Mariahlynn Says Karlie Redd Snuck Her While Filming ‘VH1: Family Reunion’

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Karlie Redd snuck Mariahlynn?

Tokyo Vanity has been a hot topic on social media thanks to the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” She is no longer on good terms with Karlie Redd. Things took a turn after Karlie caught Tokyo by surprise about having an issue. After Tokyo pressed Karlie about what they needed to discuss, Karlie accused Tokyo of saying that the vets from “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” needed to go. Spice backed up Karlie. She alleged that multiple people know that Tokyo said this.

This made no sense to Tokyo. She pointed out that she had just spent time with Karlie months prior. And Karlie was even at her birthday party. So Tokyo began to suspect that Karlie was just starting problems with her for a storyline. In her opinion, if Karlie really had an issue, it should have been discussed off-camera since they were supposed to be friends.

By the end of the recent episode, Tokyo was so heated that she swung on Karlie. This has resulted in some criticism. And some have accused Tokyo of sneaking Karlie. So Tokyo has been labeled as a bully.

Interestingly enough, Karlie will be hit with the same accusation on the upcoming episode of “VH1: Family Reunion.”

Mariahlynn is also on the current season. She thought she was in a good space with Karlie as well. However, Karlie wouldn’t speak after Mariah said hello. And Karlie said that her issue is that Mariahlynn said she was messy on social media.

Well, things must have escalated between Karlie and Mariahlynn. On a preview for the next episode, Mariahlynn tells Spice that Karlie snuck her.

“Yo, your friend Karlie, she snuck me! I didn’t touch her! As many opportunities as I had, Spice. Out of respect for you, Spice!”

As for Tokyo, she tells the cast that she’s leaving early after putting her hands on Karlie. She says, “This my last morning with y’all. I’m leaving from out of here and not ******* crying.”

Chrissy Lampkin tells her, “I’m sorry that you fed into it. Do not ******* allow somebody else to block your ******* blessings.”

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