Miss Van Denies Paying Child Support for Marsau Scott’s Brother + Feels LAMH Men Are Messy?

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Boycotts have been started by LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very vocal about the current season on social media. In fact, they have called for a boycott. Earlier in the year, Miss Wanda hopped on social media with some things to get off of her chest. She called out Melody amid her fallout with LaTisha Scott. Wanda didn’t like that Melody said LaTisha’s father has been in her Instagram DMs. 

So Wanda clapped back by questioning the paternity of Melody and Martell Holt‘s youngest child. This resulted in Melody confronting Wanda at the MaDonni reopening event planned by Destiny Payton. Things got so crazy that Martell and Marsau Scott nearly came to blows. Wanda also tried to run up on Melody from behind. So fans placed a lot of blame on Wanda for things going left that day. They also created a petition that urged Wanda’s removal from the show. 

Melody Shari’s mother Miss Van has been dragged into the drama.

Another boycott was called after Marsau and Maurice Scott’s brother Mark Scott appeared on LAMH on the current season. Kimmi Scott urged Maurice and Marsau to have a conversation with Mark about the controversial comments he’s been making on social media about Melody and Miss Van. Although Mark claimed they had a romantic past, Van said that they had a friendship. 

Some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have threatened to stop watching the show because they feel like Melody and Miss Van are being mistreated by cast members and their family members. But nothing is being done to stop this and now these people are being allowed on the platform to speak. 

Well, Miss Van had some things to say about the behind-the-scenes situations. Some very interesting accusations were made, too. 

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  1. I’ve said on here multiple times that Marsau is the messiest cast member but he gets so many passes because he’s a man. He starts 99% of all of the issues on this show one way or the other. But the fans spend all their time dragging the women for every little thing. It’s insane. But I agree with her. The men on LAMH are very messy and they just aren’t ever going to be held accountable.

    1. Marsau is actually worse than Martell. And if we’re being honest, most of the men in the Scott family are misogynistic bullies. The fact that Carlos lets them go unchecked makes me wonder what he really thinks about Van and Melody.

      1. I agree totally. The Scott boys continue to go unchecked. We wouldn’t know who the Scotts were if not for this show with Mel as an executive producer.

  2. What is Carlos doing? He’s going to ruin his own shows because he’s more focused on Bravo shows than cleaning up the mess on his own platforms. If one of your female cast members is being harassed online to the point that police had to get involved, why on earth of you letting them also be bullied on your platform? This will not end well. And Carlos had multiple opportunities to improve the working environment but chose not to. He’s playing with fire.

  3. What Van is talking about is just more of the same. Black women are the least protected in our community. So of course we won’t be protected on the black shows with black show runners. It’s so frustrating.

  4. So basically Carlos lied when he said all the cast members must approve of someone coming on the show or they can’t film.

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