Ceaser Calls out Puma & VH1 Amid Latest ‘Black Ink Crew’ Episodes

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Ceaser didn’t like how his time on “Black Ink Crew” came to an end.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser was removed from the show after a video of him allegedly abusing a dog went viral on social media. As we reported, Donna was one of the first people to bring attention to it. And Ceaser felt like it was a spiteful move since he’s the reason Donna was fired from the show. As we reported, Donna was accused of being abusive to Alex. So Ceaser said he no longer wanted her in his shops. It’s safe to say that Donna and Ceaser won’t be on good terms anytime soon.

Since departing the show, Ceaser has been vocal about his disappointment in how things unfolded. He felt like VH1 should have shown him more grace. And he believed this was owed to him since “Black Ink Crew” became a very popular reality show. Regardless, the network decided to cut ties and move forward without him. So the upcoming episodes will focus on Puma and Teddy as they find new tattoo artists to continue the legacy.

Well, some fans have been wondering how Ceaser feels about his former costars now. In fact, they asked him when he recently answered questions via Instagram Story.

Ceaser called out Puma and VH1.

One Instagram user wrote, “Are you mad about your cast doing the show without you?”

Ceaser answered, “Nope. I know that none of them had loyalty to me.”

Another Instagram user asked, “Is this season of ‘Black Ink Crew’ weird to you?” And Ceaser responded, “Beyond weird…they don’t even have a shop to tattoo out of. 😂😂😂”

Someone else wrote, “Did Puma ask your permission before trying to continue Black Ink?”

Ceaser said, “😂😂😂 ask permission??? You asked him, he started Black Ink. He always wanted to be me, so now he sees an opportunity. #snakeinthegrass”

Walt was also brought up.

One of Ceaser’s Instagram followers asked, “Do you still talk to Walt after the whole stealing situation?”

And Ceaser answered, “**** NO…That ***** robbed me and is running around telling people I am a piece of ****. He robbed me but I am wrong 😑. This world is crazy.”

He was also asked if he still gets paid because he owns the Black Ink brand.

Ceaser replied, “Nope I was robbed of my brand. VH1 told me I could take it to court and probably win but it will be decades before I see a dime.”

He accused the network of “assassinating” his character when he told a fan he wouldn’t return to the show.

“After they purposely assassinated my character so they could look right about their decision to fire me from my own show and be around fake *** people whose storylines are so dry. I’ve been saving their jobs every season. Would you go back to that??”

Check out the screenshots here.


  1. Ceaser didn’t quit the show when Sky was fired so why does he feel he’s the only person owed loyalty?

  2. My question was finally answered about who owned the brand. Ceaser shoulda LLC’d it then it woulda been his exclusively
    Pause…Ceaser needs to accept his loss in all that he’s done. Before tv, he was out here making things happen (I guess). Vh1 I guess heard about him, pitched the reality tv idea, up front money offered and boom he fell for the okie doke…they all did.
    No need in crying on Social Media because those folks don’t care about him.

    1. “Nope I was robbed of my brand. VH1 told me I could take it to court and probably win but it will be decades before I see a dime.” Put the claim in and be patient if you’re right. Many wait for years for an outcome.

      This is the very reason he’s in his situation. No accepting any part of what he does. No sir, you signed something to GIVE them your brand. Being short-sighted. He expects loyalty from everyone but only gives with a price. Like you said he came up before now come up again. If VH1 is so wrong he could find another outlet WETV, etc. Plus he made himself unlikable because of a lot of things he did in the public eye, one example is by the way he treated his daughter and going on SM to talk bad about his own child and their mother. And for me it was behind his fiancée that he’s no longer with. He kinda switched up and made it seem like he was on another level and he was leaving folks behind in the dust.

  3. All of you are correct. I watched this show faithfully and will continue to watch. Ceasar made a mistake and the network was probably waiting to get rid of him for one reason or another. He didn’t watch his back and the powers that be were just waiting. Ceasar, make peace with your mistakes and the network’s decision. Market with another channel with a new tattoo concept.

    1. That is a fact but be honest those Brothers was not either loyal loyalty come within those Brothers on the show have no loyalty

  4. Ceasar is a ARROGANT piece of S*** he treat employees like CRAP if they don’t KISS HIS A**….KARMA came knocking and VH1 answered…I am ENJOYING this season

  5. The number of times you see caesar call women outside of their name on that show. Now he puts his hands on his daughter and his own Dogg.
    He needs to STFU

  6. I’m team Ceasar! You don’t know what a man is going through unless you walk in his shoes.

    I no longer watch Black Ink Crew and my wish is that the ratings will be so low that they will be canceled. It’s typical people of color waiting for the opportunity to bring other people of color down. Jim Crow! That’s what they’ve done to us since the beginning of time.

    I agree with one of the other people who made a comment. Cut your losses, accept your reality and lack of loyalty and pitch your brand to another network with another name. What the higher power has for you is for you?

    Puma and Teddy now will feel what it’s like to be in that position. What exactly do they do? They are being used and they will feel their own rapture in due time.

    Best Wishes, Ceasar!

    P.S. You know Donna was a snake who felt like she owned a part of Black Ink.

  7. Caesar spoke on puma but what’s his take on teddy’s role and input how does he look at that is teddy a snake and still being his cousin and right-hand man?

  8. Black Ink New York ain’t shyt without Caesar. The real snake is VH-1, how they just use people to line their pockets. Puma and Teddy are gonna fail miserably, smh!

  9. Teddy us a clown He should want no part of that show I refuse to watch the show…And I hope the show gets cancelled

  10. Ceasar is black ink! Why does the punishment have to be so severe. He could have been suspended for a season without pay. Where is his chance for redemption. Why not anger management classes. Ceasar helped Ryan Henry with 9mag.. Look at Hollywood , Robert Downey Jr is now Ironman. Our brother made a critical mistake. I feel VH 1 should give him another chance. Ceasar I am praying for you.

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