LHHNY Alum Jenn Coreano Says Tokyo Vanity Snuck Karlie Redd + She’s Scared of Spice

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Tokyo Vanity fell out with Spice and Karlie Redd.

The current season of “VH1: Family Reunion” has a lot of people talking on social media. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Tokyo Vanity showed up to Jamaica to join the rest of the cast. While she thought she was still on good terms with everyone on the Atlanta show, Karlie Redd told her that she has an issue with something Tokyo said years ago. Karlie accused Tokyo of saying that the LHHATL vets need to be pushed off of the show. This caught Tokyo completely off-guard because the last time she saw Karlie was at her birthday party months prior. So Tokyo felt like Karlie was just reaching for a problem so she could have a spicy TV moment.

Regardless, Spice backed up Karlie. And she alleged that Tokyo did indeed make the comment.

After Tokyo began to feel like Karlie flipped on her for a storyline, she became furious. Words were exchanged. And before the recent episode was over, Tokyo swung on Karlie. The episode ended on a cliffhanger so fans will have to wait until the next episode to see the outcome of Tokyo’s actions.

Tokyo Vanity was called out for “VH1: Family Reunion” drama.

In the meantime, Tokyo has been speaking out on the drama on social media. She said that Spice and Karlie are both mean girls who started drama out of thirst for screen time. And she’s certainly not happy that some fans are labeling her as a bully for running up on Karlie.

Interestingly enough, “Love And Hip Hop New York” alum Jenn Coreano had some words for Tokyo recently. She accused Tokyo of sneaking Karlie. And she also said that Tokyo won’t keep the same energy with Spice.

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  1. They’re dragging it now. Tokyo isn’t afraid of any of them and that’s the real issue they have with her.

    1. Play-Doo Jenn is looking for a new storyline. I’m team Tokyo. Spice is really smelling herself coming for Tokyo.

  2. Uuuhhh…something was said years ago so explain the relevance now.
    Besides Tokyo can have an opinion.
    That’s Karlie’s fault she got ‘sneaked’..
    If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.
    Tokyo just did what a lot of viewers want to do…period.

  3. Karlie told her she wanted to talk to her about something privately. They could have got together and quietly discussed the issue. But no, Tokyo immediately got loud and demanded Karlie tell her what she wanted to say in front of everybody. When Karlie told her, Tokyo got belligerent and escalated the situation. If she wanted to fight why didn’t she sure up? She felt it would serve her better to sneak up on Karlie. Low move!! I liked Tokyo but not any more. I think she was the one wanting drama and camera time. BIG BULLY!

    1. And Karlie snuck Mariahlynn in the next episode. The fact that some of you still won’t acknowledge how much of a bully and mean girl Karlie is after all these years is insane. Karlie is NOT a victim. The pain she’s caused other people hasn’t gone lost on me. I can see how people get swindled and suckered in real life. Y’all have very short memories.

      1. Exactly. Karlie always tries to throw boulders and hide her shoulders. Tokyo does not like mess and Karlie was trying to be messy. If a person has a problem with me. We need to discuss it asap. I don’t know what ill intentions you have. Karlie been needing to be touched.

  4. I agree yes karlie been needed to have paws put on her. But like someone else said Tokyo don’t n won’t have that same energy when it comes to spice.

    1. This isn’t true though. Tokyo literally tried to fight Spice the first time they met each other. She isn’t scared of anyone. Spice is no one to fear anyway. All we’ve seen her do is throw things.

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