Sheree Whitfield Drags Kandi Burruss in Defense of Martell Holt + Kandi Responds

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Martell Holt is already engaged in RHOA drama amid his romance with Sheree Whitfield.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have a lot to say about the Season 15 premiere. Sheree Whitfield officially brought on her current boo Martell Holt. The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star made it clear that he didn’t appreciate the comments Kandi Burruss made about their relationship. As we reported, Kandi said that it just seems as if Martell could be dating Sheree for some extra TV time. She went on to say that Martell allegedly tried to do the same thing with another OWN reality star. Kandi later came to the conclusion that Sheree isn’t being used but she’s a willing participant in the ruse.

Martell fired back and dragged Todd Tucker into it. He told Sheree that Todd is the opportunist, not him. Martell didn’t stop there. After Sheree said that Kandi and Todd would be at Aaron Ross’ birthday party, Martell said that the couple better be “peaceful” in person because Kandi and Todd are short.

As the episode progressed, Kandi and Kenya Moore chatted with Monyetta Shaw regarding Martell. And it was alleged that Martell has been messing around with multiple women in Atlanta. Interestingly enough, Martell’s former mistress and baby momma Arionne Curry has been vocal as well. She alleged that she is still intimate with Martell and Martell told her the romance with Sheree is just a storyline.

Arionne’s comments resulted in Sheree throwing some shade on social media.

Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield are no longer on good terms.

Well, Sheree’s new target is Kandi. Hours ago, she came for Kandi on Twitter in response to an insult Kandi said about Martell.

Apparently, Sheree didn’t like that Kandi said Martell is promiscuous and “community property.” So she clapped back by tweeting, “Community service…community should know former community **** 🤗 #RHOA #WhoGonCheckMeBoo.”

Kandi responded after she caught wind of Sheree’s tweet. She accused Sheree of doing the most to defend Martell in spite of his bad reputation.

She tweeted, “You sure be going hard for somebody who’s been giving hard 🍆 to everybody… But go off Sis!🤣🤣🤣 #RHOA.”



  1. Kandi ain’t wrong! Martell is a serial cheater who knocked up his mistress & She-Devil is dumb enough to date him. This is after she dated the ex-con.😭🤣

    1. True facts she by stupid knew lierone tyrone was is a ex con and he didn’t wanna be seen in public with her,and she knows martell is a hoe who just love slangin his D🍆all around town

  2. Martell literally risked his kids and wife’s lives and safety to go out and h-e during the pandemic. No one is a bigger tr-mp than Martell. Sheree is an airhead.

    1. My thoughts exactly!!!! If he didn’t care about putting his wife and kids life at risk during the height of the pandemic…. what makes her think he cares about her?!….Both of them are STUNT QUEENS …..

    1. True facts she by stupid knew lierone tyrone was is a ex con and he didn’t wanna be seen in public with her,and she knows martell is a hoe who just love slangin his D🍆all around town

  3. Although what is being said about Martell may be true, why is Candi so pressed by it? It wasn’t forever and a day when her own mother was saying the same thing about Todd. Candi’s mother even repeated that Todd had been messing with her friends and he was an opportunist as well.

    Sheree is an adults whose decisions affect only her, not Candi, Kenya, or anyone else on the show. Let her bump her head and then it’s lesson learned.

    1. I like your name. I think Kandi is just returning the energy this season. Last season Sheree and Marlo dogged out her and Todd quite a bit in confessionals and scenes Kandi wasn’t present for. They called Todd an opportunist because Kandi made more money but Todd actually had a six figure producer career before he met Kandi. He was working with Oprah before Carlos was. Todd is far from an opportunist. He actually made Kandi wealthier. Martell is a bum.

      1. I was getting ready to say that. Sheree is always running her mouth about Kandi and Todd because she’s jealous she’s been a flop her entire life and can’t attract anything but losers. I’m glad Kandi is returning the energy now. Sheree needs to be dragged at the reunion because only a fool gives Martell the time of day storyline or not.

        1. Martel will never marry her right now he need extra money to pay them legal fees,Sheree should have stayed with Bob because what she got now is worse than her ex husband. She so desperate to have a man in her bed she took a narcissist.

          1. Whew Chile I agree. That Sharee can’t talk about anyone & her 😸 may need to get checked keep messing with Martell knowing he a how. What I don’t understand is how she keep messing with. These bum azz dudes!! She’s stupid or has loose screws in her head!!

    2. Kandi needs to keep her mouth off of everyone. We all know she was ATL sugar momma for years. Now she shares her husband with other women in the dungeon. And she has the nerve to speak on someone else’s sex life?

      1. There’s no sex dungeon and there still aren’t any receipts for this sugar momma nonsense y’all keep talking about. Kandi is actually very smart with her money and won’t even fly on a PJ to save money. But you think she’s tricking on all these men. Kandi can talk about anyone who talks about her. Sheree and Marlo talked about Kandi like a dog last season and Todd was dragged into it. We can all speak on Martell and his thot ways! He’s not hiding it! I’m sure he has way more bodies than Kandi does! Martell passes out his dack like skittles to anyone on IG!

        1. Martell is single and can do what he wants with whom he pleases. They are dating, not married. And yes, Kandi and Todd admitted they have extra folks in their bed. How can they criticize anyone.

          1. Martell is a h-e who broke up his own family because he couldn’t stop sleeping with a slew of different women. You’re wagging your finger at a married couple doing 3 somes like Martell wasn’t doing that when he was married with other people. That’s worse and you have your cape on for him. Eww! I would never cape for trash like Martell!

          2. Martell is always single. He’ll never commit to one woman. Imagine defending someone like Martell while bashing Kandi and Todd. I guess ma’am.

        2. I’m not a fan of Kandi like that but a lot of people are jealous of her. Maybe that’s why they gravitate to someone like Marlo and Sheree. They can relate to having envious spirits like those two.

      2. Kandi dont have to keep her shut,kandi aint nvr lied about ger s-x life she by stupid is the one tht aint got sh-t going on

    3. Listen I’ve been with the same man 23 years and never had to deal with this kind of bs Sheree is so thirsty any man can show her any kind of affection. He ends up being her boo. Sheree you old enough to know better!

  4. The only good clap back Sheree ever had is who gon check me boo? She’s a joke and I just can’t take her seriously anymore. She thought she ate though.

  5. Sheree is terrible and she keeps bringing lowlife men on this platform and I’m sick of it!

  6. Oh and I’m tired of Kenya playing nice with Sheree and giving her so many chances! Drag her Kenya!

  7. You really can’t shade Kandi about promiscuity when you’re pretending to date a man who is infamous for his promiscuity. Sheree is just not smart. I can’t believe she thinks she’s killing it this season. My goodness she’s delusional.

  8. Sheree wake up ,like Martell baby mom said ,you’re just a storyline for him,how can you not see through this man ,yes I do believe the streets are talking about this messy man,like Kandi girl friend said,

  9. Sheree can’t you tell he need a storyline ,please wake up don’t let him use you

  10. This staged relationship is not doing what Sheree and Martell thought it was going to do. That is because most people have seen Martell’s psychotic and violent breakdowns on LAMH. Shoot even the people who don’t watch LAMH know Martell is a psycho from clips alone. Sheree will do anything for a storyline. This has been her only source of income for years. It’s sad and pathetic. Kandi and Todd are a power couple. Sheree and Martell could NEVER.

  11. Cute but Sheree never has this kind of energy at the reunion. All she’ll do is play dumb and stutter. She’s corny.

  12. Sheree will be apologizing to Kandi later.
    Marty ain’t claiming you boo(Sheree). He said it on his show L& M:Huntsville.

  13. Sheree is being a dunce and she’s going to let Carlos talk her right into unemployment again. I know he’s been in her ear using her to do his dirty work. Kandi has him pressed too.

    1. I wouldn’t put it pass Carlos King for setting Sheree and Martell up to do these stunts and shows for publicity and storyline…..

  14. Sheree better keep her looks as that’s all she has to offer. I could not determine who was more pathetic, her or Martell. Neither one of them can do anything for the other. Martell is the type of man who needs subsidy and Sheree ain’t got nothing.

  15. Martell brings down any woman be associates with. Sheree looks like a whole fool right now. Most are laughing at her.

  16. Someone on IG said Sheree dates men on the level of her mentality. And that is the perfect way to describe this nonsense.

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