RHOP Reunion Recap: Candiace Calls out Gizelle + Mia Accuses Wendy of Hypocrisy

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” part 1 of the reunion features showdowns that weren’t exactly unexpected. Gizelle and Candiace exchange words over the accusations Gizelle made about Chris. Candiace feels like Gizelle crossed the line. And it was extremely upsetting that she accused him of groping Ashley’s friend. However, Gizelle says she wasn’t the only one who thought Chris did this because they all misheard Ashley. 

Apologies won’t make things better between Candiace and Gizelle. Gizelle apologizes for accusing Chris of trying to be a “sneaky link” with her. However, Candiace doesn’t accept the apology. And she feels Gizelle uses others to deflect from not being transparent about her life. 

Mia makes an interesting admission. According to her, she and Gordon have been pushed out of the family business. So money is tight. She also exchanges words with Wendy when doubts about her health scare are brought up.

Here’s a recap for, “Reunion Part 1.”

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  1. Candace was not having Giselle. It was to funny when all the women agreed the Giselle has used their husband’s for a storyline instead of talking about herself and her shrinking uterus. Giselle looks like a fish out of water when she’s caught and doesn’t know what to say.
    Ashley should have updated her prenuptial when it expired, because Michael just outlasted her.
    Mia got Wendy about making sure she was filmed in the hospital. Mia doesn’t know what she has or doesn’t have. Bernie Mack died from sarcoidosis. Mia’s business excuses made even less sense than her health excuses. Giselle said she thought Mia was being shady with company funds.
    So far better than I thought.

  2. Candace should be the last one talking about a dwindling uterus. Gizelle has 3 kids. She has been long done with kids. Candace needs to worry about HER own problematic uterus. And these ladies are all up in each others marriages, to single anyone else is hypocritical……

    1. I totally agree. How dare Candace have the audacity to talk about anyone’s uterus? She is the only one in the group that is childless and has to take fertility injections to get pregnant. I was so shocked that she insulted Gizelle that especially since she is having infertility issues.

  3. With Gizzy having white-like-karen based false reports, we definitely understand Candace frustration. Given the stain an accusation can have on Chris as a person and business man. You would think Gizelle would want to serve as a better example of womanhood to her beautiful growing daughters. But nah! She rather display how “smart” she is by getting that check by any means necessary. Well now there are no more husbands to go after, now what?

    1. Giselle still has Gordon. She has talked about Juan not to be level she has the others.I think Candace point was that Giselle actually had something going on in her life that she could have talked about and focused on. We all know Candace goes low in all her digs.

  4. Candiace is correct.

    Gizelle should have been REAL about her health problems instead of creating a false #MeToo rumor of Chris and Eddie.


  5. All gloves come off when someone accused your husband of do wrong and you know that person is using you for a storyline. Gizelle dwelling uterus wouldn’t been the only thing coming out the mouth her name wouldn’t been one

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