases Martell about his romance with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” vet Sheree Whitfield.


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  1. Latisha gets jealous all the time. I remember how she made that girl from the other OWN show swear off doing more reality television because she was jealous Marsau talked to her. She didn’t like her interaction with Latisha and said reality television isn’t for her because Latisha gave her a nasty look because she thought that woman wanted Marsau.

  2. I can hardly write for laughing.
    I bet Marsau slept on the sofa with the throw pillows with no blanket 🤣 after that comment.

  3. I enjoy the show but I wish they would also get back to revitalizing properties in North Huntsville as a part of the show.

  4. I just love Melody & Kimmi. The nerve of LaTisha, Melody didn’t invite you over, Marcel did and he was a guest. You are jealous of Melody, that’s okay, she can care less.
    PS: LaTisha I am glad to see your makeup is applied correctly, it was not blended well in one of the past episodes and you looked a hot mess.

  5. LaTisha Scott is very inferior and jealous of Melody Shari she always has been! In season 1 when Mel took her too lunch to encourage her too pursue her real estate career instead of being forced into being a stay at home mom. When she told Marsau what she wanted to do she kept saying Mel said this, Mel said that! If Melody had not inspired LaTisha their company wouldn’t have landed that huge hotel deal! So yes ma’ma LaTisha is very much so inferior of Melody Shari! I didn’t miss the remark she made about The Scott’s are couple charge now! The Holt’s no longer exist!

    1. No one is inferior to anyone else. We are all equal. Melody and Latisha are different, but one is not better than the other.

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