DJ Duffey Confirms She Was Fired from ‘Basketball Wives’ + Brandi Maxiell & Brittish Williams Too

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A cast shakeup occurred after the latest season of “Basketball Wives” wrapped up.

Basketball Wives” fans have heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming season. However, most of the casting rumors have turned out to be true. Evelyn Lozada is back. Jennifer Williams, Jackie Christie, and Brooke Bailey are the only cast members returning from the latest season. Brandi Maxiell, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, and Angel Brinks are out. Duffey was one of the first to announce her departure. At the time, she didn’t clarify if she was leaving by choice or if she had been fired from the show. Well, she opened up about why she will not be on the new season. And she confirmed she was not asked back.

She told Carlos King, “I did not quit ‘Basketball Wives’. ‘Basketball Wives’ did not ask me back. And when I say your girl was like…it’s not that I was sad or angry. I was just a little shocked.”

Duffey added, “I couldn’t wait to give you this tea. I was like I can’t wait for Carlos to ask me about quitting. I am not a quitter.”

She stressed, “I did not quit.”

Duffey said it was important that she confirmed her departure promptly, “And I didn’t want to play the games. I didn’t want the fans to think I was coming back and they’re waiting on the season and I’m not there. I just wanted to…I found out the day I posted it. The day I posted it is the day I found out. So I just let everybody know that unfortunately, I won’t be returning.”

Did it come down to money?

Duffey also explained why she thinks she was let go. In the process, she confirmed Brandi and Brittish weren’t asked back either.

“Now I do have my own theory on why I’m not returning. The girls who weren’t asked back – me, Brandi, Brittish – we were commuters. We come with extra expenses. And our show is now with BET and they’re caring about the budget and the revamp. When you are a commuter, you come with extra expenses.”

She continued, “We need help with travel. We need help with the places that we stay out in LA. Things of that sort. Even though we all have things going on in LA, I’m always in LA. But for me to stay and film, it costs me extra money. So I have to ask for extra money.”


  1. Glad Brandi Maxiell is gone she is phony and think she is better then any of the old players on basketball wives

        1. Yes I agree so much with you all I couldn’t stand Brandi so glad she’s gone but I love Duffy so sad to see her go

      1. NunyaBizness I agree with you especially British needed to be kicked off she was the messes one out of them all keeping up bs with Duffy and Brandi… british hating on Malaysia and Brandi friendship she was just being a hater and Jennifer kick her a-s out to for picking sides against Jackie and Malaysia Jennifer needs to remember her priorities was up when she got kicked off her time started back up when she got let back on the show and we’ll see how the next season goes since Evelyn coming back she was messes and evil but I’ll be watching it hope it be a good season on drama ladys…

      2. I like Brandi. I hope she will be on another show soon. I hope it’s a more upbeat show. The Basketball Wives shows are too messy and ghetto!

        1. I agree 100 % Jackie needs to go.She starts ???? and pretends to want to keep everyone together.She is boring and I am tired of seeing her in black hiding that big stomach.Get in the gym stay out the girls family affairs love life and their business.

        1. Me too! I love Angel too but there was just never anything really goin on with her. Not that sad to see Brandy go nd was kinda wondering why they brought her back in the first place. Duffey nd British cool though!

  2. Duffy said on Carlos King You Tube Channel The Reason She Think Her,Brandi And British Were Let Go Is Because The All Live In Other Cities…Duffy Spilled A Lot Of Tea It Was A Good Interview…She Told Carlos He Should Do A L&MT And It Could Start Qith The Opening Scene Her Wedding Day…Carlos Told Her They Would Talk I Think He Really Liked The Idea…I Would Watch

  3. Well they are going to lose a lot of viewers. No one want to see those old women. I thought bringing the young one in was a smart move and now they gone….boring.

  4. Drama mama’s I think if you can get the folks to watch it’s a go some have baggage. Where are the real basket ball wives Corney a-s .

  5. I wished they would of gotten rid of Jennifer Williams! I bet she tone it down when Evelyn comes back!

    1. Why they keep Jennifer she has no respect and I don’t like how she act towards Jackie.They should of kept Duffy and bring back MALAYSIA since Bandi gone

      1. Yes. I agree. Please bring Duffey and Malaysia back. Get rid of Brooke and Jennifer, along with the other ones that’s gone. Brandi truly happy she is gone.

    2. Me too! She is extra for no reason and then she let go of the ONLY man sweet enough to deal with her and her neediness…

  6. I’m glad Brandi is gone she was terrible Shanie should have never let her back she was absolutely fake an she did to much👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  7. I like Duffey and Brittish. Get rid of Jennifer she is rude and hateful. Also no need for Evelyn she is nasty like Jennifer.

  8. I feel Jennifer needs to right along with brandy I hope they put some more good people on their

  9. Im glad Evelyn coming back. I wish they would keep Duffey and bring back Malaysia. I’m glad the rest are gone they didn’t make the show good and neither does Jennifer.

  10. DJ was a hustler, she was always trying to move up , and she was a great positive part of the show. EVIL LYNN should’ve stayed gone along with the other two that are leaving.

  11. I knew British was fake … she’s running around in everybody’s business but her own big mouth i dont like how they treated Malaysia i wish she would have stayed but i respect her decision she put her peace of mind first they was so petty season 5 and Jackie is just crazy!!!!

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