Jennifer Williams Has More to Say About Malaysia Pargo’s Exit from ‘Basketball Wives’

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Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams’ peace didn’t last long.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams wasn’t sad to see Malaysia Pargo walk away from the show. Malaysia and Jennifer first had tension in past seasons. Jennifer wasn’t on good terms with Evelyn Lozada. Malaysia tried to continue to have a friendship with both women despite their fallout. However, Malaysia began to feel like Jennifer was just using her to get under Evelyn’s skin. So their friendship fizzled out. At the height of her rage, Malaysia threw a table at Jennifer. To no surprise, the moment was a very controversial one. And fans and other “Basketball Wives” cast members had a lot to say about the situation.

Although things got really bad between Jennifer and Malaysia, they were eventually able to get to a cordial place. But the friendliness ended while the ladies filmed the current season. Jennifer wasn’t happy to see Malaysia bring Zell Swag back around the group. In the past, he’s dragged Jennifer multiple times. So she suspects Malaysia only brings Zell around to do her dirty work.

Jennifer got even with Malaysia by alleging that she lost her Atlanta home due to foreclosure. The moment may have contributed to Malaysia’s decision to leave the show. At the beginning of the season, Malaysia revealed that she’s been really stressed out lately. And she alleged that her ex-husband Jannerro Pargo isn’t doing enough to help her out with the kids.

Jennifer Williams still has no regrets.

Considering Malaysia’s current personal situation, some “Basketball Wives” fans have been calling Jennifer out on social media. They have accused her of being insensitive. Well, some show fans do not feel like Jennifer is in the wrong at all.

In fact, one Twitter user wrote, “Now when @iamjennifer was going through it with all of them other ladies on the show, she took all that ****. So I ain’t mad at her for feeling some type of way about Malaysia 💯 #BasketballWives.”

After Jennifer spotted the tweet, she responded, “Period!!! We are on a reality show and if that’s your reality so be it… We all been in the hot seat or been thru challenging times…”


  1. I hate to see Malaysia go….but I’m glad she did cause she’s been the other women’s storyline for the past two seasons….now she’s gone and Jennifer STILL has her name in her mouth….I really can’t stand her and I see WHY Evelyn treated her like she did. Nn

    1. Yes so true Jennifer has NO storyline or the other woman that had a issue with Malaysia ok you not her friend anymore ok get your own storyline and stop using Malaysia name the shows needs new ladies

    2. I am riding your coattails on that statement! But she ain’t speaking on when her now ex husband threw that drink in her face or when Evelyn was was going to lay hands on her! You know everyone has their day, if not now it soon come!

  2. I just see it differently than Jennifer. Sometimes it’s not that people are running away from conflict. Malaysia is a pro at conflict. Sometimes people just realize they love themselves too much to stay in a situation that no longer suits them. Jennifer tolerated a lot like being slapped, a drink thrown in her face and a table flying at her head to stay on this show. She stuck around through all of that because that’s what she felt was best for her. Malaysia’s choice was refreshing and more reality stars should consider it. They can always return when they are in a better head space and when they feel the work environment isn’t so toxic.

    1. So true maybe in time she’ll come back keep yo head up queen peace get that back payment from his a-s amen.

  3. My thing is where was all that mouth, when Evelyn and Tammy was hot on Jennifer’s a-s? I use to root for Jennifer every season, but now she comes off as a bully. No worries her turn is gonna come around again. It’s called KARMA…

  4. If you dish it out and throw tables, you better be able to take it – and take ALL of it. ‘Cause when it comes around, there ain’t no ducking baby.

  5. Jennifer don’t realize that she’s just One breath away from losing it all, we still don’t know what’s up with this new guy of her’s on the show, Jennifer is so nasty now, I remember when her husband threw a drink in her face, Jennifer maybe high on the ladder today, but that same ladder can cause you to fall.

  6. Jennifer was very wrong for saying that to Malaysia, Jennifer is a bully, she always act like she knows everything about everyone. Jennifer your time is coming. Let’s not forget why Malaysia threw the table at her as&.

  7. Jen isn’t wrong. They never want bto hold Malaysia accountable for her wrong doing. She threw that table at her and there were no consequences for that horrible act. If Jen would have threw the table at her they cast fans would had a lot to say. Jen is finally standing up for herself. Malaysia was the mean girl, now none of the ladies like her and match her energy and she wants to tuck her tail between her legs and run like a little puppy. Bye Malaysia I won’t miss you, period.

      1. I agree. I honestly feel like Jennifer is more of a bully than they say Malaysia is. Jennifer may not like physically fighting but she’s far from nice. She was Evelyn’s parter in crime for a very long time. And she enjoys looking down on people as long as she’s on top of the mean girl chain. I didn’t like how she tried to shame Tami about using food stamps.

    1. She did suffer consequences she got sued,like a punk would do, Jennifer got what she deserves I personally don’t like her she thinks she better than the others as if she has more,and you shouldn’t wish bad on anyone your time will come, Malaysia will bounce back real quick so take a seat next to Jennifer and watch her work.

    2. Jennifer should have retaliated at that moment when Malaysia threw the chair at her a$$! It’s a lot that has been done and said since then, her throwing the chair don’t have nothing to do with what’s going on now. Jen was pissed cuz Maylasia hung the phone on her when she bang to talk sh!t against her once again! Since Tammie and Evelyn no longer on the show, Jen has built an alliance with the newbies she all of a sudden wanna reignite beef with Maylasia which is weak to me!

    3. Jennifer is a MEAN GIRL as well ….I remember how Jen and Evelyn use to BULLY Susie back in the day…Malaysia left before she end up in jail and Jennifer is NOT WORTH IT…

  8. I love Malaysia ….. Jennifer is a nasty individual… Malaysia threw a table at her cuz she lied on her and tried using her…. Jennifer caused the tension between them because there were friends… Jen your 40 + please grow tf up already 🙄😒

  9. Jennifer is so happy to have someone else in the hot seat. Be careful with the dirt girlfriend. Evelyn might do a pop up. Maylasia is a mother of 3 with no help from the father. Sad but real so, loosing a house is possible. Cutting low is not cute and that was low. Even for Jennifer.

  10. As I recall, Jennifer left the show for a little while too. If Malaysia choose to leave the show that’s her business. Jennifer is just desperate for a friend.

  11. Basketball wives is nothing now all the good people have left and Jackie is the only one left. The others don’t have a story line and Brook is fake from head to toe too much surgery done.

  12. These women are all crazy 🤪. Jackie is always in business that doesn’t pay her! Brandy is the loudmouth hood rat. Jennifer is a scary cat, but now that the bullies are gone she’s trying to be one! They’re all as fake as the weave they wear!!! Glad Malaysia is leaving because she seems to be the sane one..She has a lot going on and the drama this show brings wouldn’t be good for anyone in their right mind!!

  13. Jen is so wrong to me. I feel like Malaysia brought people around because she was bound from really sharing her life. Like you going through a divorce. You turn into a single mom with these kids and you have to go back to work. You can’t even talk about your personal life because your husband has hit you with a cease and desist. The group of girls was straight up like she don’t share anything with us and then when Jen finds out some information she’s quick to share it. Malaysia didn’t go and find a new man to take care of her she got her kids and carried her ass back to work. Going through such a tough situation and having it exposed like that, I know it’s reality tv but Malaysia got a lot to loose if she shows her ass on the show and the Husband would use that against her or watch closely to see if she was in violation of the cease and desist.

  14. It’s about time Jen stand up for herself like she said it’s a reality show if it’s your reality deal with it. Malaysia reality is hers if she choose to deal with it off the show it’s her choice.All of the ladies be messy at some point,key words being (reality show)

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