Porsha Williams Calls Candiace Dillard Bassett Pressed for Addressing Controversial Marriage

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Porsha Williams and Candiace Dillard Bassett had some messy moments while filming RHUGT.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” vet Porsha Williams had some interesting moments occur while filming “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” However, this probably isn’t surprising to those who have followed their history. Prior to even meeting each other, Porsha was vocal about her support of Monique Samuels. While filming an episode of “Bravo’s Chat Room,” Porsha told Gizelle Bryant that she didn’t think the altercation was that serious. In fact, Porsha suspected Candiace was just being dramatic because all she saw occur was a bit of hair-pulling. Porsha went on to say that Candiace shouldn’t have involved the authorities. And at some point, Porsha also said she heard that Candiace wanted to sue to pay for her new house.

To no surprise, Candiace didn’t appreciate Porsha’s comments. She did an interview and warned Porsha to know the facts before she is dragged to court. This comes up while the women filmed RHUGT. However, it wasn’t the only tense conversation that took place between Porsha and Candiace. As we reported, Porsha had some interesting opinions about Candiace’s feud with Ashley Darby. And she felt like Candiace crossed the line by calling Ashley “wide-bodied” after she gave birth to her second son.

Well, Candiace then rubs Porsha the wrong way when she brings up the drama surrounding Porsha’s romance with Simon Guobadia. It all kicked off because Candiace wanted to gift all the ladies with “ladyboy” names. She settled for Sh’Neda Mann for Gizelle. And Sh’Taka Mann for Porsha. Candiace coined herself Petty LaBelle.

Candiace said, “So Porsha, the rumor was the way that you got with your man was a little sketchy. And the people would say that you stole somebody’s man. So your sister Sh’Neda Mann, Sh’Taka Mann.”

Porsha Williams was not impressed.

Porsha responded, “I take a man. Can you take a man if he already free?” And Candiace answered, “That was the rumor chile.”

In a green screen interview, Porsha accused Candiace of being pressed.

“I’m very underwhelmed. First of all, I’m bored. And then you gonna come out here with these Dollar Store fans. You know, with this Dollar Store shade. It’s giving very much pressed.”

Candiace eventually explained how she came up with the name, “So, what I knew was that was his ex-wife, you met her on camera and y’all became friends. And two minutes later, you and her husband was dating, and the streets said you stole somebody’s man.”

She continued, “And the streets said you dated him and he was married to her.”

Porsha denied that things played out that way, “So what actually happened was I’m on a show and they told me we’re going to bring in a new wife. When I met her and her husband, I didn’t really place him at the moment. But I knew him already. Fast forward, it just didn’t work out for her. And she left.”

She added, “After that, they actually announced they were getting a divorce. I hit him in the DMs like ‘I’m praying for y’all. Hope you good.’ So he hit me back like yeah, ‘I’m good. When you coming to Atlanta? Let’s get together.’ I was like, ‘Oh cool.’ Well, he hit me. He was like, ‘I’m in Atlanta. I want to see you.’ And I said, ‘Before I see you, I need you to email me your divorce papers.'”

Porsha went on to say, “So she signed it. It was a done deal. But it was not finalized. It was just literally sitting on the judge’s desk.”

In a green screen interview, Candiace threw a little shade, “Now Porsha, girl…I like you. I want us to be good, I want us to be friends. But this is quite the contradiction from what the saints in the street have been saying.”


  1. So Candiace is pressed for bringing this up but Porsha wasn’t pressed when she brought up the Ashley stuff. This is what is annoying me about the Candiace stuff. People are so hypocritical when it comes to her. She is not allowed to do what the other housewives do. She’s just supposed to sit there and take it.

  2. I’m gonna honestly say…..A lie ain’t nothing for somebody to tell….and it doesn’t matter who tells It!!! I honestly don’t believe nothing Porsha said that happened between her and Simon…if u was filming with the ex-wife on the show….why wouldn’t u DM her saying “Sorry about her marriage failing”….?!?!…. Make this make sense to me…. Baby….that agenda was already plotted and planned…..(Allegedly)

  3. Porsha’s story has changed so many times. If our society wasn’t so superficial, she wouldn’t have supporters. I’m mad it took me so long to see her for what she really is. Anyway, sending Simon a DM as soon as she heard they were separating tells you exactly all you need to know about the situation. Porsha has no morals.

    1. Neither does Simone but women are afraid to hold Men accountable! Instead they only ever mention Portia. We wonder why Men don’t are never held accountable 😏

      1. Simon is trash too and gets dragged on here repeatedly. You need me to post some links so you can read comments that back that up? I have plenty of smoke for Simon. He showed his whole behind on that spinoff. He is not the upgrade Porsha thinks he is.

        1. Simone does not get as much Backlash. Insecure women go after Portia because it’s easier then holding him accountable

  4. The only pressed people in this situation are Porsha and Simon’s thirsty a-ses. They deserve each other. I’m glad that spinoff showed the real them too. Candiace is really good at seeing through bullsh-t though, I’ll give her that.

  5. I watched the whole episode. It wasn’t Candiace who was pressed. It was Porsha. Candiace said this as a light hearted joke and moved on. Porsha wouldn’t let it go and pouted and had an attitude about it for the rest of the episode. Porsha is a compulsive liar and entitled brat. She really thought she could just marry her coworker’s ex and we’re not supposed to think that was weird and messy. But I get it now because I and many others defended her nonsense way too long.

    1. Yes, speak the truth! I Ditto!

      TV stardom has truly given Porsha a big head. You remember how meek and humble she was with her first husband, Kordell. Now, she will cuss anybody out in a matter of minutes. She’s sitting walking on egg shells because when a woman cheats with a man who is not single and you end up with him, you will always wonder if he will do the same thing to you. And, according to Simon’s track record that’s what he does. All the butt will not keep his attention. There’s a whole lot of women with big butts and little ones too. It doesn’t look like Simon discriminates. Maybe, he does! He does seem to like brown and darker skinned women.

      But who knows! Be careful Porsha Wiliams Guiadog. Take care of that precious little girl who doesn’t seem to be happy that much like the other reality kids. Stay off of the video’s shaking your butt and do something with PJ.

      I want to see her happy. She doesn’t deserve your antics. IJS!

  6. So glad people are finally seeing horse faced Porsha for the fake devious person that she really is. I too used to like and defend her. That stopped when her dollar thirsty a-s went after little greasy faced Simon. They deserve each other.

  7. Now tell me why everyone is on Porsha when Simon Ex wife was out their doing her own thing and plus didn’t she she have a whole baby…Just because you work with someone for a hot second so now she i.s my friend or even coworker. MAKe It MAKE SENSE TO ME. His Wife Was Sleeping On Him period. The hate is Real for Porsha…Candace always got something to say with that big mouth…

    1. Do we know the wife was cheating on him? Even so Porscha was also someone’s wife at some point So for her to jump into a relationship with a man that still legally married is kind of suspect. And what woman reaches out to a newly divorced man saying sorry about your divorce. A thirsty one. Let the ink dry

    2. Can you explain why there are multiple photos of Porsha and Falynn hanging out together before Falynn and Simon separated if they weren’t friends? Porsha was all up in Falynn’s closet too but now they weren’t friends? I’m sorry sis but y’all sound crazy defending Porsha. Whatever dirt Falynn did in her marriage doesn’t excuse the dirt Porsha did. Porsha doesn’t have a good track record with her “friends.” You even see how badly she treats Shamea and that’s who you like? Couldn’t be me.

    3. I think fans are rightfully upset because Porsha demonstrated a lack of sisterhood. If I recall correctly, Simon himself admitted that he’s cheated in all of his marriages, so that includes Falynn. But Simon is the only one Porsha checked up on and she only did that because she wanted to replace Falynn. That’s not how a good person moves. All it means is Porsha is a male identified woman who will do anything for money. Women like Porsha aren’t capable of being friends with any woman because they think they are competing for men. Porsha is the typical pick me. And pick me’s are infuriating.

    4. In case you wasn’t aware.. Falynn didn’t get with Jaylen until after Porsha was already with Simon…see…they told ppl they’d been together a month…LIES…they were already messing around when Porsha went to that pool party….when she shook Simon’s hand she already knew and was sleeping with him .that’s WHY their timeline don’t add up… they went on vacation and Falynn found out about Porsha then Simon wanted to reconcile with Falynn but she said no so he went back to Porsha and then Falynn got with Jaylen……. Simon was already cheating…he also had that stripper lady before Porsha….so there’s THAT…

  8. Nah
    Why you messaging that lady husband about the divorce? Why didn’t you reach out to her?
    She wanted a “rich” African man like her friend that’s all.

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