Jackie Christie Shares More Details About Malaysia Pargo’s Departure from ‘Basketball Wives’

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The current season drama made Malaysia Pargo quit “Basketball Wives.”

Malaysia Pargo‘s departure from “Basketball Wives” is a hot topic on social media. It didn’t take long for the drama to kick off thanks to the return of Brandi Maxiell. Brandi and Malaysia fell out after Brandi was fired years ago. While Brandi said that the issue was Malaysia wasn’t all that supportive, Malaysia said that Brandi was upset about being fired. And Malaysia believes Brandi’s real beef is that she didn’t think Malaysia did enough to save her job. But Malaysia didn’t see it that way at all. She continued to bring Brandi around the group and film scenes with her even when others iced Brandi out. So Malaysia feels she did have Brandi’s back.

Although Malaysia thought she and Brandi hashed things out, the damage was done. Brandi told the other ladies she couldn’t trust Malaysia. So it wasn’t honest to think they could move on from the past.

Interestingly enough, Malaysia’s fallout with Brandi wasn’t her only source of tension in the group. She’s also back on bad terms with Jennifer Williams. And Jennifer’s last straw was Malaysia bringing Zell Swag back around the group. She got even by accusing Malaysia of losing her Atlanta home via foreclosure. After this was alleged, Malaysia told Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey that she was walking away from “Basketball Wives.

Jackie Christie shared more details about Malaysia Pargo’s controversial decision.

Jackie was asked about Malaysia’s departure during an interview with Carlos King. Carlos asked, “Do you feel the loss of Malaysia?”

Jackie answered, “I do. But I also know that her mental health…she explained to me…I asked her one night, just between you and I, I said, ‘Malaysia, I really feel like there’s a way to make this work.’ And she said, ‘My mental health is more important to me than anything. You know Jack, I love you sis, but please let me do what I need to do.’ And I had to respect that.”

She continued, “So I had to say okay. I had to come to terms with this ain’t for Malaysia right now. Maybe in the future, who knows? But if it’s not working, don’t force someone to stay because I would never forgive myself Carlos if she stayed and things didn’t go well. Sometimes people are burned out, sometimes they’re tired. I feel like Malaysia’s at a point right now where she’s figuring it out. And we should let her do that.”


  1. I am going to miss Malaysia. Brandi has serious trust issues due to the fact that her husband did her SOOO wrong. That was extremely hurtful to her so I believe she can’t trust ANYONE and stand any kind of emotions as it relates to what she fells is distrust. I’m very sorry she and Malaysia fell out, because they seemed to be true friends. Malaysia is being kicked while she’s down. She’s shouldering quite a lot, husband not paying child support, bills piling up, moving from one state to another, etc. Where as the friends she thought she had to support her. I’m glad Jackie is giving her the understanding she needs right now. As for Jennifer, she’s just making herself relevant. If someone said “boo” she’d run for her life. Stop trying to be a mean girl, you aren’t built like that. She’s probably gearing up for Evelyn!!! I won’t be watching anymore, soooooooooooo!!!!!

  2. I honestly think Brandi is why Malaysia quit. She’s exhausting and I wouldn’t want to work with her either. As soon as Malaysia quit, she made Duffey the new target.

      1. To me Malaysia brought her true self to the program. She appeared more genuine than the others. Brandy forget she called the shows created a b-tch. That’s why she got fired. And Jennifer with stupid behind sure know how to pick them. Remember Sweetie Pie. I don’t watch it any more. The b team ain’t doing it for me.

    1. Malaysia and Brandi had a beautiful friendship that I miss watching. If Brandi wants to be mad she needs to be angry at her cheating husband who slept with over 200 women. She’s way better than me, I could never be with him again. Divorced would have happened asap

    2. Exactly, she’s a miserable and bitter woman due to her life events, people get sick of attention seekers really fast.

  3. You are absolutely correct–Brandi is miserable. She can’t trust her husband, or anyone else. She exudes negativity and has a toxic personality.

    1. Exactly. Brandi has serious mental and anger issues. Brandi needs to go. She should have stayed fired.

    2. I’m sorry but all of the basketball so called wives are played out! Just not a good representation of black women. They are not even attractive for tv. All over weight with fake body parts. Will not be watching anymore.

  4. I am going to stop watching the show to convey a bit too much. She shouldn’t left the show yeah like do you have a girl said she was just trying to make herself a relevant which she is not talking about some buyers foreclosure on the house. Wow and she got something else to go on.

  5. I hope 1 of the og’s come back and put that b-tch in her place she think she all that but she ain’t and dj Duffy you got this girl cause I know you don’t play these games and brandy outta be happy she back on the show I can’t stand her ugly a-s

  6. I think Brandi is a show off,I see she really like to show out in front of the other basketball wives ,because of the way she treated Malaysia, I think Brandi is frustrated due to her own personal problems, an need to take them out on some one else,

  7. They truly need to cancel BBW. It’s horrible. Nothing is positive. It’s all about pulling each other down. Brandi acts like everyone needs to bow down to her. It’s really sad watching them just tear each other down, especially Brandi. Jennifer has gotten even worst. Now she thinks she’s all that. She has her nose in the air and thinks her crap doesn’t stink.

  8. The fact we all tried to watc h without Tami Evelyn and Shaunie LMAOOO I will NEVER forgive myself …Malaysia left and damn if I aint leave with her LOLOLOL

  9. I agree Brandi wants to be the star of the show but she needs to be the star of her life and put her husband in check how dumb can one be and as for Jennifer does anyone really knows what she does for a living she need to realize that her man just wants fame to kick off his career she didn’t have the guts to say a anything to her ex for throwing a drink in her face and on tv

  10. Brandi got fired because she ran her mouth to Shaunie, going for bad. Malaysia tried to bring her around the girls and the taping, so Brandi needed to do more for herself . She’s back so why is she complaining.
    Don’t like Brandi appears to be a bully.

  11. Jennifer is a fake wanna be. Text book how to stay on a reality show, when you are no longer relevant. Brandi needs therapy. She is holdlng MAlaisa prism prisoner for a job she lost. She is looking to be back with her booting non relevant life. Jennifer and Brandi can both go Bye, bye

  12. Brandi does the most! I hate Malaysia left the show. She was one of the last few people I liked on the show. Bring the OG’s back!

  13. Yes, Jennifer needs to go. She sure look like a donkey.Lol and Brandy is trying to be relevant! Right now the show is straight boring dumb stupid! Yes, please bring the OG’s back

  14. Malaysia was the only one who opened her self up to us. As much as she could or even should have.

  15. I’m going to miss Malaysia!! I’m no longer a fan of this show!! Brandi, Jennifer all of them except Jackie and Duffey needs to go. They disrespectful and jealous hearted. They do not know how to be friends and have no understanding, cocky and most all need Jesus! Get Malaysia back with Jackie and Duffey and the test can go! Too messy!! I don’t blame Malaysia!!

    1. I seriously think that Jennifer just wants attention because she seems to have nothing pertinent going on in her life . She’s not a basket ball wife , she doesn’t have a story line , and she’s trying her best to make herself relevant for the show ; but it’s not working .
      She now has a boyfriend, so maybe that’s why she is acting so cocky . I use to like the class that she seemed to bring to the g t oup , but that has disapeared .
      I am trying to find a reason to continue watching ; but to no avail .
      I like Jackie and her weirdness , Angel and even Duffy , and honestly they are the only reason that I am trying to throw this show a life line ; however I have to admit that the show is hanging on only by a few threads .

  16. I cannot stand Brandi! She is miserable and a narcissist! Now she is picking on Duffy who is the coolest one. I feel the other ladies ok Brandis behavior. Get rid of her again.

  17. I can’t stand Brandi, she’s miserable & needs to go back where she came from. I’ll miss Malaysia she was the truth. So goodbye BBW I’ll be watching something new. It’s been fun but I’m going to run!

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