RHOP Reunion: Candiace & Chris Drag Gizelle + Mia Makes Messy Accusations About Wendy

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Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett fell out.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Candiace Dillard Bassett and Gizelle Bryant are no longer on good terms. Candiace takes issue with the accusations Gizelle made about Chris Bassett. Gizelle accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable. She said he asked if they could speak privately. He allegedly was drunk. And she didn’t like that she was speaking to a married man alone in her dressing room. She didn’t think that was a good look for her reputation.

The accusations didn’t stop there. Ashley Darby accused Chris of hitting on her friend at Karen Huger’s event. She even alleged that she heard that Chris allegedly hit on other women in their Instagram DMs. Gizelle later accused Chris of groping Ashley’s friend. She eventually said she “heard it wrong.”

Chris has denied the accusations. As for Candiace, she accused Gizelle of lying on Chris for a storyline. So she’s done with pursuing a friendship.

Chris Bassett is fed up with Gizelle Bryant.

Well, all of this and more comes up in the trailer for the reunion. Andy Cohen asks Gizelle, “You’ve made Michael, Eddie, Ray, and Chris Bassett a storyline.” Candiace later says, “You use this show to lie on people because you have nothing else going on.”

Gizelle is confused, “How did I lie on Chris?”

Meanwhile backstage, Chris tells Eddie Osefo, “I have smoke for everybody who wants it.” After he comes out on the stage, he tells Gizelle, “What did I do? I’ve suffered through this for 10 months! Losing clients, losing money, answering to my family!”

Andy asks Karen and Ray Huger about Blue Eyes, “There was a photo of Karen and this blue-eyed man. Who is Blue Eyes?”

Ray says, “Don’t need to go there.”

Karen is later asked about the accusations she made about Juan Dixon. She stands firm, “There’s no lie about that rumor about the girlfriend. And I have witnesses.”

However, the biggest accusation in the video comes from Mia Thornton. She accuses Wendy Osefo of hooking up with Peter Thomas.

“Let’s talk about my little receipt of you giving Peter the cookie.”

Wendy says, “You’re ******* for lobster.”

Interestingly enough, Mia’s former bestie Jacqueline Blake makes accusations about Mia, “You were never the CEO of your company. Your family business is all in a shambles.”

Ashley makes an interesting revelation about her divorce from Michael Darby. Andy asks, “What is the status of the prenup”

And Ashley answers, “It really just not did work out in my favor.”

Gizelle asks Ashley, “You can’t get alimony?” Wendy is in shock, “Dang, Ashley. Why you sign that?!”


  1. The thing that annoys me the most about Gizelle is how she’ll sit there and play dumb like she doesn’t know what they are talking about. She’s such a gaslighter.

    1. Gizelle is such a messy “old church lady”! She has a double standard for the people she likes and is hypocritical towards those she doesn’t. Her morale compass is questionable, if she even has one. She is critical of everyone except herself! She is a gaslighter but she will set herself ablaze soon. Being a bully gets you no where! she needs to open her bible with the dust on it and really read the word on how to treat people. Now that would be a good storyline!

  2. I wish Chris 8 mile Bassett & his WhoVille lookin wife would come for me … Gizelle should stand the heck up and read their sss like her life depended on it 🫡

    1. Why are you coming for Chris and Candiace? And why are you putting yourself in Gizelle’s shoes, are you a morally bankrupt liar like her too? Gizelle deserves to be read. She sat on that show and lied about Chris s-xually assaulting someone. That’s a crime.

    2. Gizzard Bryant is a classic bully and ain’t gonna stand up and do sh#t. Does just what a bully does when you confront him…nothing. With that stupid Pompidou Ivana Trump wig on her head at the Reunion and those bedazzled Dollar Tree glass stones not even glued on straight in some spaces look thick and hot like polyester! Go sit your hot box down. Just a miserable geriaTRICK.

  3. Giselle as usual can’t answer for her lies. Mia lies just to be interesting. Ray shutting down the Blue Eyes talk. Robyn looking stupid.

    1. Ray didn’t shut the conversation about Blue eyes down! He got angry and said he didn’t want to talk about it! That is not shutting it down, that is showing he had no answer to it! Show your receipts that you can provide it’s not true. Don’t just say I don’t want to talk about it!

      1. Umm, what are you going on about? The reunion hasn’t even aired yet. Not you coming to a firm conclusion about what Ray didn’t do when the episode hasn’t even aired. Settle down. Y’all are really trying to come for Karen like Robyn didn’t plot to avoid speaking on a particular issue completely this season. Have that smoke for her.

  4. unpopular opinion – I like Robin’s and Gizelle’s friendship, say what you want about them but they have each other’s back. Even Robin disagreeing with Gizelle about Chris was all part of their plan.

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