Latrice Rogers Puts SoGucci Williams & JJ Williams All the Way on Blast

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SoGucci Williams and Latrice Rogers fell out over real estate.

Belle Collective” stars Latrice Rogers and Sophia “SoGucci” Williams were in a great space until Latrice asked SoGucci to help her secure a new Goddess Lengths building. SoGucci is a realtor and she’s bragged about her success in the industry. However, Latrice wasn’t satisfied with the experience she had with SoGucci. So she hired another realtor. And eventually, Latrice closed on a building with this new realtor. This lead to SoGucci being offended and questioning her friendship with Latrice. In SoGucci’s opinion, Latrice backstabbed her. SoGucci said Latrice crossed the line by not even giving her a heads-up about going to another realtor.

Latrice has a very different perspective. She feels as if SoGucci isn’t that good of a realtor. And she was a bit too slow when it came to finding Latrice potential buildings to expand her business. So she had a right to seek out another realtor. Latrice also doesn’t believe she was obligated to reach out to Gucci to tell her she was working with someone else.

Regardless, SoGucci said it’s distasteful for someone to work with two realtors.

To no surprise, the situation led to the women having a major blowup on the latest episode of “Belle Collective.” And it’s clear that they will not be on good terms anytime soon.

Latrice Rogers made a messy accusation on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, another heavily talked about scene from the episode surrounded SoGucci’s husband, JJ Williams. He wanted to surprise her and the rest of the ladies with a good time for SoGucci’s birthday. So he hired a male stripper to come through and perform for them. Latrice’s husband Clifton Rogers was also in attendance. Some fans hopped on social media to accuse Cliff of eyeballing the dancer and really enjoying himself.

Well, SoGucci apparently agrees with this sentiment.

She tweeted, “Now Cliff looking too hard 😳 #BelleCollective.”

Latrice caught wind of SoGucci’s tweet and decided to put JJ all the way on blast. She wrote, “But didn’t the stripper and your husband leave together without you 🤔 now how long did it take him to come back? #BelleCollective”

SoGucci hasn’t responded to Latrice’s tweet as of yet.


    1. And she’s super messy. Her whole storyline is about Latrice. She is degrading the show, get her off the show.

  1. SoGucci is a rock thrower. She should just admit that she dislikes Latrice and Cliff. She doesn’t miss a chance to make negative comments about either of them.

    1. I agree all season SoGucci and Marie and now old with the messy husband that she has no plans on leaving, he’s just going to continue to mess around on her forever all they do is talk about her. I am sick of it. This show could be better but they stay in Latrice life way too much for me, I am to second from not watching any more.. It’s sad because it could be more about the business that they have going on but instead it’s messy 😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Yeah I don’t think I like SoGucci. She’s rude and very annoying. And I really want them to stop trying to gang up on Latrice and Tambra. It’s getting on my nerves.

  3. JJ got more fruit in him than a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and the nerve of either them to constantly be coming for Latrice and Cliff is crazy. Every scene they get on the show they disrespect Latrice and Cliff. I’m sorry that’s not people I’d call my friends.

  4. Maybe if SO GUCCI change her name she would not act SO RATCHET….she definitely JEALOUS of Latrice

  5. LsTrise was never SoGucci friend. If she was out of courtesy she would have told SoGucci she was working with someone else. Latrobe needs to have all that energy for her old trouble making husband. She has no backbone w.

  6. So Gucci…..just the name itself is irritating!!!! Girl use your government name!!! Everything that happens is always Latrice fault,but they have yet to tell Marie and Latishia that they were wrong for meeting up with that guy to get dirt on Tambra… it’s wrong and they know it’s wrong!!! But yet nobody is saying anything!!

  7. Now on the show cliff was looking pretty hard now. But Latrice is my girl 💯%. I don’t like that Marie she is so messy. SoGucci now she wasn’t moving fast enough and that other lady said she use another realtor what makes her so different then latrice

    1. The difference is communication. I believe Aikesha reached out to SoGucci & admitted she was going with the realtor she was working with prior to asking for her help finding a location. So she basically had 2 realtors working for her. Once the other realtor came thru, she told her so she could stop looking. Latrice didn’t say anything! So it’s like she blindsided SoGucci & acted as if it was no big deal to have her still looking knowing she had gone with someone else. A waste of time, shady af imo.

  8. I like SoGucci. She don’t bother no one unless someone bothers her. Latrice needs to worry about Cliff and his verbally abusive self. He makes her look bad. At least SoGucci husband shows her love in a positive light. I like Latrice and and how she became a self made millionaire and you can see she is bothered by something.

    1. Latrice need to find her someone that’ll let her be the woman she’s aiming to be instead of Paw Paw Cliff!! How can you talk about JJ when your Paw Paw is verbally abusive! She act like she’s scared of him!! Girl take his Viagra and get a real man! A real man won’t abuse you in any way, shape, form or fashion!! I can’t stand Cliff behind! Green eyed bandit!!

  9. All of this is a big mess. Latrice is about the only one on the show that’s not up for drama. The rest of them just jealous and full of drama and lies. The whole show is a hot mess. Neither one is actually telling their life story, they are not living like that and to be honest that PPP put the majority of them on, lmaoooooooooo check the list. The (dentist girl) did the best thing anyone could do and that was exit the show cause it gets worse every Friday. That Glen and Lateshia clip is a whole comedy show itself. Lies all day. Keep messy Marie out your business and maybe your man (husband) will be in attendance of u and only u. Marie will forever be on the show as a lonely, messy, old hag. Jeezus be frfr. The show is sickening. It’s more to life than lies and drama. Do better ladies!

  10. SoGucci should have made Latrice sign an exclusivity contract if she didn’t want her to work with another realtor. The fact that she didn’t do this lets me know Latrice wasn’t wrong to hire someone else. SoGucci doesn’t seem to have a professional bone in her body unfortunately. If Latrice and Aikisha both hired other realtors, then SoGucci is the problem. And she needs to be a better realtor. If your friends come to you for a professional service, take them seriously and perform your best. If you’re not willing to, they owe you nothing.

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