SWV Star Coko Checks Kandi Burruss

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Kandi Burruss isn’t the only one having drama in Xscape.

Kandi Burruss said fans should anticipate a lot of drama on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But she also said that a lot of drama occurred while filming her new reality show with Xscape and SWV. “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B” is currently airing on Bravo. The show is just a couple of episodes in but it’s already managed to become a hot topic on social media. This is due to Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott’s fallout. The sisters aren’t in a good place for a number of reasons. However, things really went left after Tamika accused LaTocha of stealing her money.

Interestingly enough, LaTocha also isn’t in a good space with Kandi. In fact, they have clashed for years.

Well, the drama continues on the upcoming episode of “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.” In fact, people already have a lot to say about the preview.

Kandi Burruss’ comments didn’t sit well with SWV.

Xscape and SWV are having a meeting in the clip to discuss their show. And when it comes to billing, Kandi says that Xscape wants to be at the top.

“I mean I hear what you’re saying but at the same, our group, we feel like we want to still have top billing on our tour.”

This was confusing to Tamara “Taj” George, so she asks Kandi, “On your tour?” Kandi then clarifies that they also want the top billing on any tour they are on as well.

In response, Cheryl “Coko” Gamble. says, “We gon pass.”

Taj isn’t having it, “This one, this show, we should co-headline.”

Coko clapped back.

As for Coko, she clapped back at Kandi in a green screen interview, “Girl, do you know who you’re talking to? This is SWV. We sold how many records compared to your 7 million? Girl bye!”

Lee Lee steps in to remind everyone that the show was supposed to be about a celebration and not egos.

“It’s not about egos, it’s not about my tour, your tour. It’s a celebration of all of us together.”

After Coko asks Kandi if they just don’t want to co-headline the show, Kandi answers, “I mean that wasn’t really what we were thinking about doing. And this isn’t about having anything to do with you guys personally. Don’t get me wrong. No disrespect to y’all. We love y’all music and we respect y’all. But realistically, we have been headlining our shows…”

Taj completed Kandi’s sentence, “…since you came back as a group.” Kandi says, “Right.”

In a green screen interview, Tiny Harris backs up Kandi’s stance, “SWV has major hits. But do they have the fan base or the following that we have? No. People watch me, Kandi, on TV doing our thing. Then they find out, ‘Oh, these girls can sing? So that fan base is millions and millions and millions of followers more.”

However, back at the meeting, Taj makes it clear that co-headlining is the best plan.

“That’s fine. And what I’m saying is this is one night. When y’all do your tour, headline all day. But for this one night, we need to co-headline.”


  1. This really wasn’t a good look for Kandi and Tiny. SWV is actually one of the best selling girl groups of all time. Them still wanting to co headline with Xscape is the kind of humility Kandi and Tiny should have. Xscape could have been a bigger group than they were but their egos prevented that.

    1. They should co-headline just like the title for the reality show. Just seeing the clips I don’t think I can watch. I don’t want to see fighting. Instead of arguing they could be rehearsing.

      1. Queen said SWV is ONE of the best selling girl groups of all time. They are. TLC is as well. And I think the Spice Girls are number one on that list.

    2. SWV wasn’t really much bigger than Xscape. They had one song “Weak” that really made their first album more successful (3x Platinum), but albums after that were 1x platinum, Gold and then nothing. All 3 Xscape albums were 1x platinum. There chart entries on Billboard are comparable also.

      1. Please stop. I understand y’all like Kandi but SWV is a much bigger group than Xscape. SWV sold 30 million records vs Xscape’s 9 million. SWV has over 3 million Spotify monthly listeners vs Xscape’s 800,000. Xscape couldn’t even make Billboard’s best selling R&B groups list but SWV made the top 5. This is why I’m done with Kandi. Her arrogance, greed, and delusions made people like you think it’s okay to disrespect SWV. They paved the way for Xscape and here you are downplaying them because you believe Kandi and Don Juan’s nonsense. Disgusting.

      2. You are so uncultured.

        Top selling girl groups of all time (worldwide, all music genres)

        1. Spice Girls
        2. The Supremes
        3. The Andrews Sisters
        4. 2NE1
        5. TLC
        6. AKB48
        7.Destiny’s Child
        8. Little Mix
        9. The Pussycat Dolls
        10. Twice
        12. Bananarama
        13. The Pointer Sisters
        14. Fifth Harmony
        15. The Nolans
        16. SWV
        17. Morning Musume
        18. En Vogue

        Go to Billboard and read it for yourself. Xscape is nowhere on that list boo. You tried it.

        1. There’s the list I was referring to in my original comment. SWV is legendary. The disrespect Kandi and Tiny opened up the gate for says a lot about who they really are as people. And now I know LaTocha isn’t the only problem.

          1. Exactly that’s what I been saying for the longest. I’m not surprised at Kandi her head so big she can’t get in the door. That’s why I think she keeps yes people around her. I don’t know why Todd says anything. Disappointed in Tiny really like her.

          2. You’re right! Latocha is far from perfect but she wasn’t arguing with herself….there’s another person who has to be in “control” at all costs….and its happening right now. Don’t think its a coincidence that her production team is filming, her graphics person is clearing the song list…..like Coko said, what the heck is the “graphics guy” running the playlist for the performance?

        2. LOL. This has to be the Kandi Koated Klique typing that kind of foolishness. It’s just crazy to see Kandi and her stans talk down and downplay SWV because Kandi had a fit when Marlo said she wasn’t worldwide. I guess Kandi wants respect but doesn’t feel like she has to give it to those who came before her.

        3. I completely agree with everything you said…Kandi has become delusional when it comes to their track record.

      3. Boy bye. SWV gets more streams, sold more music, and even charted again after their Versus while Xscape did not. Y’all need to stop lying about Xscape. Kandi has y’all looking crazy and severely uninformed.

      4. You see how you have to lie and downplay SWV’s accomplishments just to make Xscape sound successful? Baby, that’s the whole point. Xscape can’t come anywhere close to SWV in terms of talent or accolades. Y’all Xscape and Kandi fans can’t do anything but point to irrelevant things like social media followings, reality shows, (Tiny tried it here bc Family Hustle was flopping before it was canceled), fake stats and imaginary ticket sales. The truth is in present day, SWV is still more relevant and successful. They still get more streams. Oh, keep in mind SWV got a whole grammy back in 2013 for their later work, too. Can’t say the same for Xscape. Xscape needs to deal with their inner turmoil before they try to outrank a better group.

  2. No one cares about having more followers and reality shows. None of that translates into a strong fan base. That doesn’t matter with ticket and music sales. If it did, Kandi and Tiny’s new music wouldn’t keep flopping.

    1. This. People watching a reality show to be in your business doesn’t mean they actually support you.

      1. You all are supposed to be Grown A-s Women’s well act like it who cares who headlines as long as you get paid yall look stupid as h-ll now get that sh-t together cause I know yall better than that my Black Queens love both groups

        1. Kandi and Tiny , grow the h-ll up and stop acting like children .
          Everybody knows who you are , just as they know who SWV is , and neither of you are any better than the other ; just two different good groups .
          Stop with the damn inferiority complex ; you sound like children that are not willing to share .
          Your making yourselves look bad in the publics eye , and we the fans don’t like it .
          Get that Black Girl Magic back , and show the world why we belong and that we as a people and gender mean something .
          ” Show the world
          What it takes ” .

  3. LOL. I think this clip was necessary so people could remember that LaTocha isn’t the only one with an ego problem in that group. This is some of the most delusional stuff I’ve ever seen.

  4. One thing about Coko… she’s not gonna let nobody downplay what SWV has brought to the history of music!!! SWV has sold well over 40 million records and counting….I applaud SWV for standing up for themselves and letting Kandi and Tiny know it is what it is….🎼🎵🎙️🎶🎤🎹❤️💋

  5. Agree with the comments…put the egos aside and co-headline this one show…it’s a win for all. Stop beings a-ses about the situation..it’s not going to break anyone’s pocketbook…everybody wins.

  6. SWV should headline, they are a bigger and better group iny opinion, Xscape is starting to really turn people off with there constant bickering and b-tching,Kandi and Tiny are nothing without the other members, everything they do solo or just those 2 together flops, SWV are woman with voices, Xscape are a bunch bickering b-tching girls who can’t get it together, and Kandi she thinks she WORLDWIDE, but she’s not Beyounce and Micheal Jackson are WoTLFWIFE names, she got her mouth in everything, that why Latoche has moved on, maturity is everyone, she doing well and her fanbase is growing everyday, that family gossip will fade, I think they are trying sabotage her Solo career, especially since they’re on every blog and interview putting her down, that right there tells you where they are mentally, it’s sad, SWV all the way!!

  7. I think Kandi and tiny are confused.. You are not musical powerhouses. You come on TV and show that you are a hot mess. That doesn’t mean you should headline

  8. K.A.T, K.A.T, K.A.T! I love y’all but y’all tripping! It should definitely be a co-headliner. But if anyone were to headline it would be the ones who paved the way – SWV. Still love you but your ego got the best of y’all here

  9. ALL FACTS. It was high key disrespectful and frankly disappointing for them to even suggest they headline over SWV who honestly appeared on this clip to be gracious because they could have spit out some hard truths

  10. Everyone keeps saying Kandi is sweet and nice. This that shows that Kandi is a sneak, smiling in your face, throwing rocks. She wants so much respect but she’s not big on giving.

    1. Oh so true. I said before on another post
      Kandi can’t sang and neither can tiny.
      They need to have several seats.

  11. I like and enjoy both groups still have your cassette but keeping it on the real you all really need to pull together set examples instead of showing the younger generation on how not to act.

  12. I love both groups. However, Kandi and Tiny are tripping!!! SWV should be the headliners, and Kandi I admire your stance. BUT PLEASE STOP IT!!! and pass the word to lil buddy Tiny.

    1. Kandi explained this already. Xscape has more recently done arena tour that was sold out where they were headliners. SWV has not. On some of the dates on that tour SWV opened for Xscape. Other side of this is the fee for the two groups to go on. Xscapes fee is higher than SWVs. So how exactly would an even split benefit XSCAPE as a group unless SWV can get their fee up to where Xscapes is already at. People can say what they want but I can’t blame Kandi for basically saying she isn’t taking a pay cut to perform with SWV

      1. SWV as well as booking agents have already come out and said that what Kandi said about SWV’s fees and headline history is false. Xscape cannot sell tickets without other groups in the lineup and that’s a fact. Meanwhile, SWV is literally doing shows all around the world. And just wrapped up a tour in Africa. Let’s get into the fact that this show wasn’t even greenlit until SWV was added. Bravo did not want another Kandi or Xscape show. Mona said that herself. So why are y’all pretending like Kandi and Xscape are more relevant? And who needs who again? Xscape has never been a huge draw, ticket sales-wise or music sales-wise. This revision of history just makes Xscape look pathetic. This is about Kandi wanting to be paid more money because let’s face it, a lot of the people in her life wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t taking care of them financially. She picked Don Juan up off the internet. He was literally a fan.

        1. Wake it up! Kandi is only moving the way she is because she knows a lot of her fans are uninformed! The rest of us know her last spin off flopped so bad that Mona had to call SWV to do this show. SWV only agreed to sign the contract because Xscape agreed to co-headline the show before they started filming. Then Kandi and Tiny switched up on them when the cameras were there. Kandi is not the real, honest, and loyal person she wanted us to believe she was. I don’t even think I like her now! NeNe was right!

  13. I hate SWV agreed to be on this petty a$$ show. I absolutely love both groups but there is no comparison. SWV sings circles around Xscape…the record sales prove that!!

  14. Kandi, Tiny, and LaTocha’s egos are out of this world. And it’s made me dislike Xscape completely. With this dumb a-s reasoning and logic, Xscape would also say that TLC should open up for them as well. This is what happens when you have delusional fans and think being on a reality show makes you successful. I’m side eying Kandi moving forward. I’m wondering if NeNe was spot on about her now.

  15. SWV > Xscape and it’s not even close. That’s exactly why Kandi and Tiny are showing their a-ses. Imagine thinking reality shows make you more valuable than actual talent, accolades and accomplishments. How embarrassing.

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