Scrappy Defends Reuniting with Ex-Girlfriend Diamond + Blames Bambi for the Reconnection

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Scrappy and Bambi’s marriage is over and it’s playing out on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have hit a snag in their marriage. Momma Dee didn’t make things easy for them with her constant rants about Bambi on social media. So Scrappy worried that she would be the last straw that caused Bambi to leave him. Momma Dee accused Bambi of straining her relationship with Scrappy. And she also said that she wishes Scrappy never married Bambi. She would have preferred that it was Shay Johnson that he married instead. So she was very shady during Shay’s pregnancy. Bambi and Scrappy noticed. But Bambi would later reveal that it was someone else that made her determine it was time to walk away from the marriage.

On the season premiere of LHHATL, Bambi and Scrappy argued as she was packing up her things to move out of their house. As we reported, Bambi had become frustrated because Scrappy wasn’t paying his half of the rent. As they argued, Scrappy told Bambi that she has a family she no longer wants. Bambi responded by telling Scrappy that he was to blame because it was his communication with his ex-girlfriend Diamond that tipped the scales for her and made her seek out a divorce attorney.

Scrappy responded by accusing Bambi of trying to make him look bad.

Scrappy feels his reunion with Diamond is justified.

Well, the upcoming episode will be the first time Scrappy and Diamond share the screen together.

In a preview, Scrappy says that being added to the Millennium Tour really did some great things for him emotionally and mentally.

“I’m the rockstar rapper, sold out arenas everywhere I go. And I’m able to be myself now, do everything that I’ve been wanting to do but I’m doing it freely.”

He goes on to defend why he’s been back in communication with Crime Mob rapper Diamond, “I be feeling as a wife you should always make your husband feel like he that guy. I wasn’t getting that from Bam and I mean it gotta come from somewhere else.”

To refresh your memory, Diamond and Scrappy first dated years ago. However, Scrappy and Momma Dee accused her of dumping Scrappy for Soulja Boy.


  1. This man is a whole narcissist. I’ve never seen him take accountability for anything and it’s always the woman’s fault (Momma Dee, Erica, Bambi, Shay, etc) for his trifling behavior. I think some people still give him a pass because he makes up words and seems nice but he is nothing but chaos for any woman who entertains him.

    1. Your comment is 1000% correct. He is a textbook narcissist and the women who I feel sorry for are Bambi and Erica and their daughters. The first episode shows that when he was arguing with Bambi. Shay wanted to be with him, but clearly dodged a bullet. He needs therapy.

      1. Bambi was the side piece when Erica and Scrappy was together. 🙄 That’s what Erica was saying for years now. I only. Feel bad for the daughter..

        1. And Erica was a side piece when Scrappy was with Bambi and Diamond. Scrappy is the problem. Like Shay said, he lies to and manipulates every woman he’s with.

    2. All u women sound butt hurt over this. Well when u constantly argue with ur man and don’t show him u love him even after he took ur side over his own mommy, u leave the door open for someone else to fall thru the door, in this case his ex fell thru which he happened to be head over heels in love with.

      1. They aren’t butt hurt, just smart. Only weak men seek confidence, self love, and self esteem from women. He should be building himself up because that is what real men do. They aren’t leaders with this weak mindset. Scrappy is a momma’s boy and wants every woman he’s with to be his momma.

        1. Facts!! Scrappy is weak minded. Depends on a woman for validation instead of standing up and LEADING. Nothing is ever his fault. He said Diamond left him for Soulja Boy, but Diamond went on to say Scrappy was physically abusive and Momma Dee ruined her credit. This reunion between the two will likely be a train wreck.

        2. He’s not a bad guy Bambi made him jump through hoops over and over again for what? He sided with her and defended her when she was just as wrong He stayed with her when she keep saying “I’m done” and fought for his marriage and even after all that she still wasn’t happy

          1. Ryan no disrespect but you sound crazy brother. A man is supposed to side with his wife and defend her. When you take vows you promise in front of God to forsake all others. There’s never a situation where a man should put his mother before his wife and children. It’s really disheartening that grown men don’t understand this. Do better.

      2. Erica and Shay showed Scrappy a lot of love and he dogged them out too. He’s the problem. And Diamond is his karma.

      3. This comment is absurd for many reasons but you really said Bambi should have shown Scrappy love because he chose her over his momma. But that is exactly what he was supposed to do. The Bible said forsake all others. He should not be praised for doing what he’s supposed to do. This man has a pattern of cheating. That isn’t the fault of the women he cheats on.

      4. Typical male response..and imvalid..nobody’s BUTT hurt..d-mn it’s not hat serious..its not our relationship..but you’ve definitely shown you are just like him..don’t and never will take responsibility for your faults but NARRASISST never do.

    3. I’ll say this. I don’t feel he’s a narcissist. I think i he’s still very immature. Us women are constantly trying to raise a man!! It’s never going to happen. You can do, give, buy, support, and love until the cows come home baby!! However until he knows his own worth, it’s hopeless 😔 You can’t marry potential alone. We want what we want right?? Be careful what you pray for 🙏🏽 This man has momma issues!!! I totally agree with the “He needs a bomb a-s Therapist “

    4. I totally agree. His a-s needs to start paying his d-mn bills. Shay said his credit was HORRIBLE! now they basically getting out out cause he wasn’t paying his half of the rent. Sorry a-s but want somebody to treat you like a king but your not paying bills 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Like I said several times, Scrappy is the problem and always has been. Instead of getting the therapy he needs, he keeps hopping from woman to woman when he has no business dating or marrying anyone. He should be single and stay that way.

    1. I totally agree with the fact that he displays a great deal of immaturity. Needs a reality check, a man should lead in a house and not be carried.

  3. Scrappy Doo ran back to the woman who dumped him for the more relevant rapper at the time. Oh he’s down bad.

  4. I’m glad Erica didn’t marry Scrappy because he is a horrible excuse for a man. He is the epitome of a malignant, textbook narcissist. The only women who I feel sorry for are his daughters, and Bambi and Erica. Scrappy needs to see a therapist, ASAP!!!

  5. This guy is an idiot periodt!! Diamond dumped him for Soulja Boy and his Mother is and always will be the problem. She’s lonely and wants him to be the same way.

  6. I’m the rockstar rapper, sold out arenas everywhere I go. LMAO!!! Boy please! I never saw the appeal

    1. Lmao EXACTLY. I haven’t heard anything from Scrappy in years. The only reason he has so little relevance now is because he’s on this show. Other than that I’m trying to figure out what arenas he has sold out.

    2. 😂🤣😂🤣He is so crazy and a joke! He’s telling the courts he has no money! But makes that statement. He’s so contradicting.. I feel for Bambi and all his kids. All this is so public and one day they’ll be old enough to watch it. I love Erica Mena and Bambi’s bond and their support for each other. I am heartbroken they both had to experience so much negativity from Scrappy and Safree. They deserve better.

  7. The ONLY reason Diamond is giving Scrappy the time of day is for the opportunity to get that CHECK! Scrappy needs a storyline and neither Shay nor Erica were willing to sell their souls for that check. This IS Reality TV. Diamond ground his heart into dust particles! WHY would she go BACKWARDS? 🤔🤔

  8. I haven’t watched this show in years. I am not taking sides but Bambi you was messing with a married man AKA Kirk years ago.

    1. Rewatch that scene because it’s still on YouTube. Bambi did not touch or interact with Kirk at all. Rasheeda has said this. Bambi was there with a single Benzino. Rasheeda would not be defending Bambi like she’s been doing if Bambi messed with her husband.

    2. You took a side and then lied like h-ll though. Bambi has never messed with Kirk. The h-ll? None of the women are even wrong in this situation. The issue is and always has been Scrappy.

  9. People like dragging Shay but she was 100 percent right when she said that Scrappy is a liar and manipulator.

  10. This season is a drag and moving it to MTV didn’t help matters any. Who is Diamond and what and how is she relevant?

  11. Amen. From Diamond to Erica back to Diamond back to Erica to Shay back to Erica to some Randoms to Bambi….But it’s never been his fault. It’s actually Moma Dee thats the problem. She’s raised a Big a-s, punk a-s Baby who thinks everything is supposed to be about him.

    1. His Moma is the Problem SHE Obssesive Compulsive Disorder Behavior Narcisstic behavior is Possesive n she’s Pour A-s EXCUSE as a Parent who SON is NO LONGER 18yrs old. Moma DEE mad BCUZ the Bambi is the Best thing that happen to him. She Love him n GAVE him three kids. Scrappy Still Loves Bambi his Past relationships NEEDS a back seat. Moma DEE is jealous his Wife Bambi. Bcuz SHE wants to F-CK her SON. That’s Why he can’t keep NO Woman BCUZ of Trifling A-S Moma DEE. Somebody NEEDS to Air her Dirty A-S LAUNDRY. She’s the Problems. I believed Scrappy n Bambi can fixed their marriage. If FOLKS stay OUT of the Matter of their marriage. Scrappy go home to the Bambi the WIFE… n YAH three CHILDREN. GO HOME Scrappy, Bambi is your LIFE line at them KIDS not Child support, share n the same house hold. GET a restraining order against UR Mom a DEE. She’s been terroristic threats against Bambi n her KIDS n they will lock M.DEE up for that SH-T… Lock Moma DEE Ass Up. LEAVE Bambi Scrappy them KIDS alone.. Diamond ERICA Shay any other H-ES to Scrappy GET a LIFE.. LEAVE Bambi ALONE with the husband SCRAPPY.. SCRAPPY A-s go GET the BAM back SCRAPPY GO GET ya WIFE, DUDE.. Finally BE HAPPY… Take care of the BAM n the KIDS, DUDE… N O Divorce….

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