LHHATL Drama: Bambi Puts Scrappy on Blast Amid Separation Rumors

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Scrappy and Bambi may have called it quits.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have been a hot topic on social media for months now. During the recent season, it was clear that they were dealing with issues in their marriage. Bambi said Momma Dee was one of their biggest problems. At the time, Momma Dee was taking shots at Bambi on social media while uplifting Shay Johnson on the same platform. After Momma Dee was called out for this in the comments, she stood firm. And she said that she didn’t have to end her friendship with Shay just because Bambi thinks she was being messy. Interestingly enough, Momma Dee said she wishes Scrappy married Shay instead.

Momma Dee also blamed Bambi for her strained relationship with Scrappy. In fact, she claimed that it was Bambi who kept Scrappy from spending major holidays with her. As for Scrappy, he worried Momma Dee would destroy his marriage. And eventually, Bambi would reach her breaking point one day. She would then end the marriage. This is something that Scrappy was hoping he could prevent from happening. So he didn’t force Bambi to allow Momma Dee to visit her grandchildren.

Knowing the messy history, LHHATL fans were shocked to see that Scrappy and the kids spent Christmas with Momma Dee. Bambi was nowhere in sight. She also hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring. So people suspect that she and Scrappy are currently separated.

Bambi and Scrappy had a shady moment on Instagram?

Well, it seems as if Bambi and Scrappy had a shady exchange on Instagram recently. Scrappy posted about loving the people who show support on Valentine’s Day, “A real man is the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, Oh Crap, he’s up! Brother, life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat u right. Forgive the ones who don’t just because you can. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Take a few minutes to think before u act when you’re mad. Forgive quickly. God never said life would be easy. He just promised it would be worth it.”

The caption went on, “Today is love ❤️ day, send this to all your lovers, and me if I am one. If you get back 7, you are loved. To the cool people that have touched my life. Here’s to you!! A real man walks with God when the rest of the world walks on him 👊🏿. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!”

One of his followers said he needed to send this to Bambi. The Instagram user wrote, “Send this to the Bam.. we love y’all together. Fight for your family…❤️ ❤️.”

In response, Scrappy wrote, “nope.”

Well, Bambi seemingly clapped back on Instagram Story. She posted a clip of teddy bears, flowers, and balloons she received that read, “I’m sorry.” In the caption, she wrote, “They didn’t have a ballon that said ‘nope’?”

You can check out all the screenshots here.


  1. All Scrappy has ever done is bounce back and forth between Bambi and Erica. They’re foolish to have let him waste their time.

    1. I agree. He’s very whiney, bratty, and then you have to deal with Momma Dee too. But these women overlook all of this because he’s a rapper.

  2. Perhaps he said nope because he knew he had already made a gesture to her expressing himself so when he made the post he wanted to make it clear that because of his previous actions he didn’t make the post on social media to make her feel special via Social media
    considering he had given or planned on giving her those items behind the social world scene needing no validation of Fans or viewers I’m just saying he could have went on to say other negative things behind nope or he could have posted the items with what he said but the fact that he did. Not so that what he posted was merely what he has come to realization of due to the current situation. The items was a small fight back so I get Bambi on her sarcasm but if take two if you are deep down in your heart done then be a woman about it and sit down and have that conversation for the last time so that he doesn’t fight for something that only you know her never getting again make men look foolish everytime which is whybthe fight less and lesser each relationship or marriage experience

  3. At the end of the day. Scrappy be a man about yourself and get your damm FAMILY BACK, n BE THE MAN, “GOD!!!!” Intended for you to be n do.. Bcuz you have a BEAUTIFUL WIFE/WOMAN in your LIFE? Who????? HELD you DOWN? She will STILL BE THERE, UNTIL THE END… STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allowing?????? YOUR MOTHER? 2 Keep, RUINING “ALL OF YOUR!!!! Relationships with WOMEN.. Bcuz “DEE? Moma DEE?.. (‘SELFISH!!!!!!!!)
    She’s a Controlling, Territorial, SELFISH, Self Centered, EGO, Tistical PERSON, Who SERIOUSLY!!!!! Needs!!!!!2? NEEDS TO GET A LIFE?) Bcuz WHEN YOU STAND B4 the LORD? What “EXCUSES R U!! Gonna TELL GOD!!!!) Whatcha gonna SAY?) “LOVE UR MOM? From a Distance. (I knew you, n UR Family WAY back in the DAY? We were Young, n UR MOM, wasn’t like that.. I knew UR Dad to, Very Nice Man. So? Scrappy? UR A GOOD, GOOD, PERSON 4REAL MAN. “Fight 4da BAM? GET UR Family BACK? Be that DUDE, TELL DEE? Stop!!!!!!! With the Craziness!!!!!!! ACT LIKE SHE GOT SENSE? Then Maybe it can be a Happily ever after “FAMILY”.. n REPENT FOR YAH SINS, N BE A HAPPIER FAMILY? SO STOP!!!!!!! WITH the INTERNET DRAMA. UNLESS EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE, IS GOING TO GET PAID!!!!) Keep it Very Classy and Enjoy your LIFE N RAISE THEM CHILDREN TOGETHER? Time OUT FOR BEING A DAD OF ABSENCE.. MY DAD DIED/Murdered when I was 7years old. I had to grow up, with NO Father.. SO SCRAPPY? GO Back to UR GOOD Beautiful WIFE Bambi? ALL SHE WANTS IS YOUR LOVE, SHE GAVE YOU 3 Beautiful babies? GET your LIFE back? LEAVE THE HATERS BEHIND YAH. WHY????????? Bcuz you have a SON? Now? Whatcha gonna Tell him? A Real MAN, RAISES a young Man, by ‘EXAMPLE’? UR Mother is NOT a Man. PUT UR FOOT DOWN AND GET UR FAMILY BACK, LOVE UR WIFE, RAISE YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN AND BE HAPPY N YAH? GET that? $$$$$Money Money together, Travel, be Happy wt your New FAMILY. U the Man? Oh? Yeah? Bypass” them” HOES!!!!!!!?” U got a Family, n Pretty Children to Raise Teach and Train, LOVE WHAT GOD’ BLESSED YOU WITH? Use YOUR ‘GIFT”…
    (2 Scrappy and Bambi, with SINCERE LOVES JOY N PEACE!!).. Tell UR MOM, go SIT down, Sumwhere?????? Chilled OUT? Stop being JEALOUS? ????
    From: Sis. Lisa, the Prophet…. You will be JUST Fine. You have Destiny CHILDREN. My Child died at 10yrs old. So? Scrappy? Don’t get back in SIN, GET BACK TO GOD, WIFE, CHILDREN, CAREER, GOOD SUCCESS, N BE HAPPY, BE!!! That MAN???? The Smart ONE, Who kept his Wife and Family, n TOLD HIS MOTHER, OKAY? Now???? ENOUGH OF SHENANIGANS? Time to SIT it Down.. GOD Bless you…. Bye.

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