Jackie Christie Wanted off of ‘Basketball Wives’

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It’s been another eventful season of BBWLA for Jackie Christie.

Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie didn’t anticipate Malaysia Pargo‘s exit from the show. However, Malaysia decided it was time to walk away after Jennifer Williams alleged Malaysia lost her home to foreclosure. At the time, Malaysia had just recently opened up to the group about her co-parenting relationship. She alleged Jannero Pargo wasn’t helping her care for their children financially. So she was thinking about fighting for child support. Although Malaysia didn’t confirm what exactly was the last straw, she did tell Jackie that she had to quit for her mental health. Jackie and Jennifer have been clashing amid Malaysia’s absence, too.

Jennifer has accused Jackie of doing little things to get under her skin. In fact, she thinks this explains Jackie’s actions at the fashion show. Interestingly enough, Jackie said that Jennifer hurt her when she criticized her open house listing. It really bothered Jackie since her real estate career means a lot to her.

Well, things escalated when Jackie and Doug Christie invited the women on a trip to Sacramento. Doug is an assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings. So Jackie wanted to show the group a closer glimpse of their day-to-day lives. However, Jackie rubbed Jennifer the wrong way by booking her a deluxe hotel room instead of a suite.

Jennifer once again felt like Jackie was trying to come for her, so she called out Jackie. It resulted in an explosive argument. And things only carried over once they returned to LA. In fact, Jennifer was told that Jackie said she was a producer for Jennifer’s upcoming documentary.

Jackie said she never said this. However, Jennifer believes she did. It certainly didn’t help that Brittish Williams told her that Jackie said she got Jennifer her deal to make the documentary.

Do some people want Jackie Christie off BBWLA?

To no surprise, fans have had a lot to say about Jennifer and Jackie’s feud on social media. Some have been critical of Jennifer and have accused her of being a snob. Others have accused Jackie of bullying Jennifer.

Well, Jackie penned an interesting tweet hours ago that caught the attention of “Basketball Wives” fans.

She wrote, “Just Heard “they” want me to leave #Basketballwives what y’all think you want me to go?”


  1. Cause if Jackie leaves it will still be messy like h-ll cause it is already dat just shut the hole show down

    1. I think Jackie should leave basketball ball wifes just watching her gets on my nerves do I have a lot to say about Jackie. She sure had the nerve to walk along when Jennifer was in the fashion show to me Jackie wants to be the center of attention she thinks that no one can have a career but her and she needs to keep her opinion to her self and I would be mad to if the other woman had a nice room and she didn’t that’s Jackie begin in control and she always in everyone business I can’t stand Jackie she thinks her word is it

      1. That hotel was a 3 star hotel. Brooke and Jennifer didn’t get suites. But none of those rooms were nice because it wasn’t that kind of trip. It was about seeing Doug’s life as a coach. For you to dislike Jackie so much, you don’t seem to mind how pompous, entitled, and self centered and bratty Jennifer was. So I guess arrogance and self centeredness is fine when it’s everyone else but Jackie. Y’all really be stanning these substance-less, no marriage having boring chicks but hate the only person with an actual basketball wife life to show. Whatever.

        1. You are point on jennifer didn’t act like that when Evelyn was on the show wanting to beat that a$$ she gets on my nerves Ghetto Boji A$$..

          1. Jennifer was quiet as a church mouse when Evelyn was on there and about to kick her @ss. She had nothing to say then. Now she’s all big and bad. So fake and phony!

        2. CORRECT! If Jennifer felt that the accommodations were beneath her, and if she has it like that, instead of whining, she should’ve upgraded herself! If they drop Jackie, they might as well drop the entire show. There’s plenty of watchable shows that have nicer, messier snobs than Jennifer. Regardless of how one may feel about Jackie, she brings to the show something that the would be EXTREMELY & NOTICEABLY missed…

        3. Jackie is doing to much ! I know Jen is a little bougie, but Jackie Christie is taking things too far. I don’t like nothing she brings to the show!

        4. I love Jackie ❤️ if she leaves the show there’s no show, I think Jennifer is a spoiled brat she thinks she’s better than everyone else she has had a problem with everyone since she’s been on the show, Evelyn, Malaysia, Tammy, even Shaniy, Jackie and now Jackie again!!! She has forgotten nobody has ever heard of her until this show. Jackie is the only OG, LEFT. Let Jackie live. Jennifer needs to be brought down a few pegs.

      2. Then stop watching because this is Jackie’s show period. You have nothing without her and Malaysia. Especially with the OGs people actually care about being gone. Jenn has always given absolutely nothing.

        1. That’s right keep it 💯 Jen don’t bring anything to the show she should go and why did they let brandi come back.the show was better why is Brooke and British there they bring nothing.

          1. Wow! I thought it was just me who felt like that. They need a cast shakeup. All four you just named brought nothing to the show!!

        2. I love Jackie Christie!!!.& they will work it out& or if not oh well.. all they a-ses have issues& have done the same sh-t at point in time!.. it’s Jackie’s show now!. NO JACKIE STAY!

        3. Jackie Christie appears to be mentally unbalanced. Her fits of rage , profanity, filth coming from her mouth is degrading to Black women. But, she’s right, where else could she go. Supposedly, trying to get her real estate license. Such an awful representative for any realtors.

      3. It’s hilarious seeing some of you be so offended on Jennifer’s behalf over a hotel room when realistically she wouldn’t even like most of you because you don’t make a lot of money or wear designer labels everyday. Y’all recognized Evelyn was mean but not her partner in crime. 🥴

        1. This. That sh-t Jennifer did to Malaysia just showed she’s the same person she was when she ran with Evelyn. As soon as Jennifer notices she’s not the outcast of the group, she’ll join in when the others tag team the outcast. I don’t give a f-ck what Jackie did to Jennifer. Jennifer ain’t no victim. She’s just a mean girl who can’t fight.

          1. And from the ghetto that she don’t want people to know about that’s why she got really upset with Jackie because Jackie put out in the open while she’s trying to be boogie. She practice hard everyday to suppress that Jenny from the ghetto character or who she really is. You’re the real Jennifer Williams please stand up

          2. Yes. These comments are so on point! Evelyn is gone and now so Jennifer is big and bad!!

        2. I just hope and pray that one day, sooner than later that black women on all of these reality B.S. shows would stop sabotaging, manipulating, and being totally disrespectful. Shaunie O’Neal created these monsters. They’re embarrassing to watch them as a black woman, somebody’s, daughter,mother, sister. They break my heart to see them fight with each other instead of uplifting them up in a positive, God fearing manner. They’re the most selfish, insensitive bullies that bring no Fruits of the Spirit to encouraged anyone of any race or culture with kindness, unconditionally love, joy, peace, humility, etc, nothing but pain and despair. I don’t look up to you, I look down at you because you’re nothing nice to watch on TV, read in an article, on the news, not anymore. You need to look in the mirror and see yourself as demonic, satanic, hindering forces that mistreat God’s children any nasty and vicious way you can with that mean green, love of money you’ve been blessed with has become a curse. God is not pleased with your disorderly, selfish behaviors. When we know better, we do better. I’ve never seen a U-Haul following a hearse, meaning all those material possessions you hold love over, instead of doing what Father God wants us to do is Help his children not Hurt or bring Harm and plot against their lives. You let money make you and that’s the root of all evil.

          1. Shaunie is sneaky like the kid that threw the rock 🪨 and hid his hand. She secretly started mess then bounced her behind over to the pastor and married him. Now she’s the first messy lady of the church

        3. Brandi needs to go. British needs to go all she ford cause confusion. That’s why you in the mess now. Duffeyneeds to grow up. Brooke stop , keep your man and learn it’s not always about you


      4. Jackie should leave and I’m slightly disappointed in Doug. She obv needs help and has some serious mental health issues. Jennifer she does not belong on the show she’s toxic and not a s*it stirrer in a good way. I love this show! Bring some other old cast back mix with the new and it will be amazing. I don’t think any show women bringing other women down to the point that is going on is ok

      5. Actually Elizabeth you really sound like a 5yr old crying and complaining almost like you wanna be in jackie place not gonna happen without JACKUE CHRISTY THERE IS NO SHOW it’s called basketball wives for a reason jealousy will get you no where

      6. I don’t care for Jackie. She is very messy. I have some choice words for her. And Jennifer stop thinking you are better than the rest.

      7. Jackie is jelouse of Jennifer. There was no reason for her to act out at the fashion. Jackie is too old to be carrying on like that. She wants to be a part of everything. She’s is full of green jealously. She wish she was young again..act your age Jackie. I want her gone.

      8. She is sickening. She thinks because she is the last orginal but Jennifer is one too. Its Jackie’s M.O.to piss Jennifer off. The woman is just hating on Jennifer. Jennifer is going places. Jackie is still just an old a$$ housewife getting married every year. Doug is tired if her a$$ too. He’s never home because he wants to avoid her as much as possible..

      9. She needs to go home be a wife and a grandma and mend things with her daughter’s she really thinks that she is in charge (NOT) I don’t even look @ this show anymore) I rather look @ the First 48 hours😂🤣

      10. Yes Jackie and Brandi are straight bullies. They both need to go. Jackie is jealous of Jennifer Oriodtt !!!

      11. I agree Jackie does need to go. She is entirely too old for all of that nonsense she keeps going on. Plus she likes to throw stones and hide her hands. She always has so much to say about people but then when she is confronted she lies. I am mad that these ladies continue to passify her. She needs to go sit her old a-s down somewhere and work on repairing her relation ship with her daughter and be a grandmother to her grandkids.

      12. You sound crazy wanting the only actual basketball wife to leave while defending Jennifer’s boring a-s. You new Basketball Wives fans are a trip. The ratings will certainly be worse if producers are dumb enough to listen to you.

        1. And they keep saying Jackie is messy and old do you know how old these ladies are. Brook is in her mid 40’s and so is Malaysia. Jennifer is definitely in her mid 40’s and Brandi, British and Duffy are all knocking on that 40’s door so Jackie isn’t that much older than most of them. If you’re saying it about Jackie then you need to say it about the others

      13. I agree. Jackie is way too old to be acting like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. Jackie has nothing to offer to the show except drama. I think the show has beyond run its course.

        1. All of them are too old to act the way they do but y’all have to stop this ageism mess. The people Jackie is arguing with aren’t that far away from her age. H-ll Jen is almost 50 crying over a hotel room. So keep that same energy!

      14. I totally agree with you. She has a lot of love hate. She loves to drag ppl through unnecessary ugliness. She wants to be the “Star” I’m not saying Jennifer is all innocent, but she has more grace about herself.

        1. There was nothing graceful about Jennifer humiliating a struggling single mother for losing her home to foreclosure on national television. People like you are just okay with mean girls as long as they are attractive and dress well. Continue to be a hypocrite though.

      15. I agree, she’s a bully. With me being a grown woman, I’m unable to tolerate the childish behavior. I can’t see how they don’t speak up. She’s very controlling, and for women to agree with her actions only make her show out even more. She should go
        I agree, Jackie is way to grown to be representing us black women in that fashion

      16. I agree. I would like to see her with woman of her age. They will kick her a-s. She is a BULLY. She needs serous help. She needs to talk to someone.. I feel sorry for her. Poor thing.

      17. You are confused Jen is the snob and I can’t stand her and I don’t consider her an og never she is boring and money hungry and if anybody leave it should be jen

      18. Learn how to spell before you post anything,seem like you are Jealous of Jackie, don’t hate because she has a successful career and been married for so many years

      19. Ain’t nobody talking about what Jackie did last season we talking about this season get out of the past, you just as bad as them

    2. Yes, she need to go, because she is mentally insane. Everyone off there women made a circle around her. Why she think she is the queen bee. Bye. Good redden.

    3. Jackie and Brandi gets under my skin both ladies are bullies and wants to be the head ladies in charge once they are gone please ask Malaysia and the ladies could probably get along

      1. Yrs bring Maylasia back💯💯 Jennifer and Brandi wouldn’t act like tyat if Tami Roman was there…they’d all be in check

      2. I guess the botox and hair glue got to Jackie and Brandi.. they are no body’s friend

        Brandi I hope your cook book does as well…..maybe you will cook up a Recipe called being better as a sister-freind

    4. No leave Jackie needs to stay Jennifer should be leaving she’s a sh-t starter for putting Malaysia business out about her losing her house plus she tries to act like she is hard but Evelyn Lozotta got at her when she was doing the same thing to one of the cast members let her live in her house when Eric and her was getting a divorce she was scared then and didn’t play with Evelyn though she needs to go!

    5. I don’t think she should leave. British haven’t said anything about what she said then want to laugh all in Jackie’s face. Now look at her situation and you’re suppose to be her friend.

    6. Omg, I totally agree. I use to be Team Jennifer loooon ago but not now. Jennifer act like she think she is better but funny thing is when the Alum’s wet up there Tammy, Evelyn that mouth was SHUT. It looks bad and desperate for Shaunie you bought back people there were NEVER relevant. Do like other SMART shows bow out before you are FORCED out by that meaning CANCELLED

  2. Jackie keep the show going ,she got her moments with the other women,but she is straight forward an dont take no stuff off the other women,Jennifer need to go she got so much money an so called rich

    1. She the only original left and no we don’t want you to go Jackie but you are too old to be in all of that mess. You should be mentoring these women on how to keep a man and keep him happy and I’m not saying this as shade to anyone but I admire Jackie and Doug’s relationship. H-ll I
      need your advice

    1. Jackie is too old to be there with the younger girls anyway. Just keep mess going … Ger daughters aren’t in that crowd with that drama? Why? Ever figured it out ? Black women should period no matter the age should get a better story line instead of fighting like wild dogs!!!

      1. She should stay she’s the only original and the show is only holding on because of her. Who exactly on there had clout or is really relevant besides her and Jennifer? No one. To me most of them are boring. If Jackie leaves then shut the entire show off.

  3. Jackie may be the only Basketball Wife, but she is childish and messy. Shaunie needs to do an overhaul on the whole cast and change the narrative. It’s sickening, at this point watching her old self trying to get with these Millenials. Where’s the glitz and glamour we would expect to see from an affluent WIFE? Besides that, she is a mean spirit trying to control.

    1. I don’t understand the ageism my love because none of these women are spring chickens. And I don’t know what you’ve heard, but most NBA wives are not classy. Jackie is not an anomaly in that regard. Y’all have to stop putting people with money on pedestals. They are still just as messy and uncouth as the rest of us. Basketball Wives has never been a classy show. So the fake outrage over Jackie is annoying.

      1. Yes jacket should leave she is a bully and Jennifer should leave also she is not a basketball wives and she think she all that and a bag of chips I love the show but these two ladies need to go

      2. The only person on there with REAL money and don’t really have to work are Jackie and Angel. Look at British, now why is she probably going to jail. Identity theft, bank fraud, wire fraud and the lust goes on. Plus, they just found and charged her with more stuff.

    2. Jackie is a jealous control freak. Jennifer was not going to say everything she said to Myleshia; Jackie would not stop pushing until Jennifer blurted it out. Someone should let Doug watch Jackie in action. Check out Jackie’s history!!

      1. Jennifer need to go Jackie is a OG take it or leave it Jennifer need to go back to sweetie pie

  4. If Jackie leave then the show should be cancelled. I like Jackie she shoots from the hip and is wise when giving advice. Perhaps since Jennifer is so rich she should leave the show which will be a blessing. Bye Jen:).

    1. She’s not rich. Jackie had proof that she helped her get that deal in text messages and that she didn’t say that she was publishing the book. Jennifer just tried to use Jackie’s celebrity Dyaus to climb that ladder.

  5. That would be it for me if Jackie leaves. She’s basically the show. Brandi is a bully to Duffy becauseshe’sjealousthatpeopletook to Duffy and Duffy has a man who loves her. Jason pretty much checked out. Brooke keeps talking about a divorce men cheat sis. Brittish you committed a crime people go to jail for less and you are crying about an ankle monitor. Jennifer is a pure B***h. Book your own suite. She’s sickening. She can dish it but can’t take it. Jackie and Duffy make the show. I love Angel but she needs off the show every time she leaves something goes wrong with her kids. She’s suffering from a narcissistic boyfriend who makes her feel bad for living. Lose Jackie and lose the show ! Ijs

    1. BBWV has changed throughout the yrs. The only OG left is Jackie, but she is too old to be this messy for a storyline. Now it’s just a mixture of women from different seasons, which means different messiness and different boring storyline. None of them really have a good storyline to keep the show interesting. I use to like Brandi until this season. She’s looking like a bully. Angel is cool, but no real storyline. She don’t need BBWF anyway. Nether does Jennifer, they both have successful businesses outside of the show. British is carrying all the messy bones this season, may be due to her criminal situation that’s got her miserable. Brooke is cool but not as popular as should be for a storyline. I hate Malaysia left, but I don’t blame her. Duffy is about the only one that is chill. When Tami Roman left, that was really it for me.

    2. I feel Jackie is the oldest of this messy bunch of people, stay in your lane, quit being messy and controlling, you are all just a paycheck from being broke, if you had it like that you would not be in the airways waving your dirty laundry. All need to stop pointing fingers, especially I you have young girls to raise. Yes Jackie I the only one married, if Jackie leaves shut the show down. Jackie you are a survivor, enjoy your life with your husband and God Bless you 🙏🏾

  6. They continue to fire/lose all the entertaining people but brought back all the boring ones. Just cancel this mess.

  7. Jennifer should be the one too leave,if she is so rich why is she on the show all the women are so fake, just Cancel the show period it’s boring anyway No class at all sorry excuse for blacks women y’all make us look terrible

  8. These networks and producers need to stop listening to these cry baby fans. They want everyone they don’t like fired.

    1. This is the most intelligent comment here. The producers listening to fans is exactly how Basketball Wives began its decline. The fans don’t understand likability has nothing to do with picking the right cast. None of these women are universally loved.

    1. It was Malaysia, Jackie, and Duffey for me. Angel is cool just too sweet for this show. The others are all annoying in my opinion. I can only tolerate those 4.

      1. Between Jackie, Malaysia, and Duffy I really enjoy watching them ladies. If anyone should leave is Jennifer fake a-s. Since when Jennifer get so tuff we all know Jennifer is not about that fight game she all mouth and needs to be layed out. Now I can’t stand Brooke her voice is very annoying just put a muzzle on her a-s. Now Brandy she another one she want people to kiss her a-s and bowed down to her. Duffy needs to stop trying to make things right with Brandy and the chic with the ankle bracelet she need to stop being low key messy and worry about that court case period

        1. My thoughts exactly that Brooke woman voice is annoying as hell with that booty too big for her body!!!! Jackie too old for how she act to have a sweet husband like Doug!! Shiddd Doug need to watch her in action..BRING MALAYSIA BACK!!! That’s how you get under all they skin cause she kept it 100!!!!!!!

  9. Every woman on this show has been messy and there are no victims. Jackie is the only wife and I wouldn’t watch without her because it can barely be called Basketball Wives as it is. The season is very bad but Jackie is the only one trying to give us anything.

  10. Jennifer needs to remember that she’s on Jackie’s show because she is the O.G. in L.A. the other BBW that had Jennifer, Evelyn, Shaunie, and Susie in Florida was canceled because we lost interest so they came to L.A. So Jackie doesn’t have to go nowhere if she’s not ready to plus the show was better when Jennifer was gone. Seriously I can’t with her

    1. I can’t stand her and wish she would go back where she came from. I bet if Evelyn came back she would pack her bags and jump on one of those horses and speed race up out of there. She would never try Evelyn and when she did and Evelyn was going to whoop on her she pulled the press charges card. She’s a littlest whimp who has forgotten those ghettos she came from

    1. I am out too if Jackie leaves. Jackie makes the show, it would be nothing without her. All of the other girlscan leave, but her. They don’t real bring anything to the show, especially Brandi, I don’t know why she was allowed to come back bigger bully. Please bring Malaysia back and some one of older cast.

      1. Bring back Malaysia and keep Jackie but change her storyline of being a mental case all the time let her be a mentol to the ladies with a lil mess but not the crazy things she’s doing she can be a strong wife with them but not all the lies Jennifer i have never liked her on the show she act like a sliver spoon baby Brandi Brooke & British they can go let Angel stay & grow some balls & Duffy ok but not trying too hard to fit in then I think they will have a great show because all the ladies are trying to be the BOSS right now & no one is listening to each other so change the show up a lil bit Jackie can’t go I think she is the only BBW on the show just change her scripts a lil & not gave her so wild like a teenager

  11. Jackie always want to be the center of attention puts on a big bad ass always wanting to fight. All for the show let one of the girls she bullies kick her a-s. Always stirring the pot.

  12. Wow. Loved those comments. I’m sick of the show,it’s boring at this point,think this my last Season to watch,Jackie,Brandi, Brittany,Brooke about themselves and are bringing nothing but mess,like Duffy, Angel but,it’s really a water of Electricity 😂😂😂

  13. Jackie is old and Jackie need to go hang with somebody her own age she’s just a s*** starter and Jennifer take the hair the makeup and the high heels and you will see what you got the loc nest monster from the ghetto she’s very snobbish and very ugly tell her to take the makeup off scared the hell out of you

  14. I really enjoy watching the BBWs. Until I see Jackie coming into the scene. She just stirs the pot…. I think she should leave the show.

  15. With Evelyn,Malaysia gone if Jackie go it really will be one big ole SNOOZE FEST…Jackie a BB WIFE;MESSY,FUNNY and have SEVERAL BUSINESSES that’s what make her REALITY GOLD not to mention a OG

  16. The show needs to go period or change the name. There’s really only one basketball wife, Jackie. and even Doug is retired from playing. He’s coaching. Not the same. The show has nothing to offer. The only person I respect is Malaysia and that’s for leaving the show. NEXT!

  17. I am sorry, but if Jackie go I will not be watching the show any more ! It is sad that all the good ones are gone ,but I like all the girls except, the evil BRADY !! SHE IS AND TO ME ALWAYS HAVE BEEN JUST EVIL !!! GET HER OFF THE SHOW PLEASE !!! She never want to make things right after something go down,she act like she better then them, and after all she been going through, she need to act more blessed then she been acting. I know somethings do hurt , but it is about FORGIVENESS

  18. Keep Jackie she is just old school and say what she has too to show the younger ones that she is a real boss and the other girls I like as well but some are very messy and needs to grow up and stop going back and telling your so called friends everything that someone says or has a comment on. I truly miss Malaysia shout out ChiTown they wasn’t ready for your smoke.

  19. If Jackie leaves the show I will now longer watch the show Jackie is the only reason I watch it is to see what Jackie has up her sleeve other than that I think it would be BORING and if anyone was to leave it should be JENNIFER all she has going for herself is her mouth. But she can send me a nice wig

  20. Jackie ;Evelyn:Malayshia;Duffy will be the show Jennifer and the others need to go Brandy needs to go she’s the mean one trying to take over the show getting the rest of the brainless women on her side they don’t know she’s gonna turn on them when they don’t kiss her a-s look what she did to Malayshia and Duffy!!!!!!!

    1. I can’t stand Brook with all of that silicone in her body. Somebody pour some hot water on all of that silicone it’ll melt

  21. The entire show should be canceled and it doesn’t matter if Jackie stays or go’s, it’s the same bull crap grown women with kids and grandkids fighting over bull sh-t.

  22. The show is ok but it should be renamed because Jackie is the only one married to a basketball player/coach. The other ladies are ex-wives or ex girlfriends. And Jennifer is just too much for me because she brings nothing to the show. Jesus take the show because since all it is becoming boring. 🙄

  23. Jackie needs to sit down somewhere, she’s to old to be hanging around them in the first place . She a big lier also, she needs to stay out of everybody’s business.

    1. She reminds me of Shaneiqua of Love and Hip Hop. Have to always say something about someone and needs to be seen. No one can out do her.

  24. Yes Jackie do to much she is to old to be acting the way she does also she needs to be with ladies in her own age bracket to tell you the truth if all of them put in as much effort with there men they all would be much happier once you hit a certain age all that sister/girlfriend relationship is behind you with children careers husbands you build stuff with your man not messy women

  25. If Jackie leaves, I will stop watching the show. It would not be the same without her. Please bring Malaysia back truly miss her. Like Duffey, Jackie and Malaysia working together. Don’t really care for the rest of them, especially Brandy. She should have never been invited to come back, trying to bully Duffey. Keep Jackie, Duffey and bring back some of the older cast members. Team Jackie, Duffey and Malaysia..

  26. This drama is all for ratings. Jackie fights with someone every season, Brandi fights with someone every season, British is an instigator but I guess production asks her to do it because she apologizes afterwards, Jennifer thinks she’s better than everyone but bring back Evelyn and watch her shut down. The only one without drama is Duffy. No wonder Malaysia left. Everybody is trying to carry the show with drama when they all have their own issues but try to deflect. This should be the last season. It is for me….. I QUIT!!!

  27. Jackie definitly should go shes a liar and sh-t starter if she stays eye wont watch anymore and brandie should never have came back the show sucks now change all the ppl

  28. All the people saying Jackie needs to go are the reason why we no longer have OG, Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie, etc. Y’all get in y’all lil feelings about beefs that don’t even personally involve you because you have low emotional intelligence. Reality shows need interesting people. Jackie is the last interesting person in this group. Y’all keep thinking a cast should be determined by if you like them or not. It’s about good TV. Many of you have no clue that it’s usually the unlikable people that make these ensemble type shows. Jackie alone has a lot of iconic moments just being her dysfunctional self. Y’all are way too sensitive for reality television. But I hope Jackie gags y’all and actually leaves. Don’t cry when it’s canceled because that’s what will happen if Jackie goes. No one cares about Jennifer like that. She’s never been a star, even in BBW’s heyday. Someone does their actual job on this boring a-s show and y’all get mad at them. It’s giving soft.

  29. Keep Jackie and get rid of Jennifer. She have no storyline. She is boring. All she do is swing that 40” faux ponytail around and show those paid for boobs. I’m surprise the rest of the girls like her because she think she is better than everyone else. You see how she was with her no boo. She is with someone totally new now. She was Bragging about him and all the things he was doing for her. He probably left because she don’t do nothing herself. She already have a new boo. British need to stop. She got herself in this messy, so stop the whining and deal with it. Get rid of JENNIFER. I getting tried of all the Black Woman on TV disgracing each other and call each other B..ch. Can’t stand it. They aways say they are holding each other up, but seem like all they do is put each other down. It’s embarrassing for me to be a Black Woman. Time to STOP theses shows.

  30. 100^ let Jackie live. Call her ex (basketball player husband), or Tim 😆 🤣, ( sugie pie)she always trying to get In where she don’t fit in.

  31. I’m a fan of the show. At some point, they’re all messy. Jennifer have said something’s about Malaysia. Karma is real, it came back to her. As for Jackie, she is very disrespectful to Jennifer, because Jennifer is not the type to fight or argue . But, the others will get with her. With all do respect. You just can’t be disrespectful, making threats. Jackie don’t have integrity until it get real. See, while Jackie wanting to be ghetto bad a-s, like she can’t be touched. Jennifer has kept it classy and put that paper in her life. Now, that’s how you fight, wink wink

  32. Jackie is a narcissistic psychopath. she always ruined the show for me. I wish this news becomes a reality. she can take here non existing waist and neck rolls and disappear. I can watch the show without her constant gas lighting and manipulation

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