Tamika Scott Accuses LaTocha Scott of Stealing Her Money + Kandi Burruss Spills the Tea

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Kandi Burruss warned fans there would be lots of drama on the new SWV and Xscape reality show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is no stranger to controversial feuds on the show. In fact, her fallout with Marlo Hampton wasn’t something she saw coming during Marlo’s first run as a peach holder. Kandi even said that it bothered her a lot because she was one of Marlo’s biggest advocates when it comes to her journey to becoming a full-time cast member. Regardless, Marlo didn’t feel like she owed Kandi any loyalty. And she told Carlos King that she only made the moves she did because she felt like Kandi had been “coasting” on RHOA for way too long. Kandi disagrees and she strongly believes Marlo flipped on her for a storyline.

Interestingly enough, RHOA drama isn’t the only thing Kandi is having to deal with these days. She’s also been dealing with a lot of issues as a member of Xscape. Longtime fans are fully aware that they have struggled to get along over the years. In fact, Kandi and LaTocha Scott clashed over their solo careers. However, it’s LaTocha’s feud with her sister Tamika Scott that has everyone talking right now on social media.

Xscape and SWV have a new show on Bravo entitled “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.” The premise of the show is to show the lives of all the women as they attempt to tour together. However, LaTocha has some reservations. And her relationship with Tamika is worsening.

Tamika Scott made controversial accusations about LaTocha Scott.

On a recent episode, Tamika made some shocking accusations. She accused LaTocha and her husband Rocky Bivens of stealing money from her. And she made the accusation during the family sitdown their mother called for.

Tamika was emotionally distraught while LaTocha and their mother denied that her money was stolen. However, Tamika accused their mother of knowing that this allegedly happened. And she accused their mother of always siding with LaTocha when they have disagreements.


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Tamika later had a conversation with Taj (Tamera George). She became emotional again. And she said that she’s defended LaTocha her whole life. But she only did so because it just seemed like that was the only way to receive their mother’s love.


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Tamika has since apologized to Kandi and Tiny Harris for what she feels was blindly supporting LaTocha all this time. She also accused LaTocha of stealing her masters.

Kandi Burruss broke down the accusations.

LaTocha has denied that she and Rocky stole Tamika’s money. Interestingly enough, Tamika isn’t the only one who is addressing the accusations. Kandi discussed it on Twitter.

It started after a Twitter user expressed their confusion about how the money could have been stolen. They wrote, “I’m tryna figure out how someone can cash a check in someone else’s name? Was it some type of joint account? And if so, why wasn’t she told about the check?”

In response, Kandi tweeted, “By forging that person’s name on the back….. I explain it on #SpeakOnIt.”

And that Kandi did. While discussing the accusation on “Speak On It,” Kandi said, “So this incident took place before me and Tamika Scott made up. So this was before our first reality show, Xscape Still Kickin It, this ‘thievery’ that she’s talking about.”

She continued, “So allegedly, this was what allegedly happened. There was a union or a company called Sound Exchange that developed in the 2000s that is for the benefit of helping artists get royalties Airplay and stuff like that…”

Kandi explained that Tiny’s mother signed up all the group members for a service being offered by a company named Sound Exchange. This company helps recording artists collect royalties they didn’t even know they were entitled to. And Tamika alleged that her check was sent to the wrong address and her signature was forged.

“I was told that allegedly someone, I don’t wanna say no names, had Tamika’s check going to their address. And that allegedly they were signing Tamika’s name on the check and depositing the check.”


  1. All this show did for me was confirm that LaTocha was the group’s problem the whole time. And their mother is the root of all Tamika and LaTocha’s issues with each other. It’s so sad when parents divide their children like this. Favoritism is never okay.

    1. I totally agree. My heart goes out to Tamika.the biggest devils are disguised in the church.Latocha must’ve took notes from her mother. Her *** surely ignored the heck out of her sister at the first meeting the 2 groups had together, but in front of their mother she wanted to act like it was all love. Gtfohwtbs . Than the mother going to whisper to Tocha some bs when Tamika was pouring her heart out. Ridiculous. I swear every mother isn’t a mother or have a mothering spirit

    2. I came to the same conclusion! It certainly makes you look at her differently. Especially concerning the latest gossip of her saying she was being excluded, etc. I feel so sorry for Tamika because her Mother has serious issues. I wonder if it has to do with their father. Maybe she has parts of his personality. However that is NOT an excuse.

  2. The checks can be tracked. Whoever cashed them I would send to jail. Family included. Even the rich and famous are messy

    1. When Tamika asked her if she wanna go to jail, she gave a shocked looked and looked at mom for help! Too guilty! And yes, they are very messy

  3. Latocha really tried to make everybody think that Kandi broke the group up when she has been the problem the whole time. Wow!

  4. The situation is really bad., the mom should be ashamed of herself., she has two talented daughters that don’t need her friendship right now they need a mom to be fair to both her daughters., if these allegations are true she needs to have the oldest daughter to pay Tamika back her money and try to repair what’s left of their family dynamic., the children are seeing all this play out., it’s going to affect the whole family not just the two sisters. IMO seeing the show the oldest sister seems jealous of her sister. We need to see some counseling amongst this group for sure.

  5. I love both groups, I’am very much seasoned (a senior) so ladies get it together and go on tour make that money, I totally get it she is pissed with her sister, settle that crap on your own time you guys are making everybody else pay. As a group you owe them a chance to make some money. People want to see all of you do this together. If you can’t let it go pray ask God to remove all this hatred over the root of all evil $$$$$ the Bible surely speaks on it. At the end of the day your Mother is your Mother leave her out of it no matter how you feel or think she, had both of you you guys are hurting her. You only get one of her when she gone she is gone to late for I’m sorry. Please let’s get the sho on the road. I hope they get to see these comments.

  6. There’s always three sides to a story! The truth lies somewhere in between and none of us will ever know what the true story is unless we were that fly on the wall. I wish all these young ladies much success and hopefully they can forgive and move on.

  7. The mother has a problem. She should have just shut the argument down instead of taking sides. Now, if Tamika decide to press charges because her sister stole from her she wouldn’t be wrong. And the mother should understand that or she should pay the money back. The mother is a sad individual.

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