Tamar Braxton Has More to Say After Calling Out RHOA Star & Her Husband

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Kandi Burruss made some controversial accusations about Carlos King.

Tamar Braxton is no stranger to grabbing people’s attention with her social media actions. And although she walked away from reality television because she thought it had become too negative, life away from “Braxton Family Values” hasn’t made life drama free for Tamar. She’s still having a lot of ups and downs in her friendships. Months ago, it was alleged that she is no longer on good terms with NeNe Leakes. Despite defending NeNe against backlash surrounding her current romance, it was alleged that NeNe double-crossed Tamar. And she allegedly did so by trying to hook up her girlfriend with a man she already hooked Tamar up with. Although Tamar didn’t confirm the gossip, she didn’t deny it on Twitter. So some of her fans think it’s some truth to the rumor.

Interestingly enough, Tamar made headlines recently due to her comments about Kandi Burruss. Kandi confirmed that she isn’t in a good place with Carlos King. She accused him of trying to make an Xscape movie behind her back for TV One. And considering their history working together via “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi was devastated. She broke down in tears while talking.

Tamar Braxton supported Carlos King.

Well, Tamar gave her opinion about what was alleged by Kandi. While appearing on “Dish Nation,” Tamar said she doesn’t believe Carlos did this to Kandi. And on Instagram Story, Tamar said that Carlos is too talented of a producer to have to steal anything from anyone. So she’s just not hearing it. Sometime after this all unfolded, fans also noticed that Tamar no longer follows Kandi on Instagram.

Then Tamar caught people’s attention when she made some controversial accusations on Instagram Story the other day. Tamar said a certain Atlanta housewife and her husband threatened her. And if she did what they allegedly did, she knows that she would be called out for her actions.

Tamar Braxton had more to say.

Since Tamar didn’t identify who she was referring to, all RHOA fans could do was play the guessing game. Interestingly enough, blogger Ken Barbie said a source said that Tamar was allegedly referring to Kandi and Todd Tucker. And Todd allegedly confronted Tamar the other day at a show that she and Xscape were booked to perform.

Kandi nor Todd responded to the reports. In fact, Kandi grabbed people’s attention instead by posting clips and photos from her latest comedy sketch/social media impressions. This time she reenacted Bobby Lytes and Rolling Ray’s popular “The Conversation” episode.


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It’s possible that Kandi’s decision to focus her energy on promoting her latest skit may have rubbed Tamar the wrong way.

In a series of messages on Instagram Story, Tamar accused someone of distracting people. She also said that not addressing something doesn’t mean that “it didn’t happen.”


    1. I agree Leslie. She, Tamar want to make herself relevant since she is not really doing anything. Good for Kandi for not responding. She is a true boss woman.

    1. So true, she needs to grow up. We all know that one thing about Kandi, “SHE DOESN’T LIE, PERIOD. Me personally, Kandi always had her coins from day one and she invest it. She definitely has a lot of haters.

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