DJ Duffey Confirms ‘Basketball Wives’ Departure and the Show’s Future

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DJ Duffey clashed with Brandi Maxiell during the current season of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” fans heard rumors about Malaysia Pargo quitting the show weeks ahead of the season premiere. As we reported, producers made the choice to bring back a few of the “Basketball Wives LA” ladies. DJ Duffey, Brandi Maxiell, Angel Brinks, Brittish Williams, and Brooke Bailey returned. Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams were brought back from the previous season in addition to Malaysia. And it was said that Malaysia’s fallout with Brandi made her unpopular with the rest of the group. However, the last straw for her was when Jennifer accused her of losing her home to foreclosure. Jennifer did this as payback because she figured Malaysia brought Zell Swag around to come for her.

After the foreclosure accusation was tossed out by Jennifer, Malaysia met with Jackie and Duffey to confirm her departure. She decided that it would be best to walk away from the show for her mental health. At that time, Malaysia alleged she was stressed out with her co-parenting situation with Jannero Pargo. She accused him of not really helping her out with the kids financially. So she was considering taking him to court for child support. And this information somehow got back to Jannero (Malaysia believes Brandi is behind this but Brandi denied such).

Malaysia’s exit from the show didn’t curtail the drama. In fact, Brandi and Duffey began to have tension. Brittish called Duffey out for reposting a supportive Instagram post that was penned by Malaysia. In the post, Malaysia promoted Duffey’s business. And she did so without Duffey asking her for the promo.

DJ Duffey ends her “Basketball Wives” chapter.

In Brittish’s opinion, it was a shady move for Duffey to repost it. She said that Duffey shouldn’t have done this if she knew Brandi and Malaysia weren’t on good terms. This upset Duffey. She proceeded to say that she doesn’t owe Brandi any loyalty because she said some hurtful things regarding Duffey’s relationship with her fiancé Iman Shokuohizadeh.

Duffey did eventually apologize to Brandi for the loyalty comment. And she said that she was just speaking from a place of hurt at the time. However, Brandi didn’t seem too moved by the apology. She said she would forgive but not forget.

Well, fans won’t be able to get an update on Brandi and Duffey’s progress next season because Duffey just announced she is leaving “Basketball Wives.”

In an Instagram post, Duffey wrote, “Tonight is the reunion but also a goodbye to #basketballwives. I will miss sharing my life with the fans of the show but I won’t miss the drama & I don’t know what is next for me but I would love to act or host! We will see! know that God makes no mistakes and I am on the path that is destined for me. To my friends, family, and beauty team that supported me on this journey I thank you all so much.”

Some of Duffey’s supporters took her announcement to mean that the show is done.

An Instagram user wrote, “**** if you and @malaysiainthecity leave the show is a dub. I love @jackiechristie she needs y’all 🥺. Is this the last season because all the real ones leaving?”

In response, Duffey wrote, “No there will be more seasons! Don’t worry!”


    1. This show has run its course. I’m so SICK of the Stuck Up Mean Girl Act between Brandi, British And BLOW UP DOLL Brook. ALL their story lines was FORCED AND BORING 😴 😒. Questions: Do Jennifer breath still smell like POOP 💩 🙄. I can’t take Jennifer nasty Conceded can’t keep a pet hamster Butt!!…She wasn’t bad when Evelyn was about to lay hand on her for LYING. But Jennifer is all of the sudden “BAD” AND INNOCENT ” This season. Duffy can do better and so can Malaysia. The show is BORING time for something New.

      1. I agree, time for the rest of them to move on also. I can’t stand Jennifer with her “everyone is sitting on this couch because of me” statement made at the reunion.

      2. You are so right I can not stand BBB
        Jennifer get an life scary Sherry.The producers told you to step your game up or your fired but not to cross friendship your still LAME as ever.

      3. Brandi is the WORST!!! Who tf does she think she is that she can come for people and they aren’t supposed to do or say anything at all? And Brittish is where she belongs if you ask me in jail. And how is everyone coming for the pettiest of shit but no one is supposed to say anything negative about her or her trifling greedy ex committing pandemic fraud? like really this show is crazy and so is Jackie Christie when Shaunie left it got progressively worse and worse.

  1. If it ain’t canceled they are cleaning house so they can afford to bring back the bigger names. The ratings are awful.

  2. Duffey leaving ,I will definitely not be looking at it ,I don’t care for Brandi so call tough girl Jennifer think that every body is beneath her,Brittish is a trouble maker, an Jackie she just be tripping, far as Brooke she’s confused when it comes to her love life,Angel is ok barely see her,

  3. This show has run its course because the people that would help the ratings are gone and not coming back 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I thought it was interesting that there was no announcement about BBWLA moving to MTV like they did for Love & Hip Hop and Couples Therapy. VH1 is about to be killed off so I think BBWLA and Black Ink are both in serious trouble.

    1. Me to i can’t stand Jennifer and her fake behind she had none of that mouth when the ladies from Miami was on there she walks around d like she’s tuff shea lier and always getting caught she’s been the same way since the show first air they shouldn’t have bright her back she’s disrespectful and fake

  5. BBW needs to go. It is nothing like it use to be. Right now Brooke and Brandi are both trying to be the Queens. Jennifer might be a og. But she is still insignificant. She can’t carry the show. Bit it out its misery. Those fillers of some of the woman looking like Muppets

  6. Everyone act like Jennifer ain’t been in the hot seat all 10 seasons she needs to go she dnt talk bout ish. British is a non factor. Angel is to sweet. Brandy is drama and mean and want forgiveness but dnt want to give it in return.

  7. Worst season ever Jackie is bipolar, not loyal to anyone..Brandi is just a non factor at this point and British too.. we need the old cast back

      1. Need to cancel do anyone even watch like we to. I don’t mean down grading fake not making . Our Queens look good

    1. I agree, this was the worst season and now my girl leaving 🤦🏾‍♀️, Jennifer needs to sit her no holding a man down, and Brooke, really, no story line!!! Angel, love you, British….,.

    2. That part. Jackie a-s need to go somewhere and have several seats. I am sick of her always in everybody business. She thinks she knows everything and wants to be in control of everyone. I like British, but she is a little messy. Duffy is my favorite and that BS she had going on with Brandi was dumb. Brandi being mad cause she was cool with Malaysia is some lame a** high school sh**. She too old to be acting like that. Jennifer a** got on my nerves acting like she tuff and not. How you that mad about a room you did not pay for.

  8. The show has run its course. Shaunie needs a new team. This season was just as boring as the reunion. Brooke over the top, Jennifer all of a sudden tough. Not sure why British and Angel were brought back. Jackie just being Jackie. Brandi is another, why she back. No story lines

    1. I HATE TWO FACED PEOPLE AND THIS IS WHAT THE SHOW WAS ABOUT. Backstabber, I can’t stand that old a-s JACKIE!!!!!

    1. I think the present BBW ‘S would do a show but they don’t want the dysfunction of the “oh’s” (Jackie and Jennifer) women of today are not and can not identify nor relate to them… for one Jackie just crazy and dead front and center in menopause, women her age ain’t concerned with playing mama or therapist to younger women cause we outside… living out best lives unbothered… Jennifer is just angry and unfriendly, she has this greater than thou complex that women of today just ain’t on… she needs to get laid…seriously…. Her coochie got cob webs from being unattended, don’t no man want a stuck b$&@!… she just to fake for her self… somebody needs to be her friend…what they say… get somebody else to do it …. Cause this cast ain’t casting or hitting…

  9. There are soooo many young and vibrant “Basketball Wives” go get them and fire the entire old cast. Revamp the show or cancel it. Period!!!

  10. This reunion was the best by far. Somebody finally told Jackie the truth about herself. She is all bark and no bite. She talk all bad and then when confronted changes her whole story. Loyal to no one and role model to none!

  11. This show then went from sugar to shit cancel cancel cancel….
    Jackie wants attention cause she the oldest….. 🖕🏾 her too!!!! Next

  12. British is a trouble make and envious of anyone relationship with Brandi …Jennifer don’t bust grapes but got lot to say ..Jackie History (i men Christie) is a wrap go sell a house ,..Angel,Brooke &Duffy are my favs ..💯💯

  13. Duffy, Malaysia and Angel are the only ones I would watched on basketball wives. The rest👎Not worth it!!!!

  14. I’m still trying to figure out how Jennifer got ahold of Jackie’s shopping profile. She always trying to press charges on someone maybe some need to be taken out on her.

  15. Right. Brandy is a b**** I don’t know who told her she was hard. She acts like everyone has to respect her. I wish I could see her in real life with her bumby face ssa…I don’t like her or her attitude!

  16. Duffy Angel and Malaysia was my only reason for watching i really like Duffy. These other ladies I really didn’t care for they made this season about Jennifer which should have a seat in the back trying to be a mean girl gurlllll bye. Jackie needs to leave she’s to old for drama 🙄 and I think the whole show needs to be recast since Duffy leaving now.

  17. I hate to see her go, but it’s best. If your mental is being challenged just to exist with these women it’s time to say goodbye. Cancel the show or rebrand it., Right now they are a bunch of mean girls. Too old to be acting like they do.Angel is doing her thing. Jackie retire and do your thing elsewhere.

  18. I’m glad because I just watched it and said, I wish Tosha would leave that show making my niece look stupid. You don’t owe none of them **it. Sure glad you didn’t get married on the tv, none of those marriages worked out. We Duffeys are made out of better stock than that. Send my love to the family.

  19. This was not like any other seasons and I have watched faithfully. This season wasn’t a good look all the OG’s done moved on to better things except Jackie. Who done nothing but keep up a lot of shenanigans I love to see Brooke call Jackie out on her BS. Brandi uses others for a storyline in this season it was Malaysia then she moved on to Duffy. I think Duffy was only speaking on that incident when she said she don’t owe her no loyalty because she reposted something about herself that Malaysia was caring enough to post. Where has Brandi posted Duffy (don’t worry I’ll wait) I don’t think she has so I feel like that’s where the loyalty comment came from. II hope that it was production that had British being the bone carrier this season . She didn’t seem to be that type that would be keeping up drama

  20. When I seen the headline Duffey leaves basketball wives I has to pause and look around as if it said shaunie leaves or Malaysia leaves I never wanted Duffey back to be honest but she had a better story line than before

  21. Cancel That Boring Show A Lot Of OG Has Moved On And Ain’t Looked Back Like My Girl Tami She Can’t Worry Bout Those Heifers Tami Getting Her Money Up The Others Ladies Better Pay Attention Moving Forward

  22. You don’t know me honey but I would like to know if you are related to Robert Lennox Duffy and Dolores Duffy d u f f e y they would have four girls and one boy Robin Bonnie Tammy and Robert I would like to know and which way are you related to these people it’s very important for me to know this because I am the oldest sister of Roberts my name is Judy a call k u l l and I’m quite concerned about how he’s doing and how he is do you think you could give me a right just to let me know that he’s all right I don’t want to upset him any there is no Malice I just want to make sure that he’s happy and that his wife Diaz and how are the kids could you let me know*greatly appreciate God bless+

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