Martell Holt Confronts His Mother over Custody Battle Testimony + She’s Not Having It

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Martell Holt and Melody Shari’s messy divorce resulted in a challenging co-parenting relationship.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt went through a messy divorce with Melody Shari. As we reported, Martell had an affair for years. At the height of the pandemic, Melody figured out Martell was still cheating. And despite what he told her, he wasn’t going to the gym. After Melody filed for divorce, Martell made a confession. Turns out his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry, was with child. It’s been a messy situation for the former couple ever since. And Martell only made co-parenting even more difficult when he decided to fight for full custody of their children. This will come up in the upcoming episode.

During their custody battle, a lot of accusations were made. Martell accused Melody of having “20-something” different babysitters. He also said he wasn’t comfortable with her brother Marcus Minnifield watching their kids. Melody alleged that this is due to the fact that Marcus is gay. As for Melody, she believed Martell’s custody bid was just an attempt to control her despite their split.

Regardless, Martell and Melody went forward with their custody battle. But Martell was unsuccessful in his quest for full custody.

Martell Holt is disappointed by his mother.

In a preview for the next episode, Martell talks about the situation with his mother Miss Marlene. And he accuses her of not helping him out when she took the stand.

Martell says, “I guess you didn’t get to see much because I think you were on the little stand for about four minutes.”

Marlene responds, “What I’m posed to do?”

At this point, Martell tells Marlene she didn’t do enough, “You know everything that’s been going on. We talk about it all the time. So when you have an opportunity like that, you’re supposed to be sticking it to ’em, momma.”

He continues, “And when you got up there like you didn’t say much, it disappointed me to the core.”

Miss Marlene doesn’t feel she did anything wrong, “When I’m in there and they ask me a question, I give em the answer. I ain’t volunteer nothing.”

Martell then says, “You’re supposed to because he asked you a broad question.”

And Marlene is irritated she had to go to court in the first place, “Well, duh. I ain’t even used to doing all this crap. So don’t be coming at me because you know…you handle it!”


  1. Martell doesn’t care who he hurts or whom he use. It has become so sad. I don’t think he realizes how he hurt Melody and the kids. He is so afraid that Melody will become so successful without him which she was doing with him that he is willing to hurt his kids to stay in his race.

    Melody, keep your head up. We got prayers up for you. I was trying to give Martell the benefit of making some mistakes but now, Good Riddance Martell Holt and Hold on Melody Shari Rogers.

    God is going to send someone to you that will never do the things that Martell has done. That man will be Godly, Good Looking, Rich and will Love your kids and you as if he has known you forever.

    As for Martell’s mom, she loves her son but she’s tired of his sh_t too. Ms Marlene, do you and let your son feel the raft of his actions.

    1. He did. He has balls just no scruples. Silly boy still trying to be a man
      Melody was the brains in this relationship its clearly apparent. He can go on with his down grade Sherrie and they can peddle their bs on the home shopping network together.

      1. “He can go on with his downgrade Sheree.” Let’s not forget his baby mama, Belinda, and all his other women. LOL! That man STILL isn’t claiming any of those women because he doesn’t have to. He is for the streets! SMH

        1. Wait…. WHO is Belinda??! Did you mean Arionne Curry….. or is there ANOTHER Baby Momma??? 😲

  2. Why is little man Martell trying to drag his mother into HIS mess? All of this is his fault for not keeping his small manhood in the household. He gets on my nerves–BUT Melody is keeping her cool and not letting him or any of them rattle her nerves. She’s had enough. Good for you Melody–can’t say she didn’t try. All he tried to do was ruin his marriage and reputation. Looks to me like he had to start over again and acquire his licenses, etc. Melody had all the knowledge and business sense. It really shows what he was doing in their marrige — very little to nothing. Just running his mouth and allowing the little head to tell the big (or not) head what to do.

  3. Martell, you reap what you sow. You had a good woman who stood by you through thick and thin and then you bring a baby into the relationship. A woman can sometimes forgive infidelity but when you are irresponsible and let yourself get caught up and bring o baby into it, all bets are off.

    It happened to me no matter how he begged to stay together, you always will have that reminder. Now Martell sees what he messed up and wants to make Melody life miserable. You made your bed, now sleep in it!!!

  4. It saddened me when Montell blew up his marriage. They were a power couple and in my opinion they are the show. I hope they will come to a point where Melody can be around him and be comfortable. The show is not the same.

  5. After seeing this….It proves that this man is a SICK individual!!! U actually want your mother to get on the stand and belittle Melody as a mother so that u can gain full custody of the children!!! I’m not a fan of Miss Marlene,but I will say she was not with the bull 💩 he got going on. I don’t blame her one bit…And had the audacity to tell her….”U was supposed to sock it to ’em momma”…. Boy…..u are a piece of work…and it ain’t a good piece either!!!

    1. “Boy….you are a piece of work.” Literally! He is who he is and no woman is going to be able to change him. Doesn’t matter how beautiful, sexy, smart, supportive you are. That man is always gonna DO him, period. Good luck with that Sheree, his baby mama, Belinda, and all the rest. Lol….SMH🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Martell you’re getting it back in droves. You have no morales and sink lower and lower. Grow up. Stop trying to make Mel’s like miserable because yours is. Move on. I hate to see you when her man is introduced. Talk about temper flaring. You’d better start getting ready.

  7. It is hard for anyone to comment about someone else marriage. It is up to both parent to make right and moral decisions about their children. Each needs to know the negative impact that this situation has cause and while it is broken, don’t keep trying to break it more than what it is. Both parents needs to stay out of the public media and arena throwing rocks at each other because rocks will damage and break things even more! You can’t fix two people but you can keep the children from future hate of one or more parent. Just do what is right!

  8. Martell, Martell it’s time to stop and be the man/father your children can look up to. It hurt me when you and Mel filed for divorce you had HURT her to the core. Mel was totally in love with YOU, it was your choice to throw it all away. Mel was a great wife, business partner, and mother to the children. Why! Are you trying to drag her down. Remember your children are going to grow up and watch the shows and ask you why did you do that, say that about my/our mom. We as fans feel your pain but it’s pain that you caused. Wishing you the best but Mel is gone thanks to YOU. Mel has tried over and over again to include you and you’re always a dispointment. If you will with an open mind read: Psalm 23 over and over again until you get a clear understanding of what it’s saying. The more you hurt Mel the more she’s being blessed. Think about it!!!!

  9. I can’t wait until Melody brings her Boo on the show. Martell is going to show his whole *tail. My popcorn is ready and the ratings are going through the roof. I’m here for it.

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