Sunjai Williams Says JJ Williams Pitted SoGucci Williams & Selena Johnson Against Each Other

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SoGucci Williams’ ongoing feud with Selena Johnson has divided their family.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams continues to be a hot topic on social media as a result of her blended family drama. As we reported, SoGucci has been clashing with her husband JJ Williams’ ex-wife. Selena Johnson, former “Bring It” star, called out SoGucci on a recent episode. Selena confronted SoGucci about not speaking at her daughter’s baby shower. In response, SoGucci said that it was Selena who didn’t want to speak. And Selena told her that she didn’t have a lot of time because she was running around making sure the event was a success. She also said that SoGucci didn’t actually help with the baby shower.

To no surprise, it didn’t take long for the interaction to go left. SoGucci told Selena that she wasn’t about to argue with an “extra.” Selena reminded SoGuccu that she was on TV before her and she was married to JJ first as well. So SoGucci should be used to being after her. After SoGucci took off her earrings and threatened to throw a drink at Selena, things became physical. And fans have a lot to say about the drama that unfolded since the episode aired.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t just the fans who are vocal right now. JJ and Selena’s daughter Sunjai Williams has been clapping back at SoGucci on Twitter. And she accused SoGucci of not being a loving stepmother. Plus, on the recent episode, Sunjai wasn’t here for SoGucci’s apology. She told SoGucci that she started the disrespect by approaching Selena and Tambra Cherie while they were talking. And she deliberately wanted to be rude and speak to Tambra only for a reaction.

Sunjai Williams accused JJ Williams of stirring the pot.

Well, it turns out Sunjai also thinks JJ has to take some of the blame for things getting out of hand.

A “Belle Collective” fan thought it was messy for JJ to tell SoGucci that Selena is just jealous of their marriage and he’s about to show her what Selena is missing in their bedroom.

The Twitter user wrote, “He makes so Gucci jealous of Selena because he keeps her name in his mouth….. I wish my man would tell me he about **** me like he did his ex!!!! #BelleCollective”

In response, Sunjai wrote, “That’s what we been saying. He makes her jealous by talking about my mom all the time. How you reminiscing about your ex-wife to your current wife? I would be ******. But you see Shanta don’t say nothing about it. She try to hate my mom for it instead. #BelleCollective”


    1. I could never be with anyone that does not love and respect my kids as their own and it’s obvious that Sophia don’t even like his kids.

  1. More women need to understand that men do this. Never fight over a man. It’s a very foolish thing to do.

  2. I don’t see it that way at all. I believe Salema is jealous of So Gucci. She’s no longer in the sport light. I believe Salema resents the pass. The children living with JJ and him moving on. Salema was talking about So Gucci before she came over there. Salema didn’t have to confront So Gucci.

  3. J J looking like a 1970s jack o lantern. He must have a gold member because the rest of him ain’t it. Imo regardless of what the man is doing we as women should show respect to each other. Sadly it’s always competition and comparison.

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