Karen Huger Explains Why She Believes Chris Bassett Should Apologize to Gizelle Bryant

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Gizelle Bryant thinks Chris Bassett is being too dramatic about the accusations she made.

Chris Bassett isn’t happy about the accusations that were made about him on the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Gizelle Bryant accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable at the reunion. And her issue was she didn’t like talking to him alone in her dressing room. Since she waited to tell Candiace Dillard Bassett this until they started filming, Candiace thinks this is a coordinated attack on their marriage. So these days, she doesn’t have much of a friendship with Gizelle. Chris is also done with Gizelle. He doesn’t understand how someone he’s cooked for and been so friendly to would do something like this.

Regardless, Gizelle believes Chris and Candiace are overreacting a bit. She even said that all Chris should have done is apologize to her. And it’s something that they should have been able to move on from at this point.

Well, Candiace and Chris strongly disagree. In fact, they think Gizelle needs to walk back her accusations.

Karen Huger agrees with Ray Huger.

Interestingly enough, this came up again on the recent episode of RHOP. At Chris and Candiace’s backyard party, Karen Huger’s husband Ray Huger brought up the drama to Chris. And Ray said that Chris should consider apologizing. Ray stressed that Chris isn’t apologizing because he was wrong. But apologizing is a way to respect Gizelle’s feelings without admitting any guilt or wrongdoing.

Chris strongly disagreed. And before storming off, he told Ray that he didn’t do anything wrong. So apologizing isn’t something he plans on doing.

Karen was asked about this when she recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Eva Marcille.

Andy Cohen asked Karen if she agreed with what Ray told Chris. She answered, “Well, I have to side with Ray. He’s my husband, he went out on the limb and just trying to be an example of taking the lead. Being the bigger person in this group. This is not moving anywhere. So he wanted Chris to possibly understand apologizing for her taking it the wrong way.”

She continued, “And that was it. No guilt implied. Just for her feelings. You know?”

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    1. I pray Chris don’t own 2 face nothing. Have you all forgot Gezelle could have missed up this man careen. What did or could have she lost in the end. Nothing. I know it don’t matter but I will stop looking at this show if he apologizes to this witch. It was hard to see Andy would allow his 2 queens get away with things they have done. Look they not talking about fried Mia and they want Chris to apologize. I know it just a reality show but it going to the same rachet dictation show Carlos.

  1. I think Karen is wrong about this. This is Gizelle we’re talking about. We know she’s lies and embellishes things for a storyline. So no, Chris shouldn’t apologize for something he didn’t do.

  2. Ummm who does Guzzard apologize to? GTFOH with always kissing this hotbox liar. When is she ever held accountable for the bullshit she creates? Talks ish about everybody and their husband. This chicken is a dark miserable unstable soul. Go sit down in that tacky teardown and look in the mirror at the horrible example you are exhibiting to those girls.

  3. I normally don’t comment but Chris did not do anything wrong. I’m tired of people jumping on the Gizelle bandwagon. She should be the one to apologize. I normally like Karen and Ray but this time it’s ridiculous.

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