Mia Thornton Walks Back Messy Accusations About Karen Huger?

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Karen Huger addressed messy rumors at the RHOP reunion.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Karen Huger and Mia Thornton fell out while filming the current season. Things kicked off after Karen found out about some of the accusations made by Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Charrisse alleged that Karen has a drinking problem. And she allegedly hooked up with strangers in public restrooms. Gizelle Bryant made accusations as well. She alleged that Karen’s driver’s license was suspended due to alcoholism. So Ray Huger had to allegedly drive her around everywhere. Karen denied the accusations on her YouTube channel. In fact, she also alleged that Charrisse is the one with the drinking problem. Karen also denied that her license was ever suspended.

Interestingly enough, Karen was hit with even more accusations during the season finale. During a conversation, Mia told Karen that a man alleged that she had an affair with him. In a green screen interview, Karen said that Mia’s actions were the last straw. And there is no truth to what has been alleged.

This comes up again during Part 3 of the reunion. Andy Cohen has Charrisse join the stage to ask about those messy rumors she discussed regarding Karen. In the preview, Karen says, “These horrible things you said about me, not true at all, Charrisse. You’ve never seen me do anything like that.”

Karen Huger is ready to sue over accusations made by Mia Thornton.

Charrisse admits she was getting even, “And the reason that I said it was because you were spewing out all these things that people were telling you about me. I’ve never said anything about you until this season.”

Karen just feels like certain lines shouldn’t be crossed, “But I’ve never said one rumor about you being inappropriate s*xually because you have children. And I have heard many about you and I never have said it and never will I.”

Andy then asks Mia to address the accusations that she made about Karen. Mia responds, “So the person who allegedly was out of town with Karen was…yeah, they’re family. I don’t wanna incriminate someone.”

Karen didn’t back down though, “Well, Mia. I want his name, I want his phone number and I want you to give it to Andy because I’m gonna sue him. You don’t have to give it to me. Give it to Andy so he can call. I want Andy to call since he’s asking the questions, Andy.”

She continues, “None of this is true, Mia.”

Mia responds, “If you say it’s not true, it’s not true.”

Karen wants Mia to understand she went too far, “It’s not true but you can’t say rumors like that about me Mia, and then say, ‘Oh if you say it’s not true, it’s not true.'”

At the end of the clip, Wendy Osefo made an interesting observation about the group, “One thing about this group, everybody gets mad when there’s a rumor about them but they’re quick to say a rumor about somebody else.”


  1. This show has gone to h-ll in a poorly made handbasket. I can’t believe they’re talking about Karen in this manner. She’s due ALL THE RESPECT in the world. The green-eyed bandits are pitiful. I don’t care about their sad, tacky story lines, if that’s what you want to call them. Please replace them or I’m ditching this show. Karen, I’m sorry!!! I haven’t liked Candiace at all–she’s such a victim. However, she has matured and come up on her own. Cheers to her. Wendy better get off of there before Johns Hopkins fires her. Charrisse–oh well. She’s back WHY? Ashley is so silly, she’s almost humorous. No real story line there either. Glad the season is over and don’t care if they ever come back.

    1. LOL at “hel— in a POORLY MADE handbasket!”

      These women are dangerous with their lies. Karen has been very transparent and “what you see is what you get and what you serve is what you taste!!!” The church lady and mean deacon try to bully Karen into choosing sides. When Karen stood her ground in saying that both Mia and Wendy were wrong for escalating the fight to that dramatic close, she was correct.
      I am glad that Charrisse admitted that she lied. How foolish the other women should feel jumping on that busted bus to hell-oh!

      It appears that Charrisse, Gizelle, and Robin always hear the “word on street”…. Where were they when the word was in the hotel and the laundromat!???
      Robin and Gizelle need to spend more time with a stylist and learn how to dress. Both of them sitting there like old women jilted at the prom. Now I’m all for a messy bun but “hot mess” NOT… what was that on the top of church lady’s head…. The offering basket?!

      Further testament to take care of your own glass house with neon signs!

    2. You spoke nothing but the absolute truth. This show is pure trash. Giselle, Robyn, Ashley, Charrisse and definitely Trouble maker Candace….. all need to be FIRED. Mia shouldn’t have ever been allowed on this show. She’s the worst of them all

      Karen and Wendy need new cast members to join them on RHOP

  2. Some of these women have turned into the lowest housewives ever. Charisse the lonely linebacker, please just leave…fade back into the dust from wince you came. Ashley is just too simple and easy to make a fool out of by too many people,an airhead. Gizzard neck, ankles, Satan is just a sad human being, literally her life is just a figment of her imagination;theres no there there, just air. Robyn is everything Juan D. has called her to her face on the show…just a silly fool. Mia is a trashy liar. She lies just to hear herself speak. What is wrong with this desperate effin for lobster pole dancer?!! Show was enjoyable at first , but has gone down the toilet each season. ughhhhhhh

    1. I agree! She just wants be “in there” regardless if it’s in a pigs parlor or a shat on a dish! She lies and lies about her lies and lies about that. She clearly can’t keep up with them so stop!
      She makes a mockery of trying to be a empowered woman. She doesn’t uplift instead tears anyone down who she is intimidated by….(Wendy), including Karen who has been loyal to her.

  3. Knew Mia was lying 🤥. She couldn’t let Charisse be the source of Karen rumors, even though she hadn’t heard any of them before Charisse told them. I happen to believe that Charisse came with all those rumors to help keep attention from Robyn and Juan. The Bandits were trying to keep attention from Juan and his girlfriend, thus they brought back their “friend ” Charisse with a dozen and one Karen rumors.

  4. Charrisse and Mia are the types who will completely make up some sh-t about the people they don’t like. They bring the whole show down.

  5. See, more lies are being exposed yet again. Where are the Karen haters who were on here a few weeks ago swearing Mia and Charrisse were not lying on Karen? I tried to tell them that none of it made sense and sounded like lies but they wouldn’t hear it. This season is horrible. All anyone did was make up complete lies out of thin air, project, spread unsubstantiated gossip, and do their best not to show their real lives.

  6. Your so right. Robin has Gizzelle so far up her a-s she has become her,didn’t realise that’s how they clone people. Karen has all my respect & most of them need to find some respect for themselves & others. Mia(well Karma got her,hooray for Karma)

    1. @ Christine, that is the problem no respect for self or others. It is all about misdirection. If I 👉 to you and repeat what rumors about you no one who pay attention to me.
      Ashley is pretty but simple. She the friend who tells everything, so you tell her the rumors you repeated.

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