RHOP Recap: Chris Calls Out Ashley + Mia Puts Karen on Blast with More Accusations

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On the season finale of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Karen takes issue with being the hot topic at Robyn’s bachelorette party. While she’s not happy with the accusations that were made by Gizelle and Charrisse, she’s more upset that Mia admitted to not defending her. And she can’t move on from knowing that Mia didn’t have her back. She really thought that they were in a good place. So some sense of loyalty was expected. And Mia doesn’t help things when she confronts Karen with more accusations. 

Candiace has another big moment in her career as she debuts her new music video. However, the drama doesn’t take any time off. Ashley attempts to confront Chris about his tweets. But Chris explains he’s not about to be worried about manners after he’s been accused of groping a woman. The conversation doesn’t go well, and Candiace now understands that it’s just not possible for her and Ashley to ever be friends. 

Here’s a recap of, “A Grande Finale.”

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  1. How Mia gone find out her “friends” knew Blue Eyes from a 5 to 6 year old rumor that she had never heard about until 3 or 4 days before?
    Ashley never knows when to shut up and sit down.

  2. Ashley was being a true piece of s#@t. To walk up on Cris at Candiiace moment. She’s such a dumb bunny piece of trash. Not cute at all..and Gizzard neck is sooo bitter saying she doesn’t remember the song when production asked her.if you look in the dictionary under salty bitter miserable heffas…picture of Gizzard Bryant. And can somebody,anybody text, tell or show the big linebacker Charisse that them Lil dresses she tryna wear look horrific on her.

    1. Hahahah I totally agree, she has gained some weigh and it shows and I don’t know who had the bright idea to bring her back. She has no life at all

  3. That WWHL Andy did with Roberto Dixon was nothing but a cushion fest. He didn’t ask any hard questions or comment that made her realuze a a d-mn thang was wrong with what she did on the Pee cast. Yes I meant pee.

  4. It’s sad and becoming real thirsty…. Charissa…. the only reason why she’s back on the show as a”Friend” is to attack Karen and it’s making herself look like a thrist queen….The only storyline she has is attacking Karen…. Misery loves company….And to be her age… she’s acting like a lil petty school girl….Go find yourself a man and leave other folk affairs alone….And Robyn.. Giselle… Ashley and Mia….just go away and find something else to do because attacking Karen ain’t working for y’all!!

    1. I agree with everything that you said! I didn’t know that there was actually someone that felt the exact same way I felt about Charisse to Ashley!!

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