Kandi Burruss Shades Coko Amid Tension Over SWV & Xscape Concert

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Xscape and SWV have been hot topics on social media.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss warned fans that a lot of drama went down while they filmed the upcoming season. However, she also said that a lot of drama took place while she filmed “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.” As we reported, sisters LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott have been a fixture in the headlines as of yet. This is due to the accusations Tamika made on the show. She accused LaTocha of stealing her money. And she alleged about $30,000 of royalties were stolen. Although LaTocha has denied this, Tamika stuck to her story. To no surprise, the accusations have been a hot topic on social media.

Well, another source of drama is the tension Xscape had with SWV while filming this show. Things were going well until Xscape said they should be the headliners. According to Cheryl “Coko” Gamble and Tamara “Taj” George, SWV agreed to do the show because they were told both groups would headline. However, Xscape changed their minds once filming began.


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Coko wasn’t feeling the setlist.

Interestingly enough, the tension continues on the upcoming episode. In the preview, Kandi and Coko are speaking to Steven. Steven was introduced to Coko as Xscape’s Graphics guy. So Coko couldn’t understand why he was put in charge of developing the setlist.

“Steven is a graphics guy. **** if I know why he’s doing the setlist. I don’t know Steven. That’s their people.”

Steven began to run down the setlist, “So here’s the list as it is. We start with ‘I’m So Into You’ by SWV.”

Coko interjects, “We’re not.” He eventually gets it right, “Okay. So we’re starting with ‘Anything the Remix’ by SWV.” Coko answers, “Yep.”

Steven continues, “So we’re gonna go into ‘Tonight’ with Xscape and then ‘Rain’ by SWV. And we’re gonna go from ‘Rain’ into ‘You’re Always on My Mind’ by SWV. From there we’ll transition…”

And Coko says, “That’s ugly.”

Steven adds, “From there we’re gonna do ‘Who Can I Run To’ with Xscape. After that, Xscape stays and does ‘Do You Want To?’

Coko isn’t impressed, “Ooh this is real slow. This is sleepy.”

Kandi laughs and throws a little shade in a green screen interview, “Will you please show your true colors? This difficult stuff that she’s doing right now, this is the real her. All that other stuff like ‘Oh, we’re not with the drama. We’re not.'”


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  1. Kandi is so annoying now. I guess Coko was supposed to agree with a set list put together by her graphics person. Kandi wants to be known as some amazing business woman, but her track record is very overrated! She’s acting like we didn’t see that OLG show!

    1. Kandi really sat on that show and defended not firing bad employees even though her own customers complained about them being incompetent and rude. Chile…

    2. A mess….What Kandi don’t understand is that SWV is Worldwide… Doing shows in different countries!!! I honestly wish SWV wouldn’t have done this show because Xscape is trying to downplay what SWV has contributed to the music industry!!! I wonder do the people overseas and in other countries sing along to any of Xscape song?!….But they do to SWV songs!!! One thing about Coko… she’s gonna RIDE HARD for her group!!!

  2. I wish SWV never agreed to do this raggedy show with these raggedy people. Kandi had me fooled for a long time. I should have listened to NeNe. She isn’t a real friend to Kenya either.

    1. I agree! Before this horrible show, no one would dare disrespect SWV on the internet. They were looked at as legends. Icons! But Kandi is such a master manipulator her uncultured fan base is calling SWV talentless flops who won’t be relevant when this show is over. Then you look at the ratings and it’s like Girl WHAT?! SWV will always be relevant because of their music alone. Their song was just trending on TikTok too. Not Xscape’s!

  3. Umm I don’t see what Coko did that was so bad in this scene. Is she not allowed to advocate for her group too? It’s really janky that Kandi’s team did the setlist. Why is Xscape acting like this is their show alone? I didn’t know they were such divas. They don’t even have a million Spotify monthly subscribers.

  4. A lot of black women have this mentality where we really think we must compete for the top spot. So collaborations and sisterhood aren’t achievable unfortunately. I wish we would all stop this. Everything is an unnecessary competition.

  5. Kandi complaining that’s how COKO really is, No what’s for real how arrogant and one sided you are , thinking it’s ok to use there graphic, guy instead of someone in the middle that is new to both of them, this the real nasty messy Kandi, NeNe said it and now we see it, Speak on it COKO, shut her down or bump the show, SWV don’t want to co- headline with that messy group.

  6. I’m so glad this show is flopping! I hope SWV stays far away from Kandi and that drama filled group of hers! Eww!

  7. I’m really beginning to question the hype Kandi receives for her business sense. Everything she and her team does is…well, unpolished. Now Kandi and Tiny did all that crying and throwing up about co-headlining with SWV. But they aren’t even professional enough to not have their graphics guy do the setlist? It’s also baffling how unprofessionally ran the restaurants are. Did Kandi even explain why her cousin was shot while he was working at Blaze? It’s very weird how her fanbase ignores all of this and expects everyone to worship Kandi as a businesswoman. I’ll pass.

  8. Well this was a bit nasty considering Coko is bipolar and has been on medication and feeling much better the last couple of years. So yes, she’s not going to act the same way she did when she wasn’t medicated. Kandi is getting on my nerves.

  9. Didn’t Ronnie from New Edition try to tell Kandi that Xscape needed to fix their set list because it was trash? Of course Kandi was too big headed to listen and it’s still TRASH.

  10. I stopped watching this show after they started disrespecting SWV. I don’t like Xscape anymore and won’t be supporting them ever again.

  11. It’s weird seeing Xscape constantly downplay SWV when SWV is the more successful group. I’m glad this was just a limited series because it’s an awful TV show.

  12. I just see Coko advocating for her group, considering they weren’t present for the arrangement of the setlist. Kandi, you are not the boss of them.

  13. Kandi and her group are nowhere near as popular worldwide as SWV. Kandi keeps going after them because she is intimidated by their success and maturity. She wants to be the boss of SWV and they know how to keep her in check and that bothers her. Xscape acts like a bunch of 8th graders, always fussing, fighting, loud and rude. They can’t get it together and it’s embarrassing to see how divided and disrespectful of each other they are. Kandi is used to being the boss on RHOA but this ain’t that show Kandi. Have several seats.

  14. And we all know that when you talk about best selling girl groups of all time, y’all know Xscape’s name hardly ever, if rarely, gets brought up in the d-mn conversation. Lol

  15. Oddly enough I never liked xscape. For some reasons the vibes from all the members except Tomika were nasty back than. I’ve always loved SWV and Coko nails was the 4th member lol

    I definitely would watch it if it was just swv on the show

  16. I’m so disappointed by some of these comments about these women. Coco advocating for her group is ok, but let Kandi do it all in a sudden she’s wrong. Please miss me with the B’s.

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