Is Phaedra Parks Joining the ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast?

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Phaedra Parks didn’t like how her exit from RHOA went down.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks had a very controversial departure from the hit reality show. Some fans have still been hoping that Phaedra would eventually make her return. However, Kandi Burruss has made it clear that she will not remain on RHOA if Phaedra is invited back. So producers haven’t made the move. Interestingly enough, Phaedra has told fans that she actually doesn’t want her peach back at all. And she was more interested in possibly being on “Real Housewives of Dubai” in a full-time role instead.

Phaedra also did a season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” along with former peach holder Eva Marcille. When Phaedra was asked to tell her side of the story in regard to her departure from RHOA, she didn’t want to say much. And she said that she felt like she was treated fairly. And Kandi’s side was the only one told.

Could Phaedra Parks be joining another popular Bravo show?

Well, rumor has it Phaedra may be returning to television in a way most didn’t see coming. And she’s rumored to be making her return to Bravo but it won’t be the “Real Housewives” franchise.

According to the YBF, Phaedra will reportedly be on the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.” The blogger is also claiming that what actually stood in the way of Phaedra’s return to RHOA wasn’t Kandi but Phaedra allegedly asking to be paid more than what Bravo was willing to pay. However, it’s being reported that the budget for “Married to Medicine” is more in line with what Phaedra wants to be paid.

Interestingly enough, Phaedra first confirmed she is dating a doctor while attending the most recent BravoCon. Phaedra said that things are going so well that even her sons have met her boo. And they really like him.

Phaedra has been reportedly dating the doctor for over a year.

While the rumor has not been confirmed or denied as of yet, some fans are probably wondering how Phaedra would actually fit into the cast if the report is true. Well, Phaedra and Quad Webb have been friendly for years. So the YBF suspects that Quad would probably be the person to introduce her on “Married to Medicine” if she did join the cast.

“Married to Medicine” recently wrapped up one of its most controversial seasons yet. Multiple serious accusations were made. And fans had very strong reactions to cast members speculating that Toya Bush-Harris allegedly had something to do with Anila Sajja’s house being broken into. Toya had denied this. She also said she is looking into filing a lawsuit. Filming for the upcoming season has not started.



  1. I don’t blame Kandi. Phaedra and her lies were very threatening to Kandi’s reputation and businesses. Kandi is extremely success and really doesn’t need RHOA money like the rest of them. Phaedra is so fake. I remember seeing her collect money from a client in the parking lot. How professional!

    1. First, Phadrea wasn’t the one who initiated that allegation/ LIE she was covering up for an ex BRAVO Producers, but Phadrea was 100% WRONG for repeating that allegation to Porsha. I didn’t like how it unfolded for Kandi & Phadrea because I liked their Friendship before it dissolved and now Apollo got beef with Kandi & Todd.

      1. I had no idea Todd & Khandi fell out w/Apollo. Last I saw, Todd & Peter & Apollo still had their brotherhood which I was really happy to see.

        1. Kandi seems to run Bravo she messy, she lies it’s okay for her but no one else truth be told she doesn’t make the show. She is boring

    1. Phaedra is the only cast member who accused another cast member of plotting to commit an actual felony though – rape. I don’t understand how you’re downplaying that and wishing her the best. Very disturbing.

  2. I’m here for it and glad it was Phaedra who decided not to be on ATL, Not Kandi passive aggressive self. They all messy and do allot so having phaedra may just make it more interesting with the return of catch phrases. Imo.

  3. Bravo must be desperate to fix the awful ratings. Phaedra was at her best on RHOA. She’s been a huge disappointment on the other shows she’s been on though.

  4. At least Phadrea is dating medicine, Quad is not doing that much.
    As for the Kandi rumor that did not hurt Kandi at all she was the one who told the rumor on camera and she was the one who made money from the rumor.
    Did not Quad and Anila both on camera several times accuse Toya of being responsible for Anila’s robbers?

  5. So how many times have we heard about Phaedra doing this and that and it turns out to be bull crap? Still waiting on that modeling career to pay off. Sorry but I don’t believe that she’s actually dating a doctor. Just pulling one of the “Kenya Moore’s Walter “ situation.

  6. I truly understand Kandi, side but I’m not going to QUIT making money because of Phaedra NOT AT ALL. Let’s all be real Kandi, really don’t need the MONEY.

  7. M2M is sinking fast if theyre thinking of bringing FAKEdra on it. “Cause everybody knowsss she’s got so many JOBZZZ” lol

  8. Congratulations Phaedra!!! Kandi proved the “LIE” was actually her truth!!! Phaedra just outed her before she was ready!!! 🤣😂😎

  9. All of them lie and back stab each other. None of them is better than the other she was just repeating what she heard that wasn’t going to stop Kandi from up she just wanted to Phadrea financially because she wanted to be the big dog in the little pond her and fake a-s gold digging Todd.

    1. Except Kandi has never lied on anyone and she’s never lied about drugging and raping someone. So yes, Kandi is indeed better than Phaedra. Hope this helps.

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