‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Sam Wright Calls Out Treach for Comments Made on the Show

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Sam Wright receives criticism from GUHH fans and those close to Egypt Criss.

Growing Up Hip Hop” couple Egypt Criss and Sam Wright are used to people having a lot to say about their romance. In fact, Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis, Tyran Moore, and Briana LaTrise have been critical of Sam since the beginning. They suspected that Sam is only using Egypt. And he may think that being with her will advance his own music career. However, Sam and Egypt denied this. They did have two strong supporters on their side at least. Egypt’s parents, Pepa and Treach, have shown support for the romance on and off of the show. Tyran has seemingly turned into a supporter of Sam as well. In fact, Treach even had some words for critics on social media after Sam sang controversial song lyrics during a performance. He sang that he isn’t straight or gay.

Pepa even clashed with Tee Tee and Briana in defense of Sam and Egypt’s relationship. At this point, Tee Tee doesn’t have much of a relationship with Egypt or Pepa. So she didn’t even know Egypt is pregnant. And she found out about the pregnancy because Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright informed her that Sam and Egypt are having a baby.

Tee Tee was a bit taken aback. However, she and Briana both said that having a child is a blessing. So they can only say congratulations to the newlyweds.

Egypt Criss’ pregnancy has Treach concerned.

Interestingly enough, Treach revealed that he has some concerns now that Egypt is pregnant. On a previous episode, Treach told Sam his thoughts. Not only is Treach still concerned about Sam’s pending legal issues, but he’s not positive that Sam can take care of his expanding family. And he wanted Sam to know that, unlike Pepa, he’s not going to allow Sam to move in if things get rough.

Sam felt like the conversation he had with Treach was unnecessary. He told Tyran that it just seems like Treach thinks he’s some bum. And that doesn’t make sense since he and Egypt have been handling business. They have their own home now and no longer reside with Pepa.

Well, Sam had more to say about the situation on Instagram. He responded to critical comments from GUHH fans who agree with Treach.

An Instagram user wrote, “Like… no diss bro. You need a 9 to 5 with a comprehensive benefits package. This ain’t it.”

Sam responded, “I own and run 3 businesses. I take a lot of diss from this that’s ***** not true that’s storyline BS.”

Another person joined the conversation. They seem to believe that Treach was insinuating that Sam’s only source of income is the show, “It sounds like what Treach was saying that’s all he did. Own up to living with Pepa, no shade or hate. I just think ****** wanna see him support his family. I mean but it is a show so either it’s bs or when he was speaking to Treach, he played himself cause he never said he owned anything and people can look that up. Business license is public information. But anyway, can’t wait for the next show.”

Sam replied, “Then start looking up all the business licenses. Puddin LLC Nevada has all my businesses under and you will see I own it! And what Treach was saying was lies for a corny storyline!”


  1. Why do we have to look up your businesses? What are your businesses and why didn’t you tell treach that when he had a conversation with you.

    1. He just filed this LLC 2 months ago. Probably because he knew this would air soon. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that Sam and Egypt continue to talk about how Sam has help to write her songs and develop her as an artist. He’s definitely an opportunist plus your parents are Pepa and Treach so you should already be developed as an artist with those 2 parents. Not Sam

    2. Exactly! You can register as many businesses as you want but it doesn’t mean they’re actually active or making money. Apparently he’s not making money or Treach wouldn’t have stepped to him. I have no clue what Egypt sees in this guy. But I guess we were all fools at some point when it came to our first loves.

      1. You said it, Shaking My Head! Yes, you can register a whole lot of business names as long as they’re available. And yes, that doesn’t mean that there’s any activity.

        Sam, you crossed the line with Treach! He has been in the music, acting business for a long time. Egypt has two successful parents and extended successful family and friends. I held out hope for you until you made that last comment about Treach! Treach doesn’t need a storyline. Can you imagine what he could be paid just in making an appearance on behalf of his daughter being on Growing Up Hip Hop. Sam, you are not ready. Yes, having a baby is a blessing and I’m wishing the best for Egypt and her new blessing. You got some anger management issues to resolve and some maturing to do.

        I don’t know anyone of ya’ll personally but as a 62yr old fan I would suggest that you not make any more of those comments about Treach again. It’s not good for you!

        1. Inger you said it!!!! I can see Trech initially supported Egypt’s relationship in fear of keeping her close. You know how kids are when you disapprove of their partner. He tried to be open-minded when Sam said he wasn’t straight or gay. But when Sam started doing those Only Fans while cooking in an apron with his butt cheeks out…. Lawd!! That was too mch for me!!! I worry about him wanting to move them to Las Vegas which is a very open to the sex entertainment industry. I mean, what else does he have to offer?? And Sam understands fully that if Trech crosses him, Egypt will most-likely choose her “husband”. He has that poor child out in the boonies because that’s where the cheap rent is. Sam better watch himself because he crossed the line trying to say Trech needs a storyline. He gonna make the old Trech come out and I’d enjoy it with a large extra-butter popcorn and large cocktail. lol

  2. I really don’t believe he has 3 businesses cause if you did way not let treach know about the business cause you really don’t have 3 businesses

  3. Sam has a lot of growing up to do, he is such a clown. He does dumb @ss stuff and don’t look at the people it affects . He already has a child that he don’t seem too responsible or a good role model for. I don’t know if Sam is Egypt’s first or what it is about this guy that has her standards so low

    1. I’m just glad ppl are seeing him for who he is, he has taking over Egypt life like he is the child of peppa and treach,Lol he a joke and he sure didn’t bring up what he owns when his father n law was in his face that’s difference between them he a father Sam you a baby daddy!

    2. Yes, this might be Egypt’s first love.

      We need to pray for her because she seems like she’s a ride or die and Sam truly isn’t worth it at this stage of life.

  4. This right here is why it’s important to raise our daughters to be strong thinkers with high self esteem. Any shortcoming in either area, and they’ll end up with a Sam.

    1. Honestly speaking, teaching little black girls to reject being male identified at a young age can prevent a lot of heartbreaks when they are older. Egypt is so male identified that she follows Sam no matter what he does. Even Treach told Sam she will follow him off of a cliff. That’s a huge problem. Rarely, does that end well.

  5. Sam, is bum and what three businesses does he have? Sam is not a producer nor is he a musical artist. He has never held down a job. Egypt is his meal ticket and he got her nose wide open and she sees no wrong in him. The day is coming and she is overlooking the red flags also. Hope she wishes up and drop that zero.

  6. Ok….I just looked that LLC up and it was registered in November of 2022….Boy….come on now!!!! Get yo ish together!!! I can’t blame Treach for being concerned about his daughter!!!

  7. If he has three businesses then he is a clown. Most people use these reality shows to promote their businesses. Look at Kandi She is a great songwriter but she used the housewives platform to promote all the businesses she created. If he has three businesses why hasn’t he brought them up once on this show? Are they paying him enough to play the bum role

  8. He didn’t wanna name the businesses because they are all just “gigs.” His only fans account makes a few bucks his stint on the show makes a few bucks and the few paid gigs he got as an “artist.” He is 100% betting on Egypt to hold it down for them but tryna finesse us into thinking they have it all together

  9. Trench doesn’t need a storyline Sam does. He wiggled his way into Egypt life. He knew who she was and he was sleeping in his car. Egypt was young and naive. She had and still has blinders on. Pepa and Treach supported their daughter. Sam wants to ride Egypt coattails. He was upset when Pepa told Egypt she was taking her on the road. He was like oh I’m not going. Now his fake ganata a-s could be going to jail. You see he’s weak he took to IG. He didn’t say anything to Treach.

    1. He is always trying to finagle his way on her stage. He tried to sabotage her music with the gun sound and was mad that Pep questioned him about it.. I think she can do better…

  10. I just looked up the business it says do own it. But for only 2 months. But when I tried to find out what kind of business is it I don’t get nothing. No website or nothing.

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