LHHATL Drama: Erica Dixon Runs up on Bambi + Scrappy & Bambi Divorce Over Diamond

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Bambi and Scrappy are over.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” will return next week. Interestingly enough, fans have already gotten glimpses of the drama that went down while the cast filmed the new season. As we reported, Bambi and Scrappy’s marriage is over. Scrappy said he felt like their relationship was strained so much due to Momma Dee‘s meddling. She has been vocal about her dislike of Bambi on social media, in interviews, as well as the show. When Momma Dee appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” she said she wishes Scrappy would have married Shay Johnson. So Scrappy worried Bambi would leave him because of Momma Dee.

Well, it turns out Momma Dee may not have been the breaking point of Scrappy and Bambi’s marriage after all. It may have been Scrappy’s ex Diamond who was the last straw for Bambi.

MTV has released the trailer for the new season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” In the video, Bambi and Scrappy are having a conversation about the state of their marriage. And Scrappy says, “You got a family or whatever but you don’t want that family.”

In response, Bambi says, “You was just in a person’s DMs that you used to date.”

Rumors about Scrappy and Diamond may be confirmed on the upcoming season of LHHATL.

The trailer then shows Scrappy and Diamond coming face to face. Momma Dee later tells someone that Diamond could be pregnant by Scrappy, “Bout a week ago she said she was waiting on her period.”

At some point, Erica Mena has a conversation with Scrappy and he accuses Bambi of not fulfilling her duties as a wife.

“She never did no wife ****!”

Regardless of who blames who, Bambi later confirms that she is done with the marriage, “We are officially going through a divorce.”

Erica Dixon runs up on Bambi.

Bambi’s latest issues with Scrappy’s baby momma Erica Dixon will also play out on the upcoming season. As we reported, Erica said that her co-parenting relationship with Scrappy and Bambi is pretty much nonexistent. And she’s back to not being on good terms with either.

In the trailer, Bambi and Erica have a heated conversation. And Erica even tries to run up on Bambi.

Those two won’t be the only ones who nearly come to blows on the new season. Erica Mena and Spice get into it as well because Erica feels it’s shady for Spice to be so chummy with Amara La Negra when she’s seemingly hooking up with Safaree Samuels.

The new season of LHHATL includes the additions of Erica Banks and model Jessica White.


  1. Erica and Bambi look stupid still hating each other while Scrappy has circled right back to Diamond. How is it not clear to them that he’s always been the problem?

      1. This. Everybody is Team Erica or Team Bambi but I’m Team Neither of them. They have so much hate for each other when they should have that energy for Scrappy. I’m sick of that tired storyline.

        1. I am team Bambi girl don’t let any of the haters comments tear you down. You are a great person deserving more in life for you and those kids.

      1. So true and the fans aren’t any better picking sides years later like little children. I’m so tired of Bambi vs. Erica. It’s been a decade. Scrappy is the problem. Stop hating each other over a man that played you both.

    1. Erica mad because of Bambi saying she abused her daughter, not cause of scrappy, she been moved on

      1. Erica has not moved on. She was on the Shade Room calling Bambi ugly and talking about her gums hours before Bambi said anything about child abuse. She will never move on.

        1. Erica have the right to be upset when another woman that claim to love her child, mistreats her..Bambi was talking about Erica all the time in the past…plus i dnt get why women be upset with the other woman, when they should be mad at the man, if the man started the whole drama situation

        1. That’s not even what happened. The CPS got involved because Erica and Scrappy’s daughter reported Erica. If Erica moved on, why is she still talking about Scrappy a decade later?

    2. Erica isn’t thinking about Scrappy but she’s over him and the other women pretending like he’s something he’s not…a good person or parent.

    3. I truly do not believe they are arguing over Scrappy, Erica does NOT want him back, Bambi chose to get involved with the mess that Erica and Scrappy had going on in regards to their daughter. Lets see what she will go thru for child support. Scrappy was deadbeat with one, Bambi has three.

  2. Oh please Erica is ALWAYS beefing over Scrappy. That’s been her single life mission for over a decade. She can’t even keep a spot on this show without him. Her and Bambi are both completely dependent on him for relevancy and it’s pathetic. Two male identified fools.

    1. Excuse me ma’am get your fax straight the show would have not existed if not for Erica. Scrappy was with Erica before he was a rapper and he and Momma Dee lived with her. I knew this from the very beginning but fact check for yourself. Go see Carlos Kings interview with Erica Dixon on your YouTube

      1. Completely false. Mona literally started the LHHATL pilot for Soulja Boy and Diamond. Scrappy and Erica were brought in as backups after Diamond and Soulja quit. Erica was even fired because she’s irrelevant when she’s not with Scrappy. I guess you missed that live she did when she said they let her go because she wasn’t talking to Bambi and Scrappy. She will never have her own identity outside of Scrappy and whatever woman he’s fooling with. The rapper baby momma card gets old quick.

        1. I’ll just add that Scrappy and Erica weren’t even original cast members. They were such a non factor back then. They were eventually casted because Shay Johnson recommended them. The show happened because of Nivea, Rasheeda, Ceelo, Diamond, Soulja Boy, Tammy and Waka. Those are the names that made Viacom bite. Carlos always lies and hypes up whoever he’s interviewing. But there are plenty of articles that dispute Erica being the reason LHHATL exists. That’s just a lie and a terrible one.

      2. Carlos did not say LHHATL wouldn’t exist without Erica Dixon. You Erica Dixon stans are hilarious. LOL.

      3. I’m pretty sure the show would have existed without Erica like it’s been doing all the years she was not on the show. But you proved Elizabeth’s original point which is Erica is really just a male identified pick me. She takes care of broke men and constantly stays in toxic relationships. I don’t find that endearing or entertaining. Isn’t her newest baby daddy a married man? I liked her when I was young and dumb.

        1. He’s married?! I really thought Erica was better than that. I’m starting to like her less and less.

          1. What I find interesting is how it was okay for Bambi to call Shay “that lady” but the minute someone says it towards her it becomes an issue. I happened to catch an old show & saw it. I also caught another one where Bambi admitted she felt some type of way that Erica didn’t allow her to help plan Emani’s 10th birthday and she said now she wants her own family. Bam you were a gf, you didn’t need to help.

  3. The funny part is Diamond done had a baby and has a man so idk why they are spinning this narrative of Diamond and Scrappy. I’m not mad at them getting a back but why rematch old stale drama that really ain’t drama

  4. I really liked Erica and was proud of her when she quit the show because she said she didn’t like that they only wanted her on there if she talked about Bambi and Scrappy. Now she’s out here being messy, hating on people on the run it back show for a check. So disappointing.

    1. Yes! I used to think Erica had some sense. She was working at a hospital. Had bank accounts for herself and her daughter and was financially stable enough for Scrappy to be visiting her home of the other way around. Scrappy was doing the fighting in court not to pay child support thing. I knew she wasn’t over Scrappy when she was happy to report on the reunion that she and Scrap was in a hotel room. Bambi knows all about that life so she played the game until he came back around to her and eventually married her. Then Erica having the twins only to find out they were by a man who’s not available. I agree that Momma Dee was a big part of deconstructing of their marriage but him being a h-e and a spineless male sealed the deal. Momma Dee will be a thorn in every one of Scrappy’s women side that does not kiss her tail .

  5. This trailer didn’t move me at all. For most of them, it will still be the same storylines they had since 2012. Boring.

  6. Some of these Men have Women out here hating each other fighting but the Women will still Love on the Man and he’s the problem just sad and they always pointing fingers at each other but not the problem the Man and now Scrappy with somebody else Erica done had more kids and still it’s about Scrappy aren’t y’all tired of begin messy geesh😁🥴🤨

  7. Just take this off I’m tired of seeing these plastic a-s women and some of these new people nobody knows…….

  8. Thier drama is over 10 years old. I wouldn’t stay in a bad relationship that long. I have moved on.

  9. The show is about the same crap… vacation, eat, drink, shop and fight. There is an occasional performance here and there… Sorry, but I always had a soft spot for Erica Dixon, Scrappy felt that since she was on the show, and he some how helped, he need NOT pay child support. Now that is the truth… He was basically trying to run game on Erica to stop the child support payments. Stupid a-s Bambi was having his back while being a deadbeat dad…. now lets see what she has to go thru to get child support… he would not even help her with the rent to save their house.

  10. Team Bam ND Scrappy!! Wish they could’ve really worked it out! Could’ve took a break before finalized it. BUT sometimes a perfect family is a mother nd her children!!!!!!! Bam got a lot of haters!! You go girl!!!

  11. Erica is far prettier and has far more class than Bambi. Erica moved on from Scrappy years ago and has since had beautiful twin girls with someone else. Scrappy barely makes enough $ to hold on to a house, and Erica doesn’t need or want him. Who remembers when Kirk cheated with Bambi on Rasheeda in that hot tub? Why does Rasheeda even care about a convo between Erica and Bambi when she owes neither anything? By the way, if Bambi and Erica did knuckle up, I believe Erica would beat the brakes off her!

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