Candiace Dillard Bassett Doesn’t Understand Why Some Fans Think She Fears RHOA Vets

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Candiace Dillard Bassett has a solid history of speaking her mind.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett wrapped up an eventful recent season. Gizelle Bryant‘s accusations about Chris Bassett were really upsetting for Candiace. Not only does she feel betrayed by Gizelle’s actions, but she also thinks Gizelle used them for a storyline. By the season’s conclusion, it just didn’t seem as if Candiace and Gizelle would be able to move on from the situation anytime soon. However, they were forced to put the drama behind them in order to film “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” Interestingly enough, Porsha Williams filmed as well. And there were moments when Porsha and Candiace had tension.

Porsha is cool with Monique Samuels. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum even defended Monique publicly after she and Candiace were involved in an altercation while filming RHOP. Porsha in particular thought it was unnecessary for Candiace to involve the police. In her opinion, the altercation was just a little hair-pulling. She also said she heard Candiace wanted to file a lawsuit to pay for a new house.

In response, Candiace warned Porsha to be careful with her words before she was dragged into a legal battle she didn’t want. She also said that Porsha took the stance she did because of her own history of altercations. So fans weren’t surprised that Candiace and Porsha had a few issues when they came face to face on RHUGT.

Could RHOA be a good fit for Candiace Dillard Bassett?

Not only did they disagree over the Monique situation but they also had different takes on Porsha’s history with her current hubby Simon Guobadia.

Now that fans have seen Candiace mingling with other housewives, one fan, in particular, penned an interesting tweet. And this Twitter user wants to see if Candiace could handle the Atlanta crew.

They tweeted a photo montage of Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton, Porsha, Drew Sidora, Candiace, and Sanya Richards-Ross and added, “Put Candiace on #RHOA I’m trying to see something 👀 🍑.”

In response, Candiace tweeted, “Loll why do y’all think I’m afraid of these girls?”

Another Twitter user said that they don’t think that Candiace is afraid at all. But they do think RHOA would provide more sparring partners, “It’s not about being afraid, but I think verbally THIS is where you’d have equal sparring partners. And I think you’d also have more camaraderie with the girls over there too.”

Candiace replied, “I think I’d have a time! And def have a few more worthy adversaries lol.”

Check out the tweet here.


  1. Sheree is an easy read, Marlo can’t read, Drew can’t read, Kandi is friends with Candiace, Kenya is friends with Candiace, Candiace and Porsha got into it but they are cool now I think. Sanya wouldn’t want smoke because she’s scary. So yeah, Candiace would be just fine.

  2. If she thinks Porsha and Gizelle are “bullies”, she would get ate up by Marlo and the moment she goes after Kandi’s family, it’s a wrap. Also…..financially….I don’t think that she can roll with ATL. I’m sorry but RHOP doesn’t roll like RHOA does financially. A nice chunk of their girls are going thru or are still recovering from MAJOR financial life changes so….nah…keep her where she’s at..

    1. Marlo really is not what y’all think she is. She told y’all herself that she can’t read. Even Cynthia has dragged Marlo. So she really isn’t seeing Candiace. The only person who has wealth like that on RHOA is Kandi. They aren’t rich over there. Not even close. But Candiace was born into wealth and she’s from the affluent part of ATL. She fits in better on RHOA than RHOP honestly.

      1. I disagree with the wealth statement. On RHOP NONE of the cast has been in the same home more than 2 seasons before they move to another property with the exception of Karen and now Gizelle. Kandi, Kenya, Marlo and even Sheree have maintained the same residence for SEVERAL seasons. The only people who have substantial CONSISTENT income is Karen and WAS Ashley. Kandi, Kenya, and Marlo ALL have businesses with no connection to real housewives. Now it may be because the cost of living is SLIGHTLY lower but as far as the “luxury” that typically comes with being on housewives….it ain’t really there like that in Potomac anymore…

        1. The girls on RHOP and RHOA aren’t wealthy like that outside of Kandi. That’s not shade, it’s factual and backed up by property value, financial records, and net worth. Being a home owner doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. Sheree’s history of money problems isn’t hard to find and her home isn’t even in her name. Marlo couldn’t afford a home in the most affluent areas and said so herself last season. Kenya’s net worth isn’t immaculate. Porsha had to marry up. Drew and Ralph aren’t wealthy either. Sanya and her hubby should have a nice coin but yeah, the real rich girls are on RHONY, RHOBH, and Dubai. Just saying.

  3. It is silly to think Candiace couldn’t handle the people listed. That woman truly fears nobody and that mouth/wit is unmatched. She’ll get along with the smart and real people (Kenya, Kandi). She’ll also get along with Sheree and Drew since both are don’t start none won’t be none people. Sanya is a follower so she’ll try Candiace and get embarrassed, Marlo too. I agree that she’d actually be great on RHOA.

  4. Also as far as being affluent, if you ask someone in Atlanta who the “Dillard’s” are, they will probably say, it’s a department store. So while her mom may be VERY successful, it doesn’t translate to “affluence” in Atlanta like you may think. Atlanta is home to Spelman and Morehouse so black doctors are a novelty here.

    1. I know very well what black wealth is in Atlanta because I’m from here too. You don’t like Candiace and that’s cool but that isn’t relevant to her upbringing. Candiace is from black wealth. Both of her parents are successful docs/entrepreneurs and she grew up in private schools/affluent neighborhoods. Affluence isn’t about being known. Most in Atlanta have no idea who the wealthiest black families are. That doesn’t mean they aren’t affluent. Affluence = wealth not popularity/fame.

  5. Great comments! I think Candiace will fit in just fine with RHOA.

    Porsha met her match when she met Candiace. That’s why she was reaching across the table as if she was putting her hands in her face like she did Cynthia. Porsha still have physical violent tendencies. Gizelle is just trying to earn her paycheck since her child support for her daughters will be running out soon. What business does she have? Oh, she did invest in being one of the producer’s for RHOP. We’ll see how that works out for her.

  6. Dang! We were doing so good, RESPECTFULLY agreeing to disagree and then you had to make an assumption about me not liking Candice because I don’t think she would work in ATL. I could have EASILY assumed that you don’t like Kenya, based on how you describe her but then the article wasn’t about if we “like” people, it’s about if Candice would be a good fit for RHOA. We obviously have had different experiences being raised, and living in Atlanta. And we also have different opinions on what makes someone wealthy. Let’s just leave it at that instead of telling someone how they think and feel based on a random comment that you don’t agree with.

    1. I mean you don’t like Candiace and you drag her in defense of Porsha quite a bit. Just pointed out the obvious. And I love Kenya. I’m just not going to lie about her finances. Everyone knows the RHOA girls are far from wealthy outside of Kandi. Rich and wealth aren’t the same. Candiace will fit in just fine and is already friends with the majority of the current cast. There’s nothing to argue about honestly. Hating Candiace just used to be the popular thing to do and some aren’t ready to move on. 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Please quote where I “dragged” Candice.🤔 Please let me know where I mentioned Porsha other than the first sentence of my first comment. Otherwise it’s not ME with the bias. I get it. You’re a fan of Candice and have heard a lot of negativity about her lately. So anyone who’s says anything other than “Candice is fantastic” is a trigger. However LIKE YOURSELF I can like someone and still tell the truth about them. Candice is VERY sensitive and there’s already a beauty queen and a musician on RHOA. So while YOU may believe that she would be a good fit, I believe she’s not strong enough to deal with someone like Marlo NOT READING but throwing every low blow imaginable to make sure that she hurts you, and she’s not bringing anything unique to RHOA like she is in RHOP. Take it how you want.

        1. Sis you think someone is supposed to be afraid of Marlo – I only pointed out how silly and inaccurate your comment was. So here we are. And I’m proudly a fan of Candiace, an intelligent black woman born into generational wealth who spars with her wit and hurts feelings with the facts. Black women like Candiace are just what RHOA needs more of. She’ll fit in perfectly since Kenya is the exact same and flourished. Now what else is going on?

    2. Now that was a respectful response, Respectfully!

      That’s how it should be. We agree to disagree! I get it.


  7. You wrote a whole paragraph without a single quote to back up your original statement about me, is what else is going on. 😒🤦🏾‍♀️ You have a blessed evening. 🙏🏽

    1. What statements did you back up? You didn’t even know the definition of affluence. So you first sis. And we’re going to ignore all the paragraphs you wrote on here? 🥴

      1. I wrote paragraphs about my OPINION not about who YOU are as a person, but keep going off. Obviously it’s making you feel good.

    1. I agree and I quit. I thought this was about sharing your opinion not trying to tell people what they think cause you disagree.

    2. It happens to all of us eventually. And we won’t even remember who we argued with a year from now. LOL.

  8. You know now when I think about it, Candiace may actually make more sense in Atlanta than Potomac. The RHOP girls are too sensitive and fragile. RHOA they can get nasty then forgive and move on. That would be great for Candiace. They do too much fake pearl clutching on RHOP.

  9. Candice just doesn’t have the same energy for everyone. She was willing to go back and forth with Monique but when it comes to speaking up
    With some of the other ladies on Patomic she was underwhelming in my opinion.

  10. RHOA isn’t tougher than RHOP if we’re being honest. Gizelle tells the same damaging lies on the same scale as the one Phaedra told on Kandi. They even fight and throw drinks on RHOP too. As far as reads, the best ones aren’t even on RHOA anymore. So I don’t understand why everyone acts like the ATL girls are so scary. They’re really not. It’s neck and neck now.

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