Robyn Dixon Plays Wendy Osefo + Candiace Dillard Bassett Regrets Hurting Karen Huger

Photo Credit: Bravo

Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo had a positive moment on the recent episode of RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon has been receiving a lot of backlash from fans over her actions on the current season. She fell out with Wendy Osefo during the previous season. As we reported, Robyn and Wendy fell out during Wendy’s feud with Gizelle Bryant. Wendy didn’t appreciate Gizelle bringing cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo to the show. Gizelle said she didn’t believe them. However, she wondered if the gossip was behind Wendy’s decision to get some work done to her body. So Gizelle convinced Ashley Darby to bring this up to Wendy. And things went left. Wendy dragged Robyn because she thought she was in on Gizelle’s plan. So they haven’t been on good terms since.

This is one of the reasons why Robyn sided with Mia Thornton after she assaulted Wendy with her drink and purse. Wendy has even alleged that Robyn played a role in an attempt to ice her out of the show.

Interestingly enough, Robyn and Wendy actually had a friendly moment on the recent episode. But this happened after Gizelle decided to call it an early night while the ladies were in Miami. The other women decided they wanted to have some fun at a nightclub. A lot of shots happened, and the ladies all got pretty drunk. They all actually got along, too. And in one scene, Robyn and Wendy were hugging each other. So fans thought for at least a moment that perhaps there was still hope for Wendy and Robyn to hash things out.

Of course, the peace ended when Robyn got into it with Candiace Dillard Bassett. Candiace was still upset about Robyn airing her out for calling the group fake on Instagram Live. And Candiace felt ambushed since she and Robyn have a real friendship outside of RHOP.

Robyn Dixon plays down the moment to Gizelle Bryant?

Well, the peace between Wendy and Robyn was short-lived it seems. On the upcoming episode, Robyn talks to Gizelle about the crazy right. Apparently, Ashley Darby filled Gizelle in on their good time.

In the preview, Gizelle tells Robyn, “Now Ashley did say Wendy was singing a different song to you at the club.”

Producers flashback to Robyn and Wendy having a good time at the club and hugging while laughing.

Robyn responds, “She was like, Robyn I love you so much! I’ve cried about our situation. I’m like Wendy…” She continues, “I’m like don’t do this. This has been going on for over a year.”

Interestingly enough, fans are calling Robyn out for this preview. They feel as if Robyn seemed to really enjoy the moment with Wendy while it was happening. But they feel she switched up to being anti-Wendy once Gizelle questioned her about it. Either way, Robyn tells Gizelle that Candiace is the one she wants to talk things out with.

Later in the first look of the next episode, Candiace and Chris Bassett are preparing to host their first backyard shindig at their new house. Candiace is super excited to celebrate receiving her MBA from Howard University. She plans to use the knowledge to help her negotiate her contracts as her music and acting careers continue to take off.

Candiace says she’s going to invite Karen Huger because she was wrong to gossip about her with Ashley.

“I am inviting Karen because it was wrong, I shouldn’t have said it.”

Candiace goes on to say that she didn’t know she really accused Karen of cheating until a producer told her what she said to Ashley.


    1. Robyn is a follower of gizelle and that shows she is a weak woman she don’t have her own mind and nothing about her say lady luxury or respect she is a simple dumb woman

  1. Meh….. if it didn’t come out now, it would’ve at the reunion show. I don’t feel sorry for Candiance, she’s done the same to the other girls. Lol! I can’t decide whose mouth is worse… Candiance or Wendy.
    And Candiance stop blaming Giselle for everything. The first words out of your mouth is Gizelle this, Gizelle, that.
    Other than her telling you how she felt about something, she’s been pretty quiet.

    1. GLs are you kidding. Giselle is a horrible human being. She a misserable piece of trash. She bullies everyone with her sidekick Robyn.

    2. I agree! What show are you watching? Gizelle has always had jealous tendencies and is a bully. The only time she shuts her mouth is when someone is going in on her.

    3. Can’t stand Candice and Wendy. Both think they can say anything negative to you and when someone snaps back, they are wrong.
      If you dish it out, be ready for the snap back.

  2. Robyn and Wendy will always have issues. How Wendy treated her the last season was nasty . I don’t know why anyone expects her to forget all that and smile. Especially Wendy. She went too far and I don’t blame Robyn ONE bit..And Candice is full of sh%t. Period.

    1. Liya. That Robyn was trying spreading rumors about Wendy husband. Wendy had every right to defend her husband. I am sure Wendy will not lose any sleep not have having that ghetto Robyn as a friend.

  3. This show needs a whole new cast makeover. The two green eyes have demonized other women enough. Every time Candiace opens her mouth, she’s disrespectful. Mia is childish, as well as Ashley is a flip flopping trouble maker. If Charisse didn’t cut it the first time around, why is she back? Neither she nor any of this extra drama antics add substance to this show. A cast makeover is NEEDED.

  4. I so agree, I’m so sick of all this mess. They could be real positive role modes to our young black women but instead the act like teenagers just childish. And why in the name of all things good is Charisse back just useless

  5. GLs are you kidding. Giselle is a horrible human being. She a misserable piece of trash. She bullies everyone with her sidekick Robyn.

  6. Robin is a plain jane.Thetedcnothing interesting in her life.She needs to get a entirely new life.She is soooo messy.Which is called a back stapper.

  7. I say get rid of all of these rats! Gizelle has eaten so much cheese 🧀 she’s become the Queen of “Rat Ville”🐀 Robyn is her stupid Rat Court Jester!🦹‍♂️ Send in the exterminator too blast every filthy scurrying rodent!🐁🐀🐁🐀🐭🐀 The way Bravo loves too air these shows with Black Women who are supposed too be educated and successful but they act like hood rats tells me that they are the molded cheese feeding this nastiness!🧀🐀 I see you Andy!👀

  8. I like both Robyn and Giselle. Candice needs to truly be put in her place. She is a crying spoiled brat. Dishes it out and can’t take the heat when it is returned. Monique was definitely her match.
    Wendy needs to stop talking down to people. If I hear one more time about her degrees and what her status is, I’m going to vomit!
    I’m married to a M. D. and surrounded by my influential people and not one brags about their status in a regular like her. After all the body makeovers, she truly changed.

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