GUHH Recap: Egypt and Tee Tee Mend Their Relationship + Eric is Locked Out

GUHH Season 7 Episode 6
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Tee Tee visits Pepa.

Tonight’s episode begins in Las Vegas. Tee Tee visits her aunt Pepa. It’s the first time this season. Pepa’s happy to see her because she’s going to have neck surgery. This surgery can affect her voice. Tee Tee’s also excited to see her aunt.

Of course, Egypt is a topic of their conversation. Pepa’s hopeful Egypt and Tee Tee can reconcile and repair their relationship. She hopes this happens so Tee Tee can advise Egypt regarding the pregnancy. Pepa acknowledges it’ll be how it was in the past for Egypt and Tee Tee.

These plans are going to be difficult to accomplish as Tee Tee isn’t sure if she’s interested in attending the wedding.

Sakoya is friend-zoned.

Meanwhile, in LA, Sakoya is working out with her cousin Devin. During their workout, Devin asks Sakoya if she’s going to be a part of Layzie Bone’s anniversary concert. He also tells Sakoya Tiny and Layzie Bone want Cree to help plan the event. As a result, Sakoya isn’t sure if she wants Layzie as her mentor, let alone wants to be involved in his event.

Ironically, Sakoya has growing feelings for Twist and feels hypocritical because she criticized her mom for dating a rapper. But she feels Twist is trustworthy and wants to be in a relationship.

Later on, Devin and Sakoya are out and Eric and Twist join them. When Twist arrives, he pulls Sakoya aside and tells Sakoya he’s keeping her as just a friend. He’s trying to win his ex-girlfriend back. While Sakoya’s happy for Twist, she’s not gonna wait for him.

Back in Nevada, Tee Tee took her aunt’s advice and is going to see Egypt. Egypt’s house is well over an hour away from Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Twist meets with his pastor for a talk. Twist speaks to Pastor Julian about his childhood and addiction to prescription drugs. Pastor Julian acknowledges this and tells Twist to forgive himself.

Eric gets locked out by Aaliyah.

Back in Vegas, Aaliyah’s getting fed up with Eric. She’s at home with the kids and Eric’s ignoring her calls. Eric’s at the casino and he missed dinner.

Eventually, Eric answers and their talk is short and tense. Aaliyah ends up falling asleep on the couch with Eric knocking on the door. Aaliyah won’t let him in. It’s almost sunrise and Eric’s ready to come inside. However, Aaliyah is mad.

After the incident, Eric visits his grandmother and uncle. He talks to them about the incident and why Aaliyah locked him out and asks for advice. Eric explains that his gambling shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s not affecting the finances and he does it when the kids are sleeping. However, Eric hears from his family that he may need to cut back to spend time with Aaliyah.

They also tell Eric his dad Eazy E did make time for all his kids and Eric needs to cut it out. Meanwhile, Twist is rehearsing with his band in front of Layzie Bone. But during the rehearsal, Layzie Bone gets a call that his mother passed away.

Egypt and Tee Tee mend their relationship.

Back in Las Vegas, Tee Tee makes it to Edypt’s new house. Egypt doesn’t give Tee Tee a full tour as she’s still preparing her home. After the brief tour, Egypt and Tee Tee sit down for a talk. Egypt tells Tee Tee that she and Shawn are invited to the wedding, even though Sean and Sam need to resolve issues they have. Tee Tee doesn’t think Shawn will go to the wedding.

Next, Tee Tee gives Egypt advice about being a mom and she hopes she understands the severity of Sam potentially getting locked up.

Overall, Egypt and Tee Tee appear to have their relationship on the mend.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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