Jackie Christie & Brooke Bailey Make Progress While Filming New Season of BBWLA?

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Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams’ feud was prevalent during the recent season of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams clashed a lot during the recent season. Both women said there was a respect issue. Jackie felt like Jennifer made insensitive comments in regard to her real estate career. She invited Jennifer to check out one of her open house listings. However, Jennifer told Jackie she wasn’t impressed by the property. In fact, she told Jackie that the “white women on Selling Sunset” come much harder. So Jackie got even with Jennifer by trying to outdo her during her fashion show appearance. And this resulted in Jennifer and Jackie only having more tension.

Eventually, they got into a major argument after Jackie booked Jennifer a deluxe hotel room. As we reported, Jennifer believed Jackie did this intentionally to “son her.” So she called out Jackie. They got into an explosive argument. And Jackie brought up the legal situation involving Jennifer and an ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer was working on a documentary about an ex who allegedly stole her Range Rover a few years ago. Apparently, Jackie told Jennifer that she doesn’t believe what has been alleged. So Jennifer got even by having her attorney send Jackie a cease and desist letter. As a result, fans anticipated that Jennifer and Jackie would have another showdown at last season’s reunion. But they were caught off guard by a showdown they didn’t see coming. And that is the controversial moment that took place between Brooke Bailey and Jackie.

Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey are making progress after they clashed at the reunion?

Brooke accused Jackie of not supporting her when her daughter tragically passed away in a car accident. After the episode aired, Jackie posted past text message conversations she had with Brooke. She offered her condolences and told Brooke to let her know what she needed during the difficult time. However, Brooke wanted flowers and personal time with Jackie instead.

When fans asked Brooke if she thought it was possible that she and Jackie could eventually repair their friendship, she said she wasn’t sure. But she wouldn’t rule out that they’d be able to hash things out at some point.

Well, Blogger Spilling BBW Tea seemingly gave “Basketball Wives” fans a positive update about Jackie and Brooke. According to a recent tweet, Brooke and Jackie have actually made progress while filming the upcoming season.

They tweeted, “Progress 😍 #BasketballWives J&B.”


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