Scrappy Responds to Backlash from LHHATL Fans Regarding Reunion with Diamond

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Bambi and Scrappy’s impending divorce is a focal point of the latest season of LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi are currently in the process of a divorce. As we reported, Bambi and Scrappy have had issues for years. While Momma Dee may have been a source of drama, Bambi alleged that it is Scrappy’s ex Diamond who made her file for divorce. Bambi accused Scrappy of getting back in communication with Diamond behind her back. And she took it as a sign that she needed to move on because the trust isn’t there. She also said that she read text message conversations in which Scrappy invited Diamond to his hotel room while he was on the Millenium Tour.

On the recent episode, Scrappy defended his choice to get back in touch with Diamond. He said Bambi wasn’t making him feel like “that guy” so he had to get that need met elsewhere. Interestingly enough, some fans aren’t buying Scrappy’s excuse. They feel he has a bad track record with the women he’s been with. And he has yet to take any responsibility for what he’s done wrong in those past relationships because he’d prefer to place the blame on the women.

Well, Scrappy responded to the backlash on Instagram Live. And he wanted “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans to know that he’s okay with the criticism.

“************* be looking at ‘Love And Hip Hop’…And they got they, everybody got they opinions and ****. I wouldn’t give a **** as long as I get my check from ‘Love And Hip Hop.’ I’ma be straight as long as I get my check. The crowd can think and say whatever. I ain’t one of them.”

Scrappy has another show on the way.

He goes on to say that receiving backlash means he’s doing his job, “I ain’t one of them. I ain’t finna be Instagramming. ************* tryna argue with ************* cause they feeling a certain kind of way. You supposed to feel a certain kind of way. That’s what ‘Love And Hip Hop’ bout. You supposed to connect with that ****. And if my story connects with you and you feel a certain kind of way, that means I did a great job with just being vulnerable. My kids’ mom…being vulnerable. Everything is good man.”

Scrappy continued, “Feel how you feel but I’m not gon be mad at you because that’s what it’s for. You ‘posed to have an opinion. You supposed to be able to say how the **** you feel when you want to cause God blessed you with your brain, heart, and your ************ lips, and your fingers. So if you wanna type something, do that man. You can do that, man ’cause I only do ‘Love And Hip Hop’ for the check. And I get a good one. So I don’t even care.”

Near the end of the live session, Scrappy also revealed that he will be on another reality show soon. But he did not disclose which show that will be.


    1. It’s really not. The more he talks, the more clear it is that he hasn’t done the necessary work on himself.

  1. I saw that IG post Scrappy did with his oldest child, sister, and Momma Dee. And he said they are his protectors. He has no idea how to be a man and it’s shameful. He’s the woman in all his relationships too.

    1. Yep that’s why he had Erica and Shay paying his bills and expected Bambi to pay his half of the rent.

  2. This “I’m just here for a check” mindset is exactly why these networks and producers treat these reality stars like trash. When you let people know you’ll do anything for money, they won’t mind ruining your image, life, marriage, and family. Scrappy needs to grow up. He’s been on this platform for years but doesn’t have much to show for it. Had he played it right, he would have multiple businesses, properties, and income streams. That way he wouldn’t have to hop from show to show to survive. I agree, this wasn’t a flex at all.

    1. Exactly 💯 and he would have been able to keep his kids in that house PERIODT! SCRAPPY sit down somewhere!! He to old to be talking about as long as I get my check..boy bye

  3. I used to like Scrappy but I see he’s problematic as h-ll now. He is always juggling women and pitting the against each other like a little boy. I remember when he took a trip with Erica to Miami and then proposed to Bambi like two days later. He’s a mess. I wish the women didn’t hate each other because he’s always been their issue.

  4. Scrappy sounds just like a “Renegade” (a hoe without a pimp) and Love & Hip Hop is his “Modern Day Trick”!
    I miss the (Dont make me put them paws on you) ass Scrappy, this new ( I’ll do whatever for some coins in my purse) ass Scrappy aint the bizness, Boo!

  5. You all know he’s saying all this for attention negative or positive so he can get his check. I believe there is more to the story and it’s probably just a real case of we just want different things out of life but you know the show and the people involved want to make it more messier than it really is. Hey!!! I don’t know I’m just speaking my mind. But Bambi take your been there done that t-shirt and go have a fantastic life with your kids!!! I’m rooting for you!!

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