‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Calls Out Former Boo Jelani Harrison

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Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo’s feud has been a hot topic.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is having another controversial season on the show. As we reported, Jennifer is back on bad terms with Malaysia Pargo. She took issue with Malaysia bringing Zell Swag around despite their past shady exchanges. At this point, Jennifer just believes that Malaysia used Zell to be messy and to keep her own hands from getting dirty. However, Malaysia denied that this is what she intended. She feels like Jennifer just wanted to have issues with her again because the other ladies in the group aren’t fond of her either. In fact, Malaysia’s longtime friendship with Brandi Maxiell ended When she was fired from the show years ago. Malaysia said that Brandi was very upset about how things unfolded. And Malaysia suspects that Brandi thinks there was more Malaysia could have done to save her job.

As we reported, Jennifer’s decision to allege that Malaysia lost her Atlanta home due to foreclosure may be one of the reasons why Malaysia decided to end her time on the show despite a 10-year journey.

Interestingly enough, Jennifer has been highlighting other interesting areas of her personal life on the current season of “Basketball Wives.” In fact, she shared a lot about her love life. And she began dating Jelani Harrison, a man she met through Brooke.

Jennifer Williams has moved on from Jelani Harrison.

On a recent episode, Jennifer even met Jelani’s parents. She said things were going so well between them that she was falling in love. Many fans were happy to see Jennifer in a fulfilling romance considering they watched her marriage fall apart on the platform years ago.

Well, Jennifer and Jelani are no longer together. This was confirmed on social media after Jennifer was spotted with a new boo. Apparently, Jelani saw the posts. And people suspected that he responded in an Instagram story in which he only wrote, “WOW 💔.”

Jennifer was not here for Jelani’s Instagram Story. In response, she wrote, “This madness has to stop. I have not seen that man since July 2022. We been broke up for 9 months!!”

You can check out Jennifer’s alleged new boo here.


    1. All true, I’m from LA and know his parents they been not together good for him didging that Bullet, You suppose to high esteem of yourself but she seems so stuck-up…She has a lot of energy now bit didn’t have it for Evelyn or Tami

      1. I love your response Jennifer is a fake want to be non factor. Who can’t seems to keep a man. Nobody stays with her so it’s got to be something about her. And why she thinking she ran Malaysha off the show. She already know that woman will drag her, hell she threw a whole damn table at her on one of those seasons. She really don’t want them problems trying to play big with Tami and Evelyn dogged her out. Man I can go on and on about this nobody.

        1. HATERS!
          I like Jennifer. She’s beautiful and intelligent. She is not the only one who can’t keep a man. Don’t make me start naming them starting with ‘E.’ You know who she is.
          Also, she’s way, way way richer than the other girls on the show!

      1. Jennifer needs to be removed from the show because she is serving no purpose. She is always trying to find a way to get money. She does not know to dress and she gains some balls in the reunion but the truth is she is a nobody and she can’t keep a man because they find out how she is which is a gold digger. When she can’t have her way then she wants to get attorneys involve so she can get money. Jennifer is pathetic, has no morals, and is clownish. Motel 6 is too good for Jennifer to stay in but an alley is the perfect spot for Jennifer.

  1. Chile maybe the breakup was bad. I did think they looked good together. This new guy is handsome too.

  2. We all know Jennifer can keep a man to save her life.. maybe he was too nice she like to get drinks thrown in her face,car stolen and a MURDER type of men.ijs

    1. Looks are deceiving. Looks is not always everything, not to mention sometimes people act different on TV vs in person.

  3. Jennifer and Sheree should compare notes on how to get the worst of the worst and not appreciate the best of the best. Of course, you have to be the best to get and keep the best of the best. Both their attitudes are bad and depict the gold digging blood suckers they really are.

  4. Has she made any comment about her ex Tim Norman being sentenced to prison for life on charge of him hiring someone to kill his cousin?

    1. Yea..she posted a short msg saying “guess ya’ll believe me now” smh if she gives off superior/egotistical Vibes, always a victim never does any wrong.
      I hope Malaysia returns. This show is a hot mess, glad Jackie’s finally getting her credit & status she def put in the time/work. Most ladies are too obnoxious

      1. I hope Malaysia come back too, Jen needs to go and also Brandi that attitude of hers is terrible. Now Jennifer knows she can’t get down knowing Jackie not no joke and Malaysia don’t play either. Bring Malaysia back and dismiss Jen ,I was really surprised to see her anyway seems like they brought back the rejects.

  5. As mothers these women should set a better example for children. This argument is petty as he!!. All they have to do is go alphabetical. There is no headliners with equally popular groups.
    I bet it was alphabetical and Kandi saw SWV name first and she got into her feelings thinking that looked like SWV was headlining. If look at TV series “Saturday Night Live” the cast are listed alphabetically. As a result the cast member who has the most years on the series and who is probably the most well-known due to a previous series and a movie, Kenan Thompson, is further down the list than newer cast members. So what?

  6. I remember when they said Jennifer breathe was stink 🤢🤮😷. I wonder if it still does and they not telling her. Her mouth seems tight when she talks and it still looks like her breathe smells.

  7. I liked Jennifer for a while and felt bad for her when Tami Roman went after her and again when most of the ladies were against her but she was low to try to embarrass Maylasia with the reveal of the loss of her home. BTW this will be my last season watching BBW.

  8. I knew it wasn’t going to last.
    Jennifer wants someone that’s going to low-key match her.
    Jelani scared her by meeting his parents and them grilling her. That man is ready to settle down yesterday. I believe Jennifer just played with him.

  9. I knew this wasn’t going to last. They did look good together physically but, Jelani too me comes of more street/layed back vs Jennifer, high end, bougee chick. The first date on the show they had, when Jennifer made the comment, she doesn’t cook, but she makes good reservations should have made Jelani realize they are two different people.
    I think Jelani was only ready to settle down at that point, was because of who Jennifer is. They had not been together long enough for Jelani to make a sound decision nor Jennifer a sound decision to be in a committed relationship. Jelani I feel absolutely rushed into trying to be Jennifer #1 in hopes what I believe he believed would have been his meal ticket. During Jennifers’s hair show in LA, I understood the scene as Jelani voluntarily inviting his parents to Jennifers hair show, vs asking Jennifer herself, if it would be OK to invite his parents, seeing that Jennifer was only inviting certain people to her hair show. Yea, I feel Jelani was definitely rushing into trying to be in a relationship with Jennifer and Jennifer was just going with the flow.

    I think Jennifer should have waited on meeting the parents, being that she was not sure herself, if she wanted to be in a committed relationship with Jelani.

  10. I can’t stand Jennifer she make my flesh crawl. She has f!!!k up figure. Jennifer is not pretty and has a bad altitude. Any way no one wants her.😤👽👹

    1. 😂😂😂I thought I was just one of the few people who thought the same thing about Jennifer not being pretty like that and having a manly figure! Jennifer wears waaay to much make up! I find her average looking, but she kills it with her dressing style! I will give her that much credit! Natural and or minimal make up is always best too me, because at least you have an idea what a person looks like naturally, vs covered up like a clown. On the scene where Jelani pops up and meets Jennfier at her hotel room, you can see the make up she left on his shirt after she hugged him. 🤨🤨Having a f*cked-up attitude, being built like a man and gotta wear a lot of make up..She is no prize all the way around. It is not always about money.

  11. Jennifer thinks she is all that nope she can’t keep a man also this one she have now won’t last I wish the get rid of Brandi she is a fake friend she fights with all her friend’s Basketball wives need to clean house and just keep Jackie, Duffy, Malaysia, Angel, and get new wives.

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