Martell Holt Puts Melody Shari’s Rumored Boyfriend on Blast + Her Mother Defends Him

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Co-parenting has been a mess for Martell Holt and Melody Shari.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s controversial split played out on the show. So LAMH fans probably aren’t surprised that their co-parenting relationship is just as messy. However, there have been a couple of moments when it seemed like things improved. Melody invited Martell to join her vacation to Destin, Florida. She planned the trip for the kids. Plus, she also invited her mother, as well as Martell’s mother. Despite a couple of hiccups, the trip was going well. But things definitely took a turn after Martell invited the Scotts to join them. In particular, he told LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott they could join him and Melody at the vacation rental. Apparently, they were already in town vacationing with their children.

Melody isn’t on the best terms with Marsau or LaTisha. So she wasn’t thrilled to see them pop up on the vacation she planned. Regardless, everyone was cordial. LaTisha even said being together in that moment felt like the good old days. While Melody was able to be cordial, she later expressed that she isn’t interested in being friends with LaTisha or Marsau ever again. Too much damage has been done in Melody’s opinion.

Another issue Melody had with Martell is his decision to tell his child’s mother, Arionne Curry, that Melody had Covid. Arionne later ran to social media to air this out to her followers. This did not sit well with Melody.

Martell Holt grabbed the attention of LAMH fans in a now-deleted social media post.

Well, the drama hasn’t slowed down any. In fact, Martell recently caused a stir with LAMH fans due to a social media post he has since deleted. In the Instagram post, he wrote, “Y’all let me know if Melody Shari or anyone else started a GoFundMe for Devyn Keith. I have a lil something. #King”

While Martell didn’t specify much more, “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans began to speculate that Martell only made the post because Devyn is Melody’s new boyfriend. Weeks ago, it was confirmed that Melody is happily dating a man those close to her approve of. And they bragged that he is handsome and treats her right. However, they never confirmed the man’s identity out of respect for Melody.

Turns out, Devyn is actually a city councilman in Huntsville. He was recently arrested for theft because he mistakenly forgot to pay for $20 headphones left in his cart. Devyn released a statement on the matter via Facebook.

He wrote, “Yesterday, after purchasing items at the self-checkout at Walmart, I left the store with a $20 pair of headphones in my cart that I failed to pay for. I respect the professionalism of the Walmart staff and law enforcement officers involved with this matter.”

Devyn continued, “I can’t express how grateful I am to have family, friends, and loved ones that have supported me, but I have to be accountable. No one is above the law and as someone who works for and aspires to devotedly represent the best of the people of Huntsville, I can’t make these types of mistakes. I know I am better than this.”

Melody’s mother Miss Van also defended Devyn.

In an Instagram post, she said, “I stand with City Councilman Devyn Keith. A servant to his beliefs, his community and his position. Upstanding, high valued and now will have a better understanding of the monumental phrase by the late John Lewis “Get in good trouble”. STAY WOKE PEOPLE. #ItWontWork #PowerfulTogether #TheStruggleContinues”

You can check out all of the screenshots in the videos below.


  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Martell is a menace. And he has no intentions of ever letting Melody move on in peace.

    1. Agreed and after all the BS he has done. The day she threw the glass at him she didn’t aim high enough, to pop him in his lying lips or split his head open. He was blaming her for her lack of deep throating him and stated that his Concubine pleaded him and he chose what he likes. The 1st thing people on this forum say is Melody is bitter!!! they can’t figure out why?

      1. That’s because the black community is overwhelmingly male identified and misogynistic. Those fans don’t take men like Martell seriously until they hurt and kill someone unfortunately. But the fact that you can see it clearly means your emotional intelligence is very high.

        1. “Mental Health Awareness/Self Awareness” is lacking in the character of Martel. However, out of the 5 elements of possessing a higher level of EQ/EI, Martel only displays to us only having 1! Of which is the personal skill of “Motivation”…. He is skilled and resilient in the space of worldly success! However, what he shows us on the screen and on social media platforms is that the other 4 important elements of securing higher EQ/EI levels are insufficient in his character.

          So, with that opposed to having the perceptual judgement of the man, we can offer some him “Empathy” (Another of the 5 important elements of high EQ/EI). “He knows NOT what he do”……. How can he? He has survived by the authority of his “Ego” for most of his life and that’s what the ego is designed to do! The help he needs to balance such is not going to come from the bashing of him, yet from a qualified Therapist! He needs help… Period!

      2. I agree the aim should have been higher; but jugular vein high…..just take him right out of his misery. I’m so sick of that slick d’ck head sucka! He needs to talk about those ATM’s that he & said family were stealing but everyone is mum. I would light his @$$ up and he would sit down!

      3. Xactly. His mother definitely co-signs just about everything he says about Melody. He runs to his mom and, of course, she’s gonna get involved.

      4. Isn’t it sad? And after what he was doing who would wanna do that to him anyways he should’ve just left her alone and stayed where he went to where he was happy -supposedly…

    2. Along time ago he should of treated. Melody like the queen she supposed to be but did Martel did that no he didn’t …through out their marriage he was very selfish n he was wrong for stepping outside of his marriage cheating on Melody

  2. Boy sit your tail down. She by Sheree handle your pathetic boy toy. Your womanizing antics have you top of the leader board. Whatever Mel does from here to the after life won’t compare to you making a whole baby.

    1. Because Martell made a side eye comment? They both take pot shots at each other. She overreacted about his COVID incident. He was right to tell the mother of his child he was possibly exposed. He was around his child. They both need to just stop posting or speaking on each other.

      1. Do you have the same IQ as Miss Wanda? You need to research Martell’s history of stalking. Women like you are useless.

  3. Martell needs to move on with his life. Melody needs to get a restraining order. This man is crazy and it’s not funny. I truly think he may hurt her if she remarries.

  4. Why is this piece of sh-t still bothering Melody? Martell has a fake girlfriend (Sheree) and a baby momma he still f-cks and sucks on as well as all the flings he collects in his Instagram DMs. So he shouldn’t give a f-ck about Melody’s dating life. I can’t stand this turd.

  5. Wait wait wait didn’t Martell go to jail as well for trying to steal a ATM back in the day when he worked as a CO are deputy so he needs to close his petty lips he’s mad at the wrong ppl he should be mad at himself he created the mess his life has become he’s not mentally well

  6. The BIBLE SAY LET THOSE WHO Have NEVER SIN CaST THE FIRST STONES we all make mistakes and I truly believe this was a mistake , I walk out the door with a bottle of hot sauce in my basket , this have happen to a lot of us just a earnest mistake. And those peoples who want him to resign is a bunch of dumba-s like they’ve never made mistakes in their lives. Don’t forget the Bible also said judge and you should be judge

  7. Did he lie?! Y’all acting like the man didn’t steal from Walmart?! He scanned everything else in his buggy except some headphones?! Hmmmmm ok let me or you do that! He’s a thief and Martel let it be known just as Mel would’ve done the same thing!

    1. Millions of people have accidentally forgotten to check something out. It’s very common and doesn’t make someone a thief. However, Martell is an actual thief and convicted criminal. Seeing how Melody has still never mentioned Martell’s criminal past despite how awful he treats her, no Melody would not have aired this man out. It’s weird you’re defending this. Martell and Melody have been divorced for two years. He has no right to harass her and the men she dates. What’s wrong with you?

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