Mia Thornton Says She Assaulted Wendy Osefo Because of Alcohol and Stress

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Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton’s altercation has been discussed a lot on social media.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo became hot topics due to the drama that unfolded on the current season. While the ladies were in Miami for a girls’ trip planned by Mia, Peter Thomas was brought into the fold. He owns a BarONE in Miami. So Mia decided the girls should have dinner at Peter’s establishment. The issue is Peter doesn’t just have a history with Mia. He told Mia he was surprised to see Wendy there because their business deal didn’t pan out. And Peter placed the blame on Wendy. In fact, he told Mia that Wendy was holding everyone up from moving forward. As for Wendy, she became hesitant about the deal after having an honest conversation with Eddie Osefo.

Mia decided to confront Wendy after having her talk with Peter. And she rubbed Wendy the wrong way because she said that Wendy should have checked in with Peter once she touched down in Miami. Wendy felt like this was an absurd thing to say. She then said that she and Eddie don’t do things the way that Mia and Gordon Thornton do. So Mia took Wendy’s comment as shade, and she proceeded to throw her drink in Wendy’s direction. And later that same night, she assaulted Wendy with her purse as well.

It probably isn’t too surprising that the heated moment didn’t just stir cast members but fans, too. Many took to social media to call out Mia for her treatment of Wendy. They said Mia should have been able to fight back with her words. And they also took issue with Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon accusing Wendy of antagonizing Mia and running low on empathy for her.

Mia Thornton said stress and alcohol played a role in the drama.

Some fans even said that it just seemed like Mia, Robyn, and Gizelle didn’t see the seriousness of the altercation. And that’s a bit wild to see when the reaction to Monique Samuels’ attack on Candiace Dillard Bassett was handled much differently. Gizelle and Robyn even refused to continue to film scenes with Monique after things unfolded at the winery.

Well, Mia recently responded to some thoughts about the episode. In fact, she responded to a tweet from actress/singer and RHOP fan Christina Milian.

Christina expressed that she was uncomfortable watching the scene. She wrote, “Anyway, the girls must’ve been pretty tipsy. But I didn’t like the way they solo out Wendy like how she was being treated should’ve been swept under the rug.. had to get that off my chest.. lol back to watching the show..😭”

Mia then responded, “Sis, I was tipsy, tired and spread thin. I really didn’t care what dealings they had for real, as you can see no one cared past that night. It really wasn’t that serious. Literally told Wendy that day I love her and we need to get the kids together! It was a weak moment.”


  1. This show is getting more ridiculous and I can barely stand to watch it. Karen Huger is the only one with any class and sense. Those green-eyed bandits are jealous of anyone who is successful in their own right. They really have NO story line, and I do mean NOOOOOOO storyline. Robyn’s husband acts like he can’t stand her. Ashley is just as silly as ever. I commend Mia for her businesses, but she’s promiscuous and nobody to look up to. Plus she acts like an airhead. Wendy is embarrassing herself fooling around on this show. She has many degrees, is successful and should run before Johns Hopkins fires her. Candiace is right–the show needs to replace the vets (except for Karen). She doesn’t need the show and her husband doesn’t need the stress. The nerve of those women accusing him of even looking their way. Why is Charisse back? She has no storyline, dresses worse than Gizelle and her Spanx is always showing. Geez!!

  2. Now SHE KNOW!!!! because once she sobered up…days later she STILL iced Wendy out of their get togethers so she can save the lies cause I’m NOT buying it…..

  3. I think Mia is nothing but a bully. She thinks she better than everybody with that ugliest skin. I think Karen is the only one that shows class. Wendy you are too educated to be hanging around with those other ladies .Ypuu need to just hang with Karen and call it day.

  4. Mia was dead wrong and she act like she had a thing for peter. She was acting like a jealous girlfriend. Wendy knew something we didn’t know. Mia should be fired for starting a fight with mia.Robin and Gazelle was wrong for siding with mia.

  5. uhhhh mam, if evrybody on that show assaulted someone cause they were tipsy and stressed it would be like an episode of Jerry Springer. She can’t even get her lies straight about herself let alone about men who AINT looking her way!!

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