Todd Tucker is Accused of Clashing with Tamar Braxton During Recent Concert

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RHOA fans have been guessing which Atlanta housewife may have recently clashed with Tamar Braxton.

Tamar Braxton made headlines recently due to some comments she made on social media. She actually made some interesting accusations hours ago on Instagram Story. She alleged that a certain “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her husband came for her recently. While she didn’t name any names, Tamar accused the couple of “threatening” her. And she said they have “real beef” because the housewife’s husband “stepped” to her. To no surprise, Tamar’s comments had a lot of RHOA fans trying to piece together clues to determine just who Tamar was referring to in her Instagram Story. Interestingly enough, blogger Ken Barbie guessed that Tamar may have been making accusations about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

Ken Barbie made note of the fact that Tamar has been in the headlines as of late for her comments about Kandi accusing Carlos King of trying to make an Xscape movie behind her back.

Tamar Braxton didn’t believe the accusations Kandi Burruss made about Carlos King.

Kandi accused him of stealing her group’s story. And Tamar said she doesn’t believe that is actually what happened. On her Instagram Story, she said Carlos is too much of a reality television legend to have to steal from anyone. She also unfollowed Kandi on Instagram once her comments went viral.

After Ken Barbie expressed their theory, a source came through with some interesting gossip. The source alleged that Tamar was talking about Todd and Kandi. And drama allegedly went down at a recent Xscape show in which Tamar was also featured.

Ken Barbie wrote, “So on our previous post you saw #TamarBraxton had the girls guessing after she suggested that a certain ATL peach (🍑) and her husband had threatened her and that they should be ashamed of their behavior towards her. Well, it turns out my suspicions were correct as a source who was in the building confirmed that #KandiBurruss husband #ToddTucker apparently felt the need to confront #Tamar himself during the concert tonight in Tampa.”

Apparently, Tamar thinks that her future gigs with Xscape are in jeopardy moving forward. As for Kandi and Todd, they haven’t responded to any of the rumors as of yet. But Kandi did express a few weeks back to her Instagram followers that a lot of people have been coming for her as of late. And she’s decided to match everyone’s energy while filming the upcoming season of RHOA and the new Xscape-centered reality show.

You can find out more by checking out Ken Barbie’s post here, as well as DJ Richie Skye’s video below.


  1. I used to really like Tamar but I see her true colors now. She is not a seeker of peace. And she loves confrontation and playing victim.

  2. Tamar has always been extra she loves attention and goes out of her way to stir up trouble with everyone even her family, you can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth because it is all for attention

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