LaTocha Scott Calls out Tamika Scott + Denies Being Their Mother’s Favorite Child

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Tamika Scott accused LaTocha Scott of stealing her money.

Xscape fans have a lot to say about the group’s latest reality show, “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.” The show is currently highlighting that the group is still dealing with issues. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has been open about her issues with LaTocha Scott over the years. She admitted that they have clashed since day one. But the biggest issue Kandi has is she doesn’t like that LaTocha has seemingly blamed her for some hiccups she experienced when she attempted to have a solo career. As for Kandi, she has denied having anything to do with LaTocha’s solo career not shaping up the way she’d like. And she thinks that LaTocha needs to have that conversation with Jermaine Dupri.

Interestingly enough, Kandi and LaTocha’s feud isn’t the only hot topic when it comes to the Xscape drama. LaTocha is no longer on good terms with her sister Tamika Scott. And on the show, Tamika made some very controversial accusations. In fact, she accused LaTocha of stealing around $30,000 of her royalties. While Tamika didn’t break down the allegations on the show, Kandi did on her YouTube channel.

Kandi Burruss broke down the background history of the accusations.

She alleged that Tiny Harris‘ mother signed all the group members up for a service that helps artists collect unpaid royalties. And someone allegedly had it so Tamika’s checks were sent to an address that wasn’t hers. While Kandi didn’t confirm the location of where these checks were allegedly sent, fans are assuming that Tamika is alleging that her checks were sent to LaTocha’s address. And LaTocha was allegedly cashing them.

To no surprise, the situation has resulted in some very passionate conversations on social media. LaTocha and Tamika’s mother has been receiving backlash. Some fans appear to agree with Tamika’s belief that their mother is playing favorites. And LaTocha is who they feel is the favorite.

LaTocha has denied stealing Tamika’s money. But she had a lot more to say during a recent interview with Atlanta radio station, V-103. She stopped by “The Big Tigger Morning Show.” And she opened up to Big Tigger and Shamea Morton about all of the drama.

LaTocha Scott is hurt by the backlash that resulted from accusations made by Tamika Scott.

She became emotional as she addressed the backlash their mother has been receiving on social media, “It’s very hurtful even now to see my mother being dragged…I’m talking about literally being dragged.”

On the accusations made by Tamika, LaTocha said, “Now that is not true. I would never steal from my sister. And it’s questionable because keep in mind all this time we have been doing shows. We have sold out tours. So if anything would have happened, why didn’t you come…I’m your sister, and I’m just now hearing it on a testimonial. Never heard anything like this. Never heard anything like this. So what is this.”

LaTocha continued, “And I’m being attacked every day. So I get it. It’s the tricks of TV. It’s a monster out there.”

When she was asked if she thinks that she is the favorite, LaTocha said no, “No. I do not.”

She went on to say that the dramatic scene she had with Tamika and their mother left some parts out.

“It was so many other things that were said that was so much disrespect. My sister said so many different things. And when it comes to my family, Tigger, you know I don’t put my family business in the street. That’s something that we talk about behind closed doors. My mother’s always taught us that. That’s the bond that you have. If we wanna shake the tables at home, we shake the tables at home. If we wanna fuss and fight, that’s what we do. But when we come outside those doors, it’s love. And we just didn’t get to that part. We just never got to show the love that we actually have.”

LaTocha added, “And my mother does not show favoritism. But does she get on the both of us? Yes. If you noticed in that scene, my mom was like, ‘Hey, I don’t care what nobody says. Y’all…'”

LaTocha also accused Tamika of talking back to their mother regularly, “She was talking to both of us. But you know, that’s my little sister at the end of the day. She’s always been that one to talk back and do certain things. So this is not nothing new to us. But the way our dynamics are, you guys don’t understand my mother is the one to put her foot down. She says what it is. And we get through it. But now we’ve never had these problems. We’ve never had any problems like this. Not to this extent.


  1. Their mother literally sat in that scene and said that Tamika is jealous of LaTocha. That is direct proof of there being a favoritism issue.

    1. I guess Tocha forgot we saw her mom in action. I really can’t look at her the same anymore. No one is lying on her, the momma, and that husband of hers.

    2. The mama also said maybe she needed the money more than you did have you thought about that so to hear her say that she knew Latocha and her husband took the money she probably didn’t mean to say it but she did.

      1. Agree that was a slip up pretty sure. It should not matter how much she needed the money if it was not hers to have. A real and honest mom , would not agree with one sibling taken from the other.

    3. This the comment I was looking for! I was flabbergasted when she mouthed that behind Tamikas back! That Moma is a cold piece of work

      1. I know about that life……….real talk. That why I don’t have favorites when it comes to my kids. Exactly like my very own mother.

  2. I think that scene triggered a lot of people because it’s a familiar family dynamic for a lot of people. Parents have no idea how much favoritism hurts their kids. Mothers like this need to do better.

  3. I saw the mother clearly taking sides in the latest episode. Did anyone else see LaTosha put her hand on her mother’s shoulder when they were speaking to Tamika. I tend to believe Tameka when she said that they stole her money. No child would be that upset over nothing.

  4. This is very cringe! Two beautiful sisters going at it! So sad!! All of this boils down to one thing: LaTocha has the better singing voice – always has. And her sister just can’t cope with it. Deal girl!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Girl, that’s her problem. People talking about she has a better voice and she doesn’t. That’s why she mad. She thought her voice was gonna blow her up but she got a bad attitude. Thats why she stuck.Tamika has always sounded better, tocha just had more leads than her.Aint nobody jealous of that girl who can’t speak unless her husband tells her what to say

  5. Stevie Wonder can see Latocha is the moms favorite…also to see a mother say to one child that another is jealous showed us that the mother plays a BIG part in the sisters not getting along…

  6. That last comment was interesting? Did you watch the show or are you LaTocha? The real jealousy is of Kandi from Rocky and Co. I’ll bet money they come back broke/begging, once that side baby steps in?

  7. That’s silky. I’m mad because you sing better not you stealing from me? The mother proved who she was and I would have been kicked both of them to the curb.

  8. If she didn’t steal the money, why did mom say I can’t believe you would bring that up here and why so they have to cut the cameras off and leave her house? Their faces in that moment were shocked and in disbelief. Tocha’s face looked like ma, shut her up. Tocha needs to grow up bc weft grown woman doesn’t know your to put personal issues aside to go to work and make money. Personal issues should be left outside. That’s why she can’t grow bc he nasty disposition and sense of entitlement is holding her back. She’s nasty and wants to sing gospel. I got that works out. If we look at Kandi’s and Tiny’s life they have prospered well and STILL prospering. So watch how Tamika’s l life began to flourish just as theirs. It can be in that way now, idk bc I don’t know her personally. Kandi also said her deal was with Columbia and Tocha’s was with So So Def, but she wants to blame Kandi. Girl, grow up and take accountability for your actions. And go deal with your trauma from the past and your insecurities.

  9. You all are crazy not to believe things were not cut out for rating. I don’t think her mother has a favorite. A mother knows how to deal with their children according to their reactions. You all let Tv pull all the honor, respect, and loyalty out of black homes by allowing them to portray black families negatively. LaTocha, only children of God would understand why you respond as you do. It’s all about the money and clout with Kandi, and It has always been portrayed like that on TV with her and her mom. I will pray for LaTocha, Tamika, and the Scott family.

    1. A lot of black families are toxic and this includes black mothers and fathers. We don’t have to keep that a secret because people like you and LaTocha think public image matters more than peace and an actual healthy family dynamic. If you don’t see how their mother is the problem, you just don’t want to. Calling Tamika jealous is not good parenting. That is a clear symptom of favoritism.

  10. Favoritism accusation is petty. This happens all the time in families and you find confidence in yourself to succeed. That being said, the important thing here is to find out “who cashed those checks!” Can they not go to the bank and get a photocopy of the checks to see whose signature is on it? I think they’re stretching this for clicks …

    1. I think the point is that favoritism should not happen in families! It’s not right! Maybe LaTocha wouldn’t have been so bold to steal her sister’s money if their mom didn’t teach her to think the world revolves around her!

  11. Watching this on tv doesn’t give me all the answers going on then or now in this family because television can’t show everything that has happen in past or future ..the momma said tamika being jealous doesn’t indicate favoritism to me because sometimes siblings can be jealous of one another for all sorts of reason ..what I pray 🙏🏾 for this family is healing and deliverance from this messy situation and that their love will prevail

    1. What does Tamika need to be jealous of LaTocha for? LaTocha’s solo career flopped and she’s in the same financial position as Tamika. They were talking about LaTocha stealing Tamika’s money at the time the mother said she was jealous. Not only was that false but it was irrelevant to the conversation at hand. Calling one child jealous while they are talking about a legitimate issue is far from good mothering Terri! I would never call my babies jealous!

  12. I am so thankful for my parents. So a lot of stuff black people defend, I have enough understanding to know better. My mother has never called me or my sibling jealous. She has enough sense to realize that doing so only pits one child against the other for the rest of their lives. On a totally separate show (LAMH), Wanda did the same thing to her daughter LaTisha and her niece Keke. It screwed both of them up and even continues to do so in adulthood. LaTisha and Keke both have low self-esteem because of that favoritism and constant comparisons. Y’all really be out here screwing your own children up. LaTocha and Tamika’s mother is just another so-called Christian who destroys their families and communities but will tell you that they pray the evil away. Honey, you are the evil. Black people love toxicity so much some of you are defending it in these comments.

  13. A lot of dysfunctional people like to hide behind Christianity and Jesus and I see right through them. I was clear on who LaTocha and their mother were one episode in. LaTocha clearly has always been the favorite, which is why the momma thinks any valid criticism Tamika has comes from jealousy. She also prioritizes LaTocha’s feelings and needs over Tamika’s, which is why she told Tamika that LaTocha may have needed the money she stole. Nevermind that Tamika needed it more because she was pregnant at the time and had a daughter to help in college. Their mother doesn’t fool me at all. That Jesus talk doesn’t move me either when the actions don’t match the religion.

  14. that mother is toxic as h-ll and it is All in the name of God. I feel for Tamika, LaToscha is a sneaky link. I’m team move on without LaToscha. She can sing but some things won’t work without the group.

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