Maurice Scott Throws a Little Shade at Martell Holt + Praises Melody Shari

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Martell Holt is still trying to adjust to life post-divorce.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt has been trying to build himself back up after his messy divorce from Melody Shari. As we reported, Melody pulled the plug on the marriage due to Martell’s long history of unfaithfulness. But Melody’s last straw was the fact that Martell would leave the house to cheat at the height of the pandemic. At the time, he told her he was going to the gym. But the family was supposed to be in quarantine at the time. So Melody saw it as Martell putting his sexual desires ahead of his family’s safety. He eventually conceived a child outside of the marriage.

Co-parenting hasn’t been any better for Melody and Martell. In fact, Martell sued Melody for full custody of their children. He claimed he took it to court because he wanted the final say so about who Melody has to babysit their children. In particular, he took issue with her brother, Marcus Minnified, watching them. Melody suspects this is because Marcus is gay.

As a result of the messy split and custody battle, it’s unlikely that Martell and Melody will be in a good place with each other anytime soon. And while Martell misses the family dynamic they used to have, Maurice Scott seems to think Martell is also missing Melody’s keen business sense.

Maurice Scott thinks Martell Holt is missing Melody Shari’s business acumen.

In a trailer for the upcoming episode, Maurice and Martell chat at the Blaque Business Expo. And Maurice asks Martell why he didn’t want to set up a wine booth to promote his Inest wine.

Martell answers, “You know what? I ain’t gon say I’ve done enough with the wine it’s like I don’t want to be selfish, I let some other wine people come in and put they stuff out because I’ve had like 3 of 4 wine tastings here in Huntsville.”

He adds, “Let somebody else jump in and that’s it. I don’t wanna be selfish.”

Maurice throws a little shade in his green-screen interview.

He says, “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t put Inest out here considering it’s an expo. You could tell that when Mel and Martell were in business together, that there was a distinct division of duties. Mel is a marketing genius, and Martell is missing his expo. This is the time to market, anytime you’re in front of people Martell, market.”


  1. Maurice is right though. Martell acts like he has no business sense at all. Why wouldn’t he promote his wine at a business expo?!

  2. Maurice is right marketing is everything. Martell missed an opportunity, not a good business sense. Well, we all figured Melody was the brains 🧠.

  3. Maurice was right, in what he told Martel, My opinion really changed towards him. he was not correct when he put his sexual desires over his wife’s HEALTH. GO TAKE A COLD SHOWER “MOUSE”

  4. Martell is slow. He can’t study yo get his builders license.
    Honestly I think he’s scared. Mel handled everything.

    1. Agreed. He is slow and Mel was the brains. Nobody wants his Costco wine. It was not about being “selfish” his wine is not selling and he is reaping what he sowed.

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