Marsau Scott Claps Back After LAMH Fan Says LaTisha Scott Gained Weight

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LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott’s fallout with Melody Shari is a hot topic.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couple Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott are having another controversial season. As we reported, Melody Shari wasn’t happy to see them pop up during her planned vacation to Destin, Florida. Martell Holt invited them to the rental house after he found out that LaTisha and Marsau were already in town with their children. Melody was able to be cordial but she made it clear in her green screen interview that she has no plans to repair her friendship with the couple. Interestingly enough, LaTisha revealed her true feelings about Melody after Marsau informed her that he planned a sitdown with Melody without LaTisha’s knowledge.

Marsau just wanted to recap his conversation with Mark Scott to Melody. Mark took issue with Miss Vanessa denying that they have a romantic history. She said they were just friends. Mark said it was much more. Regardless, LaTisha felt like the conversation shouldn’t have happened without her. And she told Marsau that the issue was Melody said that LaTisha is her enemy. So it seemed disloyal of Marsau to meet with Melody without making sure LaTisha was okay with this first. She snapped after Marsau accused her of being jealous.

Marsau Scott is still checking people on social media.

LaTisha is also not on the best of terms with her cousin Keke. KeKe said that LaTisha and Marsau crossed her by telling Melody and Martell that she struggled with an addiction to pain medication.  She said it wasn’t their business to tell. And the way they shared this information was a bit insensitive and disrespectful.

Melody agreed with Keke that it was wrong for her business to be put on blast in that way. And their relationship blossomed as Keke’s issues with LaTisha and Marsau only worsened.

Some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans had a lot to say already about what happened during part 1 of the reunion. LaTisha accused Keke of being Melody’s puppet. She walked off the stage and returned with puppets of Melody and Keke to illustrate her point.

While some LAMH viewers loved this, others have been critical of LaTisha’s use of reunion props. This probably isn’t surprising considering how controversial Kenya Moore’s bullhorn was seasons ago at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. Regardless, there were other bits of criticism made on social media when it comes to LaTisha.

In fact, one LAMH fan commented on her weight via the show’s fan page on Instagram.

The Instagram user wrote, “Tisha looks good but has put on a few pounds! Makeup is flawless.”

Well, Marsau decided to clap back when he caught wind of the comment. He responded, “Your makeup looks good and you look like you’ve put on a few pounds too. Happy New Year.”


  1. This guy is so stupid yes his wife is fat, look at her face. LaTisha looks just like her ugly a-s mama. Someone should ask Marsau is his girlfriend fat? LaTisha can stand to lose some weight she is short and her weight really shows cause LaTisaha is always wearing tight clothes.

        1. Her speech is not attractive and neither is her mothers.

          Invest in a speech therapist the same way you’re invested in your marriage.

    1. Stevie Wonder can see Tisha has gained a lot of weight. Marsau, knows that! He shouldn’t get upset with anyone, take her running, best cardio to burn off fat.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣This is hilarious! Yes..Tisha is a BIG GURL just like her mama. Get over it Marsau, you got you a biggun!🤣 This is Tisha’s problem…she will never be a petite, gorgeous woman like Mel! Jealous haters!! Please take Marsau and Tisha off the show already! I am COMPLETELY sick of them!!

      1. They’re boring and her jealousy towards Mel (who is taller and thinner than LaTisha) is quite obvious. In all seriousness, she needs to change her diet. Maybe she should try a low carb diet like South Beach. It’s not hard to follow. She had not too long ago had another child and she’s not getting younger.

        I’m not sure but I think Marsau stepped out on her before with Kyra Coffee. LaTisha knows who she married….

  2. I don’t think it’s cool to critique someone’s physical appearance. Marsau and the person he replied to are both wrong. There are things to criticize Latisha for fairly but her looks? Nah.

    1. I agree that it is not kind to make comments about a person’s physical appearance. I think that all of the women are attractive. Most of them rely on cosmetics, wigs, weave, etc. to enhance their appearance. Even if you think that there is one cast member who looks better than another, it has not played a significant role in any of their accomplishments. All of the women have been married, have children, have careers, homes, cars, and some form of higher education. They rank about the same in my opinion. They are all equally attractive.

  3. There really aren’t enough conversations about how messy and catty Marsau is. When you sit down and think about it, he’s actually the messiest cast member.

  4. He can defend his wife if he wants. But it’s not lost on me that he actually sits on his phone and reads through comments to argue and clap back.

  5. People think they can say what they want but when that energy is met and or exceeded then its men don’t do that or is he really reading the comments? It’s like DUH! You are too!

  6. I mean you can spin it any way you want, but secure and happy people don’t sit and read comments on fan pages. I feel the same way about Cardi B. It’s not normal or healthy to follow fan pages and defend yourself against strangers who have way too much time on their hands anyway. I’m not even famous and I don’t answer to people like this on the internet. Marsau is very weird and he has some effeminate traits I’m not used to seeing in men. He argues on the internet a lot. Martell as well.

    1. Whats the purpose of one commenting?! To be READ!! Now ppl are tripping because he responds to the comments!🤦🏽‍♀️ Can’t win with some ppl🥱

      1. Actually, the most successful people in the world don’t even read comments or run their social media pages because they understand making the best use of your time is essential to building and maintaining wealth. Marsau is on the internet clapping back at the silliest opinions when he has a multimillion-dollar lawsuit to worry about. I think he’d be doing much better in business if he spent less time arguing on fan pages and more time handling business. He did all this and probably didn’t change that commenter’s opinion about LaTisha. So it was a waste of time anyway. Y’all really think arguing is going to change people’s opinions and spend hours doing it with no financial reward. Sounds goofy to me but okay.

        1. Exactly. Time is money. Once I learned that, the money started to increase. Marsau took an L even responding to the foolishness. I can see clearly now why it took the Holts for him and Latisha to start making money moves. They are too small minded at times. It doesn’t matter what fans think about you. Just make sure the checks clear. The only person who I think gets that is Melody. You don’t even need everyone to like you to become a millionaire. Just better time management and a laser focus on things that actually matter.

          1. I agree. Melody is the only one moving forward and has forward thinking capabilities. I loved Kimmie but her in laws keeping her down. Latisha & Marsau thinks engaging on social media is a contest breaker. There is no value to his response!

      2. The purpose of that person commenting was to engage with other fans hence why the person left the comment on a fan page and not LaTisha or Marsau’s IG pages. If she wanted to engage Marsau, she would have taken the steps to do so. Marsau looks absolutely ridiculous here and pressed. The old saying don’t argue with fools because onlookers won’t be able to tell who’s who is one to live by.

  7. Idk maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never sat back and thought it was cute when a man argued with a woman. I don’t think I’m male identified enough to be impressed by this.

  8. This is cringeworthy when you remember that Wanda and Marsau defend LaTisha because they think they have to and she’s not strong enough to speak up for herself.

    1. Latisha behaves like an immature teenager. She speaks and acts like she is in middle school, however, she has a Master’s degree. Marsau cheating on her is always first and foremost on her mind. She also believes that Kimmie should be her ride-or-die like a teenager with a click. If she is mad with somebody, i.e. Melody, she expects Kimmie because she is “family” to follow her lead, No! Grow up and put those childish ways aside because Kimmie is her own woman who possesses confidence, wisdom, intellect, and respect. She displays a positive, true personality. I love that she is straightforward. She seems trustworthy and not interested in entertaining negative drama. I believe she can be a good friend. I extremely relate to her. She and Latisha are like opposites. Kimmie is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a wingman. Latisha is not. She is extra passive and tries to be aggressive but is not. She needs her messy mama to help speak up for her and to supposedly keep her Marsau in check as she stands there and fades into the wallpaper. First, she needs to get rid of that momma and s and stop whining about cheating. It’s hard to believe that that many people want him. I’d be embarrassed to have my mother all over both TV and online and BEHAVING like a belligerent bafoon. I’m sure she is on the show for entertainment purposes, but I love seeing Kimmie, my favorite on the show, stand up to her.

  9. Marsau is one of my favorite people on the show the other is Melody I wish they were a couple sadly they’re not! With that being said I wish everyone could be more positive when this group gets together to do something for others they work so well together! Ms. Wanda is just the worst person on the show along with Destiny oh Lord I can’t forget to put Martell in with these two ladies! Kimmie is ok but to messy at times she can go to events without bringing back what she heard! Maurice I just don’t know what to say about him other than I think he’s sneaky! I’m done after this comment Melody and Marsau must be on the show because if they’re not there is no show and yes I know I said Marsau!

  10. She is a 😍 ful Black Female…
    Looking good girl…your not looking hungry..
    ……Those in glass houses, should not throw stones….

    1. Facts she has gained weight and she’s weak that’s why he has cheating on her several times,, he knows she going to believe anything he say. Dumb A-s…Girlbye

      1. Is it a sin to gain weight? Over the years a person’s weight fluctuates. She is still an attractive lady. I try each day to use my words to uplift others. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but one day those negative comments may come back to hurt you.

  11. Well today thick or bigger woman are confident bc black men love thick she’s only pleasing her husband maybe he loves it

  12. Marsau and the others who agree with him are way too insecure for the internet. People troll. You block and keep it moving. Responding to trolls only validates their opinions. And they know they won.

    1. The thing everyone forgets is when you post there will be replies! That includes Marseau, Latisha, fans, and other cast mates. They hate that Mel won’t buy into the mess. They bring her up constantly and try to do anything to talk about Melody. Mel just keeps gliding along. I wish they would get her another show. I believe God has something in store for Mel!

  13. Social media has made people dumber and more sensitive. I’ll be d-mned if I give my time and energy to a hater like this. I’m sure that person was happy to get a response from Marsau too. They love attention. That’s the real reason why they leave those types of comments in the first place. Marsau walked right into it smh.

  14. He starting to make me think Maurice and Mark (I think that’s the other brother name) are the big brothers and Marsau is their little sister. He too childish. He acting like a girl. Sneaky behind

  15. During the second reunion, Latisha used incorrect grammar, and Mel very, very, quietly corrected her. I am a retired teacher, and I listen very carefully to each of them when they are speaking. I have heard Mel, who was a classroom teacher, use the word “aint,” and phrases such as: “he don’t,” and “it don’t matter.” The ladies who speak well on a consistent basis are: Destiny, Tiffany, and Kimmi. However, their grammar does not have any bearing on how successful each of them are in their professional careers.

    1. Cute light shade, sis. You just be mindful that Melody can actually speak properly and professionally when she’s not actively choosing to speak AAE – African American English. Have a good day.

  16. I think that the show should go off the air because it stared out good and now there is nothing, but mess makes the town of Huntsville look bad as h-ll and it is always mess if they take some of the people off of there then it would be a good show to watch again.

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