Marlo Hampton Threatens to Stop Filming RHOA Scene over Perceived Favoritism of Kandi Burruss

Photo Credit: Bravo

Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton have been calling out Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton has been critical of Kandi Burruss as of late. It’s been perplexing to Kandi because she advocated for Marlo to be given a peach. Regardless, Marlo didn’t feel as if Kandi’s support meant she owed Kandi loyalty moving forward. So she spoke her mind during an interview with Carlos King. And she said Kandi has been “coasting” for way too long. So her intent was to make Kandi work for her check. She also accused Carlos of feeling the same way when he produced RHOA. Kandi later revealed that she and Carlos fell out over an Xscape movie that never happened.

Sheree Whitfield has also been critical of Kandi. In fact, she told Carlos that it just seems like Kandi has too much power behind the scenes. She also said that she would like to see Phaedra Parks eventually return to the show.

However, Kandi has made it clear that she will quit if Phaedra was ever invited back to RHOA. So Phaedra can instead be seen on the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.”Phaedra said she was dating a doctor last year during BravoCon. But the casting decision with still a surprise to many.

Kandi Burruss returned the energy.

Well, Marlo will echo Sheree’s perspective about Kandi on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” When the group gets together, Monyetta Shaw tells Marlo she has an issue with a comment she made.

Apparently, Marlo insinuated that Monyetta is Kandi’s puppet. After Marlo brushes off Monyetta’s complaint, Drew Sidora brings up the incident that took place at Blaze Steak & Seafood.

“Kandi, what’s going on with Blaze because we were at Blaze two days before?”

Marlo pretends to be confused, “Before what happened?”

As we reported, Kandi’s cousin was shot at the restaurant. And he happens to be the chef.

In a previous episode, Kandi and Todd Tucker said they couldn’t say much about the incident. It was a legal matter at the time. So it wasn’t much they could say. However, in a green screen interview, Kandi confirmed an employee came to the establishment drunk. And they shot her cousin after they exchanged words outside.

Drew doesn’t want to get specific, “There was like an incident. It was like all over the news.”

Kandi answers, “They fine.”

Marlo then asks, “You talking about the shooting that happened at Blaze?”

Kandi is visibly upset at this point, “It was a private matter.”

At this point, Marlo gets up and threatens to leave, “Okay, I’m getting ready to go home you guys because as I say, Kandi Burruss never…can talk about what she wants so…”

And Kandi responds, “Okay, well, let’s talk about when you cut the girl in the face then.”

Sheree’s friend Courtney Rhodes steps in to back up Marlo, “How long ago was it?”

Marlo answers, “Over 23 years ago.”

She has more to say in her green screen interview, “Everyone loves to bring things with my past. My mugshots, allegedly me dating old white men, my mom, the boys. But when it comes to Kandi, they get that broom, the little swiffer, and they just sweep it right up underneath the rug.”


  1. Did Marlo lie? I quit the show because of Kandi’s momma and Kandi’s minions! They were all doing too much, especially Joyce.

    1. A lot of people talk about Kandi’s success and others are jealous of her. Who really cares about her success. Her success puts nothing in their pockets. This show was a success before she came and will be when they wise up and get rid of her. Kandi and Kenya are riding off the shoulders of the real OG’s

      1. I love Kandi, she’s the best. I love her family and music. She’s got a beautiful family.

      2. Marlo is jealous of Kandi..Why is she always talking about her. Kandi is a very accomplished young woman and that ia just the plain truth

  2. Bye, Wig! Marlo can go and won’t be missed. I truly don’t think Bravo will sacrifice Kandi over Marlo.

      1. Because she’s about her business…that is what she brings to this show. The others are jealous of her success. She doesn’t have to act ratchet to get a check. She has too much going for herself to do that.

      2. She has more personality in the tip of her finger than most on this show. I’m sick of hearing Kenya wine all the time. She better find her a rich man fast coz talk about loosing looks and that’s Kenya.

        1. I agree with Teresa! Kenya wants to say anything to the ladies and when they respond she gets all upset. She’s the messy one and not a true friend to any of them.

  3. Why is this a topic?

    I’m ready for a shift in reality TV.
    It’s getting worse.

    Marlo can go back to the foster home.

  4. She’ll only be hurting herself…. maybe is she wasn’t so messy she’d get along with Kandi and Kenya…

    1. AMEN!. All 3 of them should leave the show and take the clothes to tight queen with them Martell and don’t come back..

  5. I like Kandi, Sherri es just trying to more up, and I believe that both she and Marlo is jealous of Kandi’s accomplishments jealousy has no friends. And I don’t think either one has a friend or could be called one.

  6. Who cares if Marlo leaves? They were just being nice, I think Kim would love to take her spot

  7. Bye Marlo!!!!! Bye Sherri!!!!! You both are boring, and I fell sorry for you. Get your life in order.
    Stop selling your souls for money.

  8. Good riddens Marlo and please take struggling she by Sheree with you. Perhaps Kandi should quit if you don’t/can’t reveal how you have really earned your money over the years. You haven’t been able to talk about that since you have been on the show, yet you want to dictate what Kandi talk about. Exactly what is your job outside of tricking for a sugar daddy?

  9. Marlo is doing NeNe bidding. This is the exact reason why Nene sued Bravo. Y’all know they are friends. So she coming for Kandi to finish what NeNe started.

  10. Good let Marlo leave. I will not miss her messy butt. She has no loyalty to anyone but herself. If it will get her camera time she is friends with whoever is talking at the time. Kandi always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to her and Sheree because she’s successful…

  11. The only thing I don’t understand about Kandi was why get mad when Courtney was bobbing her head. That whole exchange made no sense to me. Marlo and Sheree spend too much time being in other people’s business. I wish Sheree would finally find a quality man. These abusers, prisoners and cheaters aren’t working for her. I do feel like Kandi should be careful. She’s slowly coming across like NiNi did towards her exit. I like Kandi.

    1. If you are bobbing your head that close to my face I would have punched you in your face . Kandi asked her to get out of her space. Now that’s someone searching for a storyline.

  12. This show was to be about housewives it reminds me of a upscale bad girls club. Sisters tearing each other down. Trying to ruin the other woman’s business adventures (Kenya Moore Hair Care) that was so disgusting. Kenya talking about every one’s marriage’s. I think Kandi and Kenya treat the other woman like there’re beneath them. They ruined Sonya’s husbands birthday. They both can do better

  13. Kandi is boring. How could it be a private matter when it was all over the news. If Kandi wants to talk about the pass. Let’s bring up when she was sleeping around with everyone. Let’s also talk about how she was taking care of her man that got killed. Kandi thinks her sh-t don’t stink. We wouldn’t miss her. She is boring. The show has never been more boring since the real Queens are gone.

  14. Get rid of Marlo! Her misguided beef with Kandi is ridiculous and petty. If Marlo thinks she can stay on the show and not film with Kandi, she needs to be gone! Her storyline is wack as well as not interesting, her only claim the fame is wearing expensive clothing, how boring…. She’s envious of Kandi’s success and she’s desperately trying to be relevant. Get her outta there!!!!

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