Destiny Payton Isn’t Included in Promo for New Season of ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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LAMH fans have been speculating about Destiny Payton’s future on the show.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton was put in the hot seat during last season’s reunion. Kimmi Scott said that she has struggled to film scenes with Destiny. The complaint was Kimmi and others don’t feel like Destiny is open enough on the reality show. Kimmi said that this doesn’t make any sense. So in an attempt to help Destiny out, Kimmi asked her personal things so Destiny could share more of her life. However, Kimmi and LAMH producers noted that Destiny still didn’t meet expectations. Carlos King also chimed in. And he alleged that other producers have told him that Destiny is a hard cast member to work with.

Fans of the show have made similar complaints about Destiny on social media. In fact, some called her out at the height of her feud with Melody Shari. And they told Destiny that it just seemed as if she spent more time discussing Melody than her own life. In response, Destiny told these fans that she intended to share a lot more on the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, Carlos’ recent comments about his cast members resulted in speculation about Destiny’s future on the show. At the time, Carlos and others had a lot to say after Robyn Dixon’s scandal became a hot topic. And Carlos said that Kimmi’s breast cancer journey made him realize that it’s disrespectful to have cast members who aren’t willing to be as transparent. He pointed out how brave it is for Kimmi to share so much during such a difficult time in her life.

Destiny Payton wasn’t included in the latest LAMH promo.

Carlos also said that he respects the transparency of all the Scotts, and he believes that Melody and Martell’s decision to be open about their marriage woes is what made the show a massive success.

While Carlos was on his podcast and YouTube channel, he said that he’s moving differently now amid Kimmi’s situation. And certain people are no longer on his show because they weren’t willing to be real. This comes after Destiny has been accused of not sharing enough about her split from La’Berrick Williams. So LAMH fans began to suspect that Destiny may have been fired from the show.

Well, the speculation just got stronger. Hours ago, OWN released the promo for the upcoming season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Fans instantly noticed that Stormi Steele, Courtney Beasley Tiffany Whitlow, and Louis Whitlow were all included. However, Destiny was left out.

LAMH returns April 8 at 8/7 c on OWN.


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  1. I still don’t think she was fired. At most she was demoted. And that still doesn’t make sense. Destiny is too private for any reality show.

    1. This is true destiny is a to face woman when she learned that Mel didn’t talk about the money she gave her should have made it right but no she beat her down even more

  2. Great, if the show doesn’t change from drama with her gone, it can go as far as I am concerned. We don’t have to agree on everything and we can discuss things without arguing and throwing things. Please stop the bone carrying when someone is talking to you in confidence. This is for all of the women especially.

    1. That’s how I feel. They all need to stop talking about each other and focus on their own lives! Destiny needed to go two seasons ago!

      1. Thats REALITY tv the producers want them to discuss things that were mentioned in their absence to stir up DRAMA!!!! I use to say the same thing until I started noticing that all the shows do it.

  3. If it’s reality tv she probably doesn’t open at all rather it’s TV or not I liked Destiny on the show she had a moment with her divorce but y’all made it about Mel and Martel

    1. You right, the Mel and Martell fiasco was jacked up and it took away from the concept of black people coming together and making money moves. I liked that Destiny kept it classy and didn’t go back and forth on the show with the father of her baby. She did enough arguing on the show for me. I dislike that the Mel worshippers are dictating who should be on or off the show. I enjoyed the whole group but I was ff through a lot of the Mel and Martell mess it was too much. They acted as if they had no children and was very disrespectful to them. I just hope they will not be shamed by their peers for their mom and dad greed for a dollar. My opinion is I wish they kept it as classy as Destiny did. Not sure I want to watch if it’s more of the love and hip hop like last season it was awful and so was the reunion,

  4. I have all due respect for Destiny.
    I pray for success, for her and her baby boy
    And I don’t need to no about her past with her ex, THEY DID WHAT THEY DID, AND IT WASNT ANYBODY ELSE BUSINESS. GUESS that’s why she is not included, but it’s ok Destiny. Your beautiful inside and out..
    So let’s see what MESSY MEL IS UP TO
    AND those TWO Pokers..Martel n Marsu
    are up to..
    Blessing to Kimmie, much love to Tisha
    Tiffany hope your doing fine with baby, your hubby cool as hella.
    STORMI do your thing…
    Let the Messy show begin

  5. The fact that y’all can’t even discuss Destiny without discussing Melody is exactly why she should have been fired a long time ago. She can be private but that means she’s not a good fit for reality television. Now let’s just hope this next season is less draining. Less beefs please.

    1. Cassie I agree too much beefing going on and why all the drama I don’t need all that messy stuff for me to watch sick of seeing melody get a new story line already

      1. If you’re sick of seeing Melody, maybe stop watching the show and reading LAMH posts that aren’t about her and bring her up anyway. That’s the problem now. The fan base is full of people who hate the cast but hate watch and read blogs about it 24/7. Release yourselves. You’ll be happier for it.

  6. Here y’all go being negative in these comments. I am looking forward to the new season since all the negativity was addressed to the point of exhaustion at the reunion. I think Destiny was demoted. That is probably best so she can stay on the show but not share anything she doesn’t want to.

  7. I believe this show has strayed away from its initial intent (highlighting couples building businesses and making power moves). It has become VERY messy. Too much time on Mel & Martell’s divorce drama. Too much screen time for Ms. Wanda and Destiny’s hidden jealous for Mel. Everyone is concerned about Mel. She wasn’t at Martell’s wine release event and all they kept talking about was MEL not being there. I respect her “protecting her peace”. Get back to business. They (Maurice and Marsau) always talk about BLACK EXCELLENCE and the next clip is the buffoonery. I think I’m OVER this show.

  8. I love Destiny’s realness and will miss her. Melody is the devil as Tisha pointed out and just because she’s super messy doesn’t make her a star. It just makes Mel a mess!

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