Kandi Burruss Slams Marlo Hampton over Latest Allegations + Calls Her a Horrible Person

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Kandi Burruss denied the latest allegation made by Marlo Hampton.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton are currently not on good terms. Marlo has been very critical of Kandi since she secured her peach. She even told Carlos King that her plan was to keep applying pressure on Kandi because she’s been “coasting” too much on the show. Interestingly enough, Kandi was one of Marlo’s biggest advocates for being granted peach holder status. Regardless, Marlo said she didn’t owe Kandi any loyalty for backing up her transition into a main cast member. So she’s been having plenty to say about Kandi in the latest episodes of RHOA. And she accused Kandi of not doing enough when her nephew was killed a couple of years ago. So this is why she was supposedly triggered by the Blaze Steak & Seafood incident.

Interestingly enough, Marlo made another comment that resulted in a lot of discussions on social media. She alleged that her nephew’s killer was not only his roommate but someone he met while working at Old Lady Gang.

Well, Kandi wasn’t featured in the episode. But she did make time to address Marlo’s comments on the latest “Speak On It.” And she said that what Marlo said is false.

Marlo Hampton went too far for a storyline in Kandi Burruss’ opinion.

“She never mentioned anything about him meeting somebody at Old Lady Gang and then they having something to do with his death because that is not true. The person who killed him…I went, researched. I on pulled it up. I had Don Juan to pull it up because I was like why is she telling this story now? She’s never told me this story before.”

Kandi added, “I’ve never heard anything about her saying anything about that person being somebody that he met at Old Lady Gang.”

She said what Marlo is doing is foul, “They showed the clip. Now all of a sudden, years later, she’s making it seem like the person who killed him…she’s trying to attach that person to me some kind of way. And I thought that was very foul of her.”

Kandi also described Marlo as horrible, “I feel like you’re horrible. I think it’s horrible of you to use your family’s trauma from two, three years ago now to bring it up on this show to give yourself a storyline.”


  1. Andy is letting Marlo destroy RHOA and it’s sad. She’s not a wife, a housewife, local celebrity, Social media star, athlete, actress or singer. So why is she on this show? How does she qualify? We aren’t seeing her life so why is she here Harpo?

    1. I totally agree! She’s nasty and dirty. I guess that’s why. Nevertheless, she’s a DISGRACE to real women!

  2. Please take Marlo off the show. She is horrible and keeps creating stories that don’t make sense. Bring Porsha back.

  3. Housewives been messy if you been following it since day one. Marlo just adding to the drama and people can’t accept it.

      1. Team Kandi. Marlo is acting like a lunatic, how in the h-ll Kandi can clear your record. Marlo you are going to lose your Peach. Marlo Stop with the fake BS!!!

  4. Marlo is a psychotic, angry, low self esteem human. She will be the one who causes her own downfall. She’s barking up the wrong tree.

    Yes, Bravo made a bad decision, a real bad decision. She’s coming after Kandi like Phaedra did and if I were Kandi, I would sue her and Bravo for making allegations that their restaurant is associated with her nephew’s death.

    Bravo you have got to do better. It’s unfortunate but my spirit tells me that something devastating is going to happen that will end reality tv.

    Let Marlo go so that she can get the healing she needs.

    1. Right. What Marlo is doing is very dangerous to Kandi’s business. She takes things too far and I’m tired of it.

  5. If Marlo nephew work at the Olive Garden for a short period of time. would you be demanding the Ceo to do more. Get a life do what you do best sleep with old white men . Team Kandi

  6. I feel the world is giving Kandi a pass when she’s the real mess one. Every show she’s on there is some kind of drama. She need to direct her attention towards her husband and kids . Marlo is thirsty but some things she say is true. I feel the housewives or boring since nene and Porsche left the show

    1. What are you talking about? It’s fine to have drama but don’t lie and are you Marlo or Kandi friend to know whether Marlo is telling the truth. If the show is boring stop watching.

    2. You’re the only one keeping it real Kandi is messy and always throwing shade at someone but when someone comes for her she flips out like she did with Drew’s husband’s cousin .Let Marlo do her thing everyone is always against her because of her criminal record but when she brings up their dirty laundry it’s a problem….

  7. I am not a Kandi fan but nothing Marlo said is true. The only reason she has a sliver of support is because some fans are envious that Kandi is still on the show and their faves were fired. This narrative about Kandi not showing any of her life is bs because she’s shown more than any other cast member past and present. Yet we know nearly nothing about Marlo. Marlo is the worst housewife we have ever had. I blame NeNe for her rise because if NeNe didn’t get so darn arrogant and become a chore to watch, Marlo wouldn’t have a peach now. Bravo is desperate and it shows.

  8. Take marlo drama butt off the show.shes doing too much and she’s a big liar.you stood up over Drew and said b-tch my nephew died and now too say you didn’t raise your voice.get a life

  9. Pleasessssse take off the Jamaican patty girl.(idk her name because she is so boring) You can leave Marlo but take away her peach. And definitely bring back NENE, Porsha, and even Cynthia corny 60 cent behind

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