LHHATL Star Kendra Robinson Claps Back at Pregnancy Speculation

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Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson’s relationship is very controversial.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” couple Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc‘s issues have played out on the show for years. On the latest season, Kendra struggled with coming to terms with the fact that Joc fathered a child with another woman. She was embarrassed by his actions. However, she and Joc agreed to work out their problems. But accusations made by one of Spice’s friends only made that harder. So Kendra received a lot of criticism for staying with Joc from fans on social media. But the comments her loved ones made on the show probably stung much worse.

As we reported, Kendra’s mother and brother were not happy to learn about the new developments involving Joc. They even told her that she deserved better. Regardless, Kendra told them that she and Joc were doing just fine. And they decided to leave the past behind them so their marriage could succeed.

Kendra has been struggling to move forward amid all the criticism. On the current season of “Couples Retreat,” Joc said that he and Kendra have hit another obstacle in their romance. And it just seems as if Kendra is ashamed to be with him because she can’t move on from the backlash she receives for staying with him. Joc also seemingly insinuated that he thinks Kendra switches up on him when the cameras are around.

As for Kendra, her biggest issue is it just feels as if Joc doesn’t take full accountability for his actions. So this has made it hard for her to move on from past issues.

Speculation about a pregnancy isn’t sitting well with Kendra Robinson.

Well, Kendra had something to say on Instagram recently. Apparently, she didn’t like that some people were speculating that she could be pregnant.

In an Instagram post, Kendra wrote, “I am not pregnant yall, give it a rest. Idk if I want to have kids or not and that’s totally ok. Im not rushing or forcing myself to have a baby because y’all crazy ***** want me to, or because that’s just all y’all think a woman can do. I’m good with that, and so is my husband.”

She continued, “Literally nobody else matters in this equation and in the discussion of my **** ovaries and eggs. Weirdos.”

All of this comes after Kendra confirmed that she was pregnant at some point in her relationship with Joc, but she decided to not have the child.


  1. I just don’t understand why she stays with this man and she feels the way she does. Why take him back if your not fully over his past? I know she’s way smarter than this. At this point she is just dumbing herself down trying to save her marriage with him.

  2. Oooo we I really don’t think people care about you or any part of your body. You r a non factor. We know Joc not u. U might want to start treating your husband better. U know who your married to.

      1. Yes everyone has a pass some people even tend to hide theirs and you never know. She seen it all good bad ugly dating married non existent f-cking and all when it comes to this man and his life. Do I think he changed a little yes I do but Mrs mamas if he ain’t who you wanted why marry him.

  3. 💯 exactly!! On tv happy he sucked your toes!! Girl that’s what he do..you wasn’t the FIRST and definitely won’t Be the LAST..YOU SETTLED .Just accept the truth and move on!!

  4. She has been with him for a long time. She knew exactly the type of man he was and CHOSE to stick with him. She made her choice

  5. Kendra LOVE being on TV more than being a LAWYER…sometimes SMART people make DUMB decisions…MARRYING a KNOWN CHEATER was Kendra’s DUMB decisions now DEAL WITH IT or GET A D*** DIVORCE….folks gonna add their 2 cents when you tell you BUSINESS ON TV…and ain’t NOBODY tripping off your SCRAMBLED EGGS.

  6. Kendra girl SHUT UP. You may have book smarts but you really lack common sense. There is no way in h-ll or high water I would be with a man or marry a man with 20 kids. You knew what you sign up for and if she had shared that information with her parents they would have talked her out of marrying Joc. Now she pissed because she made herself look stupid in these streets.

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