GUHH Recap: Cree Takes on Tee Tee, Briana & Sakoya + Jojo Frustrates Tanice

GUHH Season 7 Episode 5 Recap
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On tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Briana has an idea to bring all of the GUHH ladies together in order to bond. However, the event turns into another back-and-forth between Cree and Briana, Sakoya, and Tee Tee. Aaliyah does her best to keep the peace.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah spills the beans to Tanice about Jojo putting in an offer on a home in the LA area. Luckily, Jojo revealed Tanice has been looking at buying a home in LA.

Next, Aaliyah gets advice from Tanice on how to handle Eric’s gambling.

Lastly, Sam reveals more details about his arrest. Apparently, he was caught with drugs and guns. He also talks about his goal of operating a snow cone food truck.

Here’s the recap for, “Secret, Snowcones, and Scuffles.”

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  1. Cree needs to realize you can’t say everything you think. Regardless, it’s not a right or a privilage it’s ignorant & tacky to boot. Trust she won’t like it when it’s done to her, she’s not as perfect as she thinks, nobody is. Grow up

  2. Briana can’t really fight and would have gotten her a-s whooped by Egypt if security wasn’t able to save her that day. The fact that she now has the audacity to call Cree unstable like she ain’t a whole alcoholic and drug addict on IG daily who curses out her own followers was hilarious. Briana thinks because now cast members are contractually obligated to film scenes with her that she fits in and can talk sh-t about Cree. But she is Cree. A true a-shole who speaks her mind unprompted. So what’s the issue when Cree does it?

    Sakoya is a delusional a-s brat who is disrespectful to her mother. For some reason she wants her mom to be better than her dad was when he’s been hoeing and doing drugs for over 30 years.

    Tee Tee is the most stank a-s person on the show. Sure, Sam may be…Sam. But imagine cutting your cousin out of your life because she didn’t make a decision you wanted her to. Tee Tee is a narcissist and I remember how much sh-t she used to talk about everyone else but now she wants to stand on the soapbox when Cree does it. Shut the f-ck up Tee Tee. You were Cree a few seasons ago.

    All in all, it’s annoying watching Sakoya, Tee Tee, and Briana look down on Cree for being rude and stank like that ain’t what they’ve all been since they’ve been on this platform. Where is Romeo?

    1. For a second, I thought I was in the twilight zone. I’m seeing so many comments dragging Cree and I’m like huh? How long have y’all been watching GUHH? Tee Tee and Briana especially behaved just like Cree for the majority of their time on the show. And Sakoya is very disrespectful to her mom but no one is calling her out for it because they hate Cree too much to admit she made valid points. JoJo was an awful husband. Tiny owes him nothing. She doesn’t have to wait for the divorce to be official to date when he was “dating” groupies when he was married.

    2. Thank you!!!!! Briana literally says whatever she wants to these people! But Cree can’t? Such BS and double standards!

    3. I think they’re doing too much with Cree as well. I don’t think she should have said what she said to Sakoya in that moment in front of the others, but she was right. Sakoya is being hypocritical and it’s weird that everyone else feels the same way but won’t tell her. Briana isn’t as real as she portrays herself to be. I think she plays big and bad because deep down inside, she’s a coward. Egypt exposed that.

  3. There are not many differences between Cree and Briana. At least Cree speaks her mind without being drunk in nearly every scene! Someone needed to tell Sakoya how stupid she sounded! I would never talk to my mother the way Sakoya talks to Tiny! I don’t like her!

    1. I don’t like Sakoya either. She treats her mother like trash but worships her father. She’s very male identified and lame.

  4. I really don’t like how they do the dark-skinned women on this show. They ran off Stevie J’s daughter and now they are ganging up on Cree. Sure, Cree doesn’t need to always give her opinions. But it’s hard to ignore how they let Briana do the same and much worse. It’s like it’s okay to be abrasive and opinionated unless you’re a dark-skinned woman. I may have to quit watching.

  5. I agree that Cree needs to learn how to keep her opinions to herself when she’s not asked. But I agree with what she said to Sakoya. You can’t tell your momma to “do things the right way” when you and your daddy didn’t. Mind your business. And stop being jealous of Layzie Bone crushing on her. Like d-mn, is Sakoya just mad he wants her momma and not her?! Y’all also told not one lie about how hypocritical Tee Tee and Briana are being. Especially Briana!

  6. I guess everyone can have an opinion and state it except Cree because Briana is much worse and I don’t know why she’s even on the show. Her dad married Mary and stole her money. That doesn’t make her growing up hip hop.

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