Scrappy is Photographed Spending Time with Ex-Girlfriend Diamond Amid Divorce?

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Scrappy and Bambi’s marriage didn’t survive the constant drama.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have been in the headlines for months. As it stands, it’s looking as if the marriage is over. Days ago, Bambi had another social media back-and-forth with Erica Dixon. Things popped off after Scrappy and Erica’s daughter Emani Richardson referred to Bambi as “that lady” in an Instagram Live video. Bambi eventually referenced this in a caption of a recent Instagram post. After some jabs were taken in later Instagram comments, Bambi confirmed that she did file for divorce. It’s likely that Bambi and Scrappy will open up about their split during the upcoming season, but fans probably won’t need to do too much guesswork on the cause.

As we reported, Bambi and Scrappy’s issues played out on and off of the show. And both can agree that Momma Dee was a huge source of tension. Momma Dee doesn’t like Bambi. She’s been vocal about this so much so that some LHHATL fans have called her out on social media. They also thought she was messy to say she wished Scrappy married Shay Johnson where she appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.”

Is Diamond back in the picture?

Before Bambi was Momma Dee’s target, she couldn’t stand Erica either. There were times when Momma Dee didn’t feel as if Erica looked out for Scrappy enough. Erica didn’t appreciate any of this. And she pointed out that she held Scrappy down financially after his rap career fizzled out. So this was a huge reason why she blasted him over child support payments.

Well, Bambi and Erica aren’t the only exes of Scrappy’s who have murky pasts with Momma Dee. She had strong feelings for Crime Mobb rapper Diamond as well. In fact, the first season of LHHATL was supposed to be centered around Diamond and Scrappy’s relationship. However, Diamond ended the romance ahead of filming. And she started dating Soulja Boy. Producers then reportedly shifted to focusing on Scrappy’s contentious past with Erica. As for Momma Dee, well, she continued to drag Diamond in interviews.

Interestingly enough, fans are wondering if Scrappy has been spending some time with Diamond now that Bambi is out of the picture.

According to blogger Gossip of the City, Scrappy was photographed spending some time with Diamond recently.

Check out the photo here.


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  1. I guess Momma Dee happy she did not want him with Bambi,I don’t think him an Diamond will last,Scrappy seem confused to me

    1. And Erica was the side chick when he was with Diamond. So sounds like Scrappy is the problem correct?


  3. Us blackmen need to start respecting our black women more now days and think more how these kids feel sad they deserve better by in life

  4. So, instead of fixing his marriage, scrappy ran back to a woman who left him for another man while they were dating a decade ago? Wish he would’ve focus and fix his marriage and family instead of running back to a woman who didn’t give an F about him back then because if she did they would’ve still been together.

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