Ceaser is Ready to Rebuild After He’s Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Ceaser was ousted from “Black Ink Crew” due to a video.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser‘s exit from the show is still a very controversial topic. As we reported, Ceaser was in the middle of some business growing pains. In fact, he was pondering firing some folks including Tati and Young Bae. Young Bae’s interaction with a client left them disgruntled and Ceaser was forced to bring in another artist to show everyone how to tattoo on darker skin. And Tati wanted Ceaser to agree to her opening a Black Ink in Long Island. However, Ceaser wasn’t convinced that Tati was doing enough to help the company expand in the first place. He also told her that some of her coworkers didn’t like working with her because they thought she was messy.

Before he could make the changes he thought were necessary, a video went viral. In the video, Ceaser allegedly abused a dog. Donna brought attention to the video. And she called for Ceaser to be fired from the show. He was after fan backlash began to roll in.

It’s time to rebuild Black Ink.

To no surprise, Ceaser was not happy about his exit from the show. He said the network moved too swiftly to get rid of him. And he felt like he deserved more grace and time before that kind of decision was made.

Ceaser also said in the end he feels as if he and others were exploited by the producers. He felt like some situations required therapy but this was allegedly not pushed by producers.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser got his revenge seemingly while the cast filmed the current season of “Black Ink Crew.” And he had Spyder hand Puma and Teddy legal documents. Spyder told them that Ceaser didn’t give anyone permission to open up additional Black Ink locations.

Well, Ceaser recently told his Instagram followers that it’s time to rebuild. In the caption, he wrote, “I’d rather **** the truth, than love a lie…TIME 2 REBUILD 💯 #ceaserblackink #blackink #blackinkmogul.”


    1. @ Lisa – I completely agree. NOW he realizes that the producers have exploited them. NO CESAR!! As long as you got what you wanted it wasn’t exploitation for anyone else. He’s been trash to his daughter’s mother since the 1st season when he had Dutchess going to court with him to fight over child support. Then the mess with his daughter over his then fiancée What happened there Cesar??? It’s never his fault. GTFOHWTBS

    2. You have to look at the picture about when donna got fired from the show she was beating on the guy she was going with an she didn’t like ceaser know how.

    3. Ptl! It is easy for people to comment on your life when it is edited for reality TV. Young man keep God first,keep listening to your momma and pray . Speak to Him and ask for His affirmation on the things you want in life. Put your trust in Him that holds you up and not man that will tear you down. God bless ! Original Harlemite . When it was all beautiful, all black!

  1. YES! Team Ceasar all the way. Come back and take your thrown.
    Until you walk in a man’s shoes, you don’t know what you will feel. I believe in Ceasar and I believe his heart was in the right place. We all make mistakes! Should he be scrutinized for the rest of his life? No, just like the rest of the folks in the world who’s doing much worst, he deserves another chance too. I will watch and support.

    Team Ceaser!

    1. You must have not seen the video WHERE HE HIT THE DOG WITH A CHAIR you must be a dog🐕 abuser too😡

      1. Agreed!!!! I can’t believe this is still up for debate! There’s plenty on men in the world to go lay hands on but he chose a helpless animal! I will never support him again!

        1. It was very wrong what he did but is he the worst in the world,we got a x president impeached 2 times,found guilty of s-xual assault, and alot more charges 🤔 and still running for president serious make it make since.

  2. Agree 100 percent people want to hold this man to the fire… let’s dig in your personal sh-t n see what we find. People act like they never made mistakes, you just know enough for it to be public. Let’s keep it real. Only God can judge

  3. Shame on you all who judge. The Bible tells me he without sin Let Him cast the first stone. So you’re telling me all those negative comments you never have done anything that you wish you hadn’t of done maybe it wasn’t because you got caught maybe that’s why you can condemn and say the things about him the first thing you should do is pray for him and then the next thing maybe is a see if he needs therapy that something might have been going on at the time that happened I can’t believe he buys expensive dogs to miss treat them so something must have been going on that no one has seen that bother to request or ask about. But all they want to do is persecute. It would not have been a black ink without him no matter what was going on. I pray for those who persecuted cuz one day you’re going to be prosecuted

  4. Unfortunately, Ceaser allowed that SHIp to SAIL AWAY! Abuse in any form in this day and time is totally unacceptable and not tolerated!
    He should seek counseling and I hope he can rebrand in the near future !
    Social Media is “ NOT your FRIEND 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. I truly agree he was a good boss, this has nothing to do with his job Donna, is mad because she was let go.

  5. Does Ceasar need to work on his attitude/ anger and self control yes but just because he’s not on the show nomore or fired he still had a business before hand right and he expanded so what really changed? He’s not being filmed or on TV just rebuild yo name and self and become a better Person all around God Bless We all make mistakes in life

  6. Its funny how ppl can sit in there home’s and judge a man an not even know them in real life some of you beat your kids but don’t like to be judged about that an think it’s right y’all need to get somewhere an find Jesus.

  7. No Ceaser….No Black Ink…!!!Its his Brand….unless he sold it to VH1…really don’t see how they can keep him out?

    1. Viacom trademarked BLACK INK CREW.
      Ceasars is grasping at straws. If he owned the name the show would have never come back. He knew what he signed up for. He had a shop before the show but his elevation only happened because of the show. When he was with Dutchess you could tell he didn’t have a business mind cause she was the one telling him what to do.

  8. Ceasar had grown a lot since he first started on this show. He was beginning to move in a positive way. Donna is a mean and vindictive woman . The media always pump people up just to tear them down when it suits their agenda. It was wrong what Ceasar did but the show will never be the same without him. I loved the way he brought all the artists from different shows together and I hope the best for him. I also miss Ryan and the crew from Chicago

  9. This is one HYPOCRITICAL A-S world. I saw the video and yes it was bad ….people have done worse to EACHOHER and been forgiven. People all y’all. GO FIND SOMETHING TO DO!!!! Ceaser H-LL YEA FIGHT FOR WHATS YOURS.

  10. I want to know who owns the name?
    Ceaser said not to open another BLACK INK SHOP.
    But the show is still airing on vh1 using the name sooo I’m confused.

  11. I feel Caesars right look at nick Cannon he apologized and got his job back and just think I use to like Donna now I don’t because she wanted to tear a man down that gave her chances 😔 it’s a shame how Donna grimmy ass cause his down fall from the show and vh1 needs to give ceas his job back I think Cease should just start his show on Zeus network his own terms

  12. I’d like to see Caesar come back . He was Black Ink so for it to go on without him doesn’t seem right. I know the video of him was bad but I also believe everyone deserves a second change. Let him come back and he could head up events to raise money for animal shelters and animal rescue operations. Give him a chance to make things right. Let God do the judging.

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