Mia Thornton Stands Firm on Messy Accusations About Former BFF

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Mia Thornton clashed with Wendy Osefo and a former best friend on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton is having yet another controversial season. She assaulted Wendy Osefo during the girls’ trip she planned. As we reported, Mia and the rest of the ladies went to Miami. And Peter Thomas told Mia that his business deal with Wendy didn’t work out. They were trying to open up a Nigerian lounge together. However, Eddie Osefo expressed that he didn’t think the timing was right for the venture.

Regardless, Peter also told Mia that he thought it was shady that Wendy didn’t hit him up to let him know that she was coming to town. Wendy said this was a ridiculous thing to even say, so the conversation between her and Mia went left quickly. Mia didn’t like that Wendy told her that she and Eddie Osefo don’t do things like Mia and Gordon Thornton. The dramatic night ended with Mia assaulting Wendy with her purse and drink.

Mia has since explained to RHOP fans that she thinks that things only unfolded the way they did because she had too much to drink and she was under a lot of stress at the time. Regardless, she and Wendy were able to hash things out during the recent episode. Mia apologized to Wendy for physically attacking her. And Wendy apologized to Mia for what she felt was her role in the drama of the night.

Interestingly enough, Mia hasn’t made any progress in repairing her friendship with Jacqueline Blake. Jacqueline said that Mia crossed the line by accusing her of sleeping with married men during an argument in front of the other ladies.

Mia Thornton doesn’t feel like she was being hypocritical.

Well, this was brought up during Mia’s recent “Watch What Happens Live” appearance. A fan of RHOP asked, “Why is it okay for you to sleep with Gordon when he was married but then call out Jacqueline for doing the same thing?”

Andy Cohen added, “Oh, we got this a lot for you.”

Mia denied that her intention was to call Jacqueline out with the allegations.

“So here’s the thing. It’s not necessarily that I was coming after her because she was sleeping with a married man, just don’t talk about me not getting any ***** at home when you are. She needs to worry about all her different ******* okay? And they just so happen to be married. Plural,” Mia said.


  1. I won’t pretend I didn’t notice that each time Mia and Jacqueline got into it, Jacqueline insulted Mia first. There was the time she got upset about Mia not allowing her kids to share the babysitter that Mia paid for. Jacqueline told Mia, the same woman who was put in the foster care system, that it takes a village to raise a child but she wouldn’t know about that. Then before the close your legs to married men from Mia, Jacqueline told Mia she wasn’t getting enough D at home. Jacqueline sucks as a friend too. She thinks Mia should pay for her entire life because her momma looked out for Mia when they were kids.

    1. Interesting perspective. Jacqueline has a strong sense of entitlement that disturbs my spirit. I also do agree that our friends are usually people who have similar beliefs and habits as us. This is why I’m going to just sit back and watch how things play out with Jacqueline. People may be rushing to defend her because of Mia’s awful behavior this season. But I’m not sure she is someone I want to support either.

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